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Father's Day and Autism

Father daughterBy Kim Stagliano (Cathy is off today with her five kids and their wonderful Dad.)

Remember being a kid and asking your parents, "Why isn't there a kids' day?" The usual response was, "Every day is kids' day." For those of us with children on the spectrum I suppose that's right. Every day IS kids' day. Many of our children need/require/demand levels of attention, care and support the outstrips the needs of most typical children - even those younger than our own. Don't we know it?

My children have a father who participates in their life. He can change a pad, make a gluten free meal, get the girls ready for school (well, their hair looks unkempt but he tries) and is a full partner in the day to day workload that comes with having a child on the spectrum.  I'm very lucky.

I want to remind the Dads who might not be so involved in the daily care and feeding and school issues and behavior work (not just earning the bacon, but frying it up in that pan to quote an old women's lib song) that we Moms need your help. And we often stink at asking for it. (Raising hand.)

Thank you to all  of the Dads who read AofA and who are an integral part of their son or daughter's upbringing. It's a tough job. Especially for fathers of sons - who once dreamed of varsity baseball games and summer camp outs and have had to make adjustments that respect their boys' abilities.

Happy Father's Day to all of you.


Adam M

Thanks, I appreciate it.


Amen to that, Kim! Appreciation to all the dads, granddads, and stepdads who are pitching to care for their kids in all different ways - some sharing responsibilities and some with sole custody.

And for those parents who don't, ask yourselves why not? What impediment (internal or external) are you allowing to stand in the way? How can you get involved?


Anon, I know many single Dads doing triple duty - father, mother, provider and I think the world of them. The Dad track at Autism One is one of the best parts of our community. There's nothing sexier than a father who can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan AND turn a ponytail for his daughter...

I admit that this last week has gotten me thinking of the worst case scenarios though - and single Moms who have gone over the edge. I live moments from Newtown CT and Adam Lanza's dad lived about 35 miles away yet hadn't seen his son in years. Andy Wakefield's book began with a bridge leap. I was thinking of Sky Walker - whose Mom Trudy Steuernagel was beaten to death in her home - a letter in her strongbox written in anticipation of her death at her son's hand.

Not the cheeriest of thoughts - but important still. Really important.

Happy Father's Day.


Doug Mayes


A Dad

There are also some dads that need more help from the moms... Dad with custody here. Don't even start with us on Father 's Day, sister. ;)

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