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Best of AoA: Sir Liam’s Skeleton: the UK Department of Health Fabricates Flu Deaths to Boost Vaccinations


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dr. Wakefield. Having a lesser grief I believe, I still need due diligence in place aiming to understand and prevent adverse vaccine reactions, or at the very least to provide understanding, better information to parents after.

I cannot believe that it is possible to improve vaccine outcomes only by not vaccinating, especially as the U.S. vaccine practices go. I also think the "unavoidably unsafe" vaccine paradigm, as long as it's quietly or even if loudly held to be true, ethically demands diligent seeking of healthier alternatives to prevent some disease mortality and morbidity and when possible using such instead.

John Stone


I recall trying to pull Fitzpatrick's leg when this was published, contrasting his praise of Macdonald's with his high-living Living Marxism pal (and cult leader) Frank Furedi, and his relish of expensive restaurants.

Indeed, Furedi is quoted in the Daily Mail condemning the Priory drug addiction clinics for being run like Macdonalds:

"Prof Frank Furedi, of Kent University, said the group ran its businesses 'like a McDonald's restaurant'.

"He added: 'They've moved away from focusing on the very rich to a mass market. The more we hear that addiction is a penalty for life, the more it creates a massive public health problem'"


Needless, to say my comment wasn't published.


I don't know how anyone could take Fitzpatrick seriously after this article singing the praises of McDonalds for children with autism:



Aussie Mum

Dr Salisbury has no intention of debating in public with Andrew. He never did have. He is not listening either. He is in complete denial.
But as long as Andy keeps him in his sights I and many others feel relieved.

Jenny Allan

This is the (obviously edited on the 'orders' of the UK governments' medical establishments), Scottish Herald's report on the death of Glasgow baby Ryan Mason.

This news report was written shortly after the buried-for- 20-years Urabe mumps MMR scandal was finally released into the public domain. The original article mentioned the unsafe Urabe MMR vaccine, in UK use 1988-1992, when it was banned. Then UK Minister for Health, Michael Forsyth was concerned about MMR vaccine, but was 'assured' the baby's death was 'unlikely' to have been caused by the vaccine.


Perhaps after the "50th Challenge" Dr. Salisbury "MAY" listen.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Mark Struthers

In my view, 'shameless', 'shameful' and 'despicable', are epithets that perfectly describe both Salisbury and Fitzpatrick. Shame on them.



Aah Now I understand why this particular Dr Fitzpatrick has not actually made any sincere and direct attempt to approach Andrew Wakefield as a serious challenger to an open debate.

Dr Fitzpatrick is plainly only hoping to obtain some form of misplaced publicity for his own book. Well it takes all sorts doesn't it. There are a few unpleasant epithets I could apply to this particular phony contender but I shall not waste any more time on his sad need for publicity.

John Stone

For more on this scandalous story:


Andy deals purely with Salisbury's extraodinary contribution, but there is much else besides.


Yet again in his latest video Andrew Wakefield has shown himself to be his own finest advocate. He speaks with absolute conviction and a confidence which stems from complete authority in his field. He also has the grace to speak without malice. How unlike his opponents who are inevitably reduced to sneering contemptuousness and attempts at defamation in order to appear to speak with conviction and authority.

As for Salisbury, he patently does not possess either the moral courage or the necessary conviction to stand up and publicly debate such issues with Andrew. Nobody here ever seriously believed he did have those attributes, did we? Whoever the doctor is who has taken up Andy's challenge to speak on a public platform I applaud the man and want to know more please!

Keep on producing these films Andy. They are having a very powerful effect on the public platform. Whatever happens in the Appeal Court, keep this man in your sights because some one has to. He is a danger to the Public Health Service.

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