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Danish Journalist Trine Villemann on Sanofi Vaccine Injury

Malcolm Brabant
Managing Editor's Note: We have excerpted this important story with permission. While we tend to think of vaccine injury in terms of our own autism community - and its children - the reality is vaccine injury can happen to anyone.


By Trine Villemann, Danish journalist

June 8, 2013

Until Friday April 15, 2011, I was married to a headstrong, healthy man. Less than 24 hours later, he was ravished by vehement fever and chills.

Ten days later, I had to place my now deeply psychotic husband in a locked psychiatric ward.
All this because of a routinely given vaccination.

It is beyond doubt that the vaccine caused my husband’s injury, I should like to make that clear. Several medical doctors have confirmed the diagnostic link to the vaccine he received, and his family / medical history and biochemistry considered together, also confirmed it.

Therefore in my opinion, it is presently reasonable that I have lost all faith in the assurances of the pharmaceutical industry that vaccines are a magical short cut to a better health. Instead, I have decided to believe that evolution has equipped me with an immune system, that can ward off most illnesses.

Most of the vaccines we receive here in Denmark have been produced by the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur.

The company supplies around 25 of the 30 most-used vaccines in Europe, including the one that severely harmed my husband.

The pharmaceutical company insists that its vaccines are safe. However, as it has been often previously observed, this industry doesn’t care much about the truth.

We Danes are many of those who remember the thousands of Thalidomide victims. Those people waited for years for an apology and financial compensation, didn’t they?

Regrettably, as my husband’s case as well as other vaccine victim’s tragic experiences have made clear, we, as customers of these global vaccine firms, are by and large as unprotected as were the pregnant women, who, during the late 1950’s, were prescribed Thalidomide by their doctors for “morning sickness”.

The trouble for us as consumers is not only the disgraceful economic partnership that exists between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical doctors, but also that legislators and health authorities – both in Denmark and outside Denmark to a very wide degree – support the interests of “Big Pharma” and not those of the victims of the industry. When a serious adverse vaccine reaction occurs, it is very difficult to get any help. If you are unfortunate, you or one of your dear ones may receive a so-called Monday vaccine – one of those shots that passed the qualify control on the first workday of the week, when the release officials’ attention is slow to be properly focused.
On the other hand, there are much more “Monday-vaccines” than we know of. Experts calculate that only about 3 to 10 percent of all side effects are reported.

Factually, the truth about vaccines is that they are far away from being as safe as the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe.

Last year, Sanofi Pasteur was caught in serious violation of safety measures at two of their factories.
The FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration, inspected the production facilities, and the resulting report makes nightmarish reading. It describes bird nests in ventilation shafts, failing quality control, and dirty production areas.     Read the full post at Trine's blog: Brabant cs. Sanofi



There is also a facebook page setup by Trine.


"If our government is going to "prioritize monitoring" .. I would suggest they BEGIN WITH MONITORING VACCINE INJURIES!"

If I have learned anything at all in my three decades of following the deadly "vaccination" fraud it is that this whole murderous fraud would be IMPOSSIBLE without the complete cooperation of HHS et al.

The "government" will do nothing but MANDATE more death in a syringe. Big Vaccine will do nothing but invent more death in a syringe. Big Medicine Inc will do nothing but study to death some dead end like "genetics".

ONLY we the people can stop all this "vaccination" death and destruction. We do it by simply STOPPING the "vaccination" of those we love and urging those we care for to do the same.


"Something similar happened to good friend our ours 3 years ago in the U.S. He was just out of stomach surgery and the hospital was insisting he get an H1N1 vaccine before being discharged. He refused several times, but they eventually wore him down. He didn't become psychotic, but lost the use of his right arm, left hand, and a good portion of his lung capacity."

The human being seems to have a fatal proclivity for falling for the most, on the face of it, idiotic ideas. As a child I remember reading of witch dunking, drilling holes in the skull to let out evil spirits and other clearly foolish ideas that captured the human imagination for decades until enough people had been killed and as if throwing a light switch the foolish deadly era was over. Certainly we the well read and intelligent generation could NEVER be so foolish I thought.

Oh how wrong I was. The "vaccination" deadly fraud just goes on and on as more and more of our children are lost in dozens of ways. They have even figured out how to get rid of the "excess" elderly with "flu shots".

Now in a truly macabre twist the killing is slated to reach inconceivable levels.


I bet they hate it when older people, even teens get serious side effects. I guess that's why they ramp it up as much as possible at the younger end since they can obfuscate what's happening easier. Talking teens and adults must pose a lot more pesky problems for them, but then, hey, that's what 'psychogenic' is for.

Bob Moffitt

Jenny .. thanks much for the info at:

Everyone should take a moment to read this article.

The implications of this type of "marketing" masqurading as "medicine" .. is positively frightening for anyone living in the US .. which is about to be held hostage to our pending "reforms" in healthcare.

As I understand it .. we are going to be REQUIRED to purchase health care insurance .. with financial penalities applied to all who refuse to do so.

Obviously .. these "health insurance companies" .. just as the article suggests .. will assume immediate control over what "medical remedies" we will be REQUIRED to accept .. including .. but .. surely not .. limited to vaccines.

Imagine the "nightmare" scenario of an individual who no longer has the "right to refuse" whatever his "mandated" insurance company demands he accept. Be it a completely unnecessary "hip replacement" .. removal of a "gall bladder" .. or .. "Thalidomide" for pregnant women?

You don't want to accept the insurance companies' "demand" .. you will no longer be "covered" by their insurance.

We are talking about BILLIONS .. and .. there is more than enough of those BILLIONS .. that will serve the (bottom line) vested interests of insurance companies .. than those of us who will be penalized if we don't have insurance.

And .. by the way .. I wish main-stream media would stop calling this looming disaster of our medical system .. OBAMA CARE .. it's true name is Supreme Court Justice "ROBERTS CARE". It was HIS vote that found this fraud CONSTITUTIONAL.


To Bob re: constant monitoring in emergency rooms. Yes, it's in doctors' offices, too. It's called the AFIX program.

And in a similar but separate issue, is the idea of electronic record keeping. Has your doctor gone to electronic record keeping or not, and have you questioned whose program it is? For instance, Merck is in the electronic record keeping business for doctors, has a software solution for that. Hmmm, now what could possibly go wrong with that?

Bob Moffitt

"Experts calculate that only about 3 to 10 percent of all side effects are reported."

In other words .. between 90 and 97% of vaccine injuries go UNREPORTED.

Think about it for a second.

How is it possible for 97% of vaccine injuries to go unreported .. unless .it is DELIBERATE.

Consider a recent "60 Minutes" broadcast of emergency room doctor "whistle-blowers" .. who had been fired because they failed to meet the goal of hospital administrators .. which demanded they admit 20% of emergency room patients .. whether those patients needed hospitalization or not. If they "signed out" an emergency room patient .. their computer immediately informed them the patient they were "signing out" was qualified for admission .. mainly based upon the health insurance (medicare?) those patients had.

These doctors claimed the "constant monitoring" threatened their careers if they failed to meet the desired goals of hospital administrators.

Common sense suggests the same type of "monitoring and threats" of pediatricians and doctors .. as to the percentage of their patients who are administered vaccines .. is not only possible .. more like probable.

Indeed, the citizens of the US have just learned our government has been "monitoring" every communication in our country .. for several years .. ostensibly to protect our homeland from another terrorist attack.

Admittedly, preventing a terrorist attack ought to be a high priority .. but .. in my humble opinion .. no less threatening than the inexplicable, dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders .. some that are life-threatening as well as life-long .. that were far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated .. generations.

If our government is going to "prioritize monitoring" .. I would suggest they BEGIN WITH MONITORING VACCINE INJURIES!


Signed. And very grateful to see it up there at long last. Also sent on to friends in UK and elsewhere.


Yes, it's time the drug companies started assuming liability for the vaccine injuries they cause. And it is time that doctors start admitting that they have to start listening to the heroic doctors who are treating the vaccine injured rather than causing more injuries. It is almost as if we are living through the plague years late medieval Europe where 2/3rds of the people died. The problem here, though, is not some bug carried on rats but a medical system that refuses to admit there is a problem.


Something similar happened to good friend our ours 3 years ago in the U.S. He was just out of stomach surgery and the hospital was insisting he get an H1N1 vaccine before being discharged. He refused several times, but they eventually wore him down. He didn't become psychotic, but lost the use of his right arm, left hand, and a good portion of his lung capacity. Three years later he has use of his arm and hand, thanks to PT, but his lungs still do not function properly and he is a bit of wreck physically. That vaccine undoubtedly shortened his life.

The babies are much more vulnerable, but adults are injured by vaccines more often than we realize.

John Stone

White Rose

Indeed, the US system with its mandates and exemptions from liability (not to mention its corrupt and influential institutiions) is the central pillar of the industry.

White Rose

Nevertheless John , a vote towards this petition speaks volumes in many many ways .

John Stone

White Rose

Of course, mostly the don't have formal liability protection in Europe just agencies conniving to make sure they are not sued (certainly in the UK).

White Rose

An online petition to demand the end of Pharma Harma liability protection :

Go on , be brave , sign up here

To support families of vaccine-injured children and demand accountability for those being responsible for the tragedies, please visit the link below right now and sign the petition to ‘Lift the ban shielding drug companies from lawsuits for vaccine-related injuries or deaths.’

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