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Dachel Media Update: What Happens When You Question Vaccine Safety?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

June 25, 2013, Motherboard: Vaccines Are Not a Shot in the Dark

"Yet, vaccination remains one of the most controversial topics of modern medicine. Sites like, which surgical oncologist David Gorski has called 'one of the most wretched hives of scum and quackery on the Internet,' are known for their misguided and injurious fear mongering on the matter."

Please note that the people who tell us vaccines are safe never really defend them.  The trite phrase, "studies show no link," is all they feel they need.  This is piece by Andrew Overton is an attack on those who dare to question vaccine safety.  Crazy people use religious exemptions, Andrew Wakefield was a fraud, and more girls should get the HPV vaccine--Overton is all over the place here.  His main message: "A quick shot ...renders you immune to ailments that suck to have."
And autism?  ...According Overton, autism is a mystery.




Thx for the appreciation. The problem I find with dealing with pro-vaxxers who are actually denialist is that we give them too much respect. They will concede to nothing and offering nothing in the way of sincerity. The solution then is either you don't engage them at all or mock them. I choose to mock them.



How can anyone believe anything Overton has written? The mere fact he can't even fact check that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey weren't married tells me there is no way he could even begin to understand the complexity of the medical issues. Let alone the rest of the article proves he doesn't understand the issues.

William Crumpler

I would like to add to a comment above "As we have all found out to our cost...” The autism community is paying, with their children chronic health and behavior problems, a cost of doing business that the pharmaceutical industry will never see. It is called a "Social Cost", which we, parents and their children on the spectrum, are paying dearly. This cost will never show up on the pharma company’s balance sheet, yet is a real part of their business that we are forced to pay. The Social Cost of the vaccine business was clear to me early on our journey to help our vaccine damaged son. The fact that we are paying this cost, and that others are profiting from our misery, makes me very angry.


"As we have all found out to our cost ......
only fools don't question the vaccine program !

Rage against the Vaccine"

IMO the "vaccination program" is well past the questioning stage. "Mandatory Vaccination" is PURE evil. We need no more evidence IMO.

Gorski is a Quack

Quoting David Gorski does absolutely nothing to add veracity to the author's point, especially considering that Dorkski is one of the most hypocritical and pretentious windbags on the internet.

He claims that he is "science and evidence based," but vapidly rejects any science that contradicts any of his pet theories. He is a true-believer. In other words, he is as much, if not more, of a quack than those he proselytizes against. And his mindless buffoons eat it up as if it is the word of God...all 25 of them.

White Rose

As we have all found out to our cost ......
only fools dont question the vaccine program !

Rage against the Vaccine

Bob Moffitt

Andrew Overton's expert opinion on the effectiveness of annual flu vaccines:

"Relying on, umm, “existing surveillance data,” they estimated that influenza vaccinations prevented anywhere from 1.1 million to 5 million cases, and saved anywhere from 7,700 to 40,400 trips to the hospital over the six year period."

Surely the "existing surveillance data" our government had on Saddam's weapons of mass destruction stockpile was even more reliable .. which caused our nation to invade Iraq .. resulting in at least a decade of occupation .. costing trillions of dollars .. and .. more importantly 5,000 brave members of our armed forces who paid the ultimate price.

Those "estimations" of 1 to 5 MILLION cases of flu being prevented by vaccinations .. are far more "wishful thinking" .. than reliable "surveillance data".


Brilliant comments job Anne on this dredged up piece of pathetic misinformation. Don't stop!

@Greg...loved your comments too on RI! Does that lot really get irony???


Great job, Anne! Keep telling it as it is.



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