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Dachel Media Update: Thailand, Prayer, ADHD

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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June 5, 2013, Global Times: At least 200,000 children in Thailand suffer from autism

June 4, 2013, Egg Harbor Township (NJ) Current: Prayer night held for those impacted by autism

June 4, 2013, My Fox 10, Terre Haute, IN: Ind. ranked nationally for child ADHD

Global Times
"According to a report released by Thai autism experts, at least 200,000 children in the country suffer from autism, and the number is still growing."
Thailand has 70,000,000 people. Of course the numbers is still growing. Look at the photos and see how autism is shown---happy, smiling kids. They're doing normal-looking things. The message is autism isn't so bad and children are getting help. And on each photo is the statement below. The public is being conditioned to accept that autism is now an expected part of childhood---worldwide.
Egg Harbor Township (NJ) Current

"An autism prayer night was held Wednesday, May 15 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s Church of the Assumption site on Pitney Road here....
"A video was shown which included pictures and names of dozens of area children affected by Autism, Price said.

"Pictures were submitted by the family members of children both in attendance and those that could not attend, she said. No child was left out of the presentation.

"'There was not a dry eye in the building, but there were plenty of smiles,' Price said. 'The children, who were front and center during the service, were free to express themselves and interact with the other children and family members in attendance.'

"According to Price a great time was had by all."

As a Catholic, I’m happy to see the needs of autism families being addressed by the Church. What more proof do we need that autism is dramatically impacting a significant part of the population?
“Dozens of area children affected by autism” should get everyone’s attention. Sadly, it won’t be a cause for concern. One mom wants to make this an annual event. Since the children keep on coming, they probably will.

 My Fox 10, Terre Haute, IN

Indiana ranks second in the nation in the percentage of kids taking medicine ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

"Dr. Darla Hinshaw has 20 years of experience in child psychology.

"In that time, she's seen major strides in the field, especially when it comes to Autism awareness.
"'When I graduated training, it was 1 in 200 kids were diagnosed. Now we're like 1 in 50,' said Dr. Hinshaw.

"All kids with autism have some form of ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
"Nearly 12 percent of Hoosier kids ages 2 to 17 have an ADHD diagnosis.

"That ranks Indiana 4th in the nation.

"At the same time, 9 percent are taking ADHD medications, making Hoosiers 2nd only to Louisiana.
"Hinshaw says more awareness of ADHD is getting the kids the treatment they need. She also credits teachers with educating themselves about the disorder."

I left a comment but I'm not sure why I did. It seems that America is happy to watch her children swallowed up by chronic illness--no questions asked.


White Rose

200k in Thailand , 100k in the Republic of Ireland .
1.5M in the US . 5M in China (as of 2005) .
1M in the UK (my estimate because this figure seems to be covered under the official secrets act .)

Do you think this might be a holocaust ? do you think ?

And Melinda & Bill Gates give $100M to monitor what we think on the internet ! I tell you what I think Melinda , you and your family should take your fill of the vaccines !

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