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Dachel Media Update: Soothing "Comfort" from Those With the Most to Lose

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

June 17, 2013, Attorney Refutes Dr. Offit’s Vaccine Exemption Criticism

June 16, 2013, WGN-TV Chicago: Candlelight vigil held for autistic teen

June 16, 2013, Stockton (CA) One Day at a Time

June 15, 2013, Times Herald, Port Huron, MI: Autism asks educators to learn

June 15, 2013, CBS Philadelphia: Philadelphia Physician: Don't Take Your Vitamins

June 14, 2013, ABC13: Autism Today

June 14, 2013, The Stir: Autism Facts vs Fiction: What Every Parent Needs to Know

"Pediatrician and pro-vaccine advocate Dr. Paul Offit, who once said a child can safely receive 10,000 vaccines at once, has spoken out repeatedly against vaccine religious exemptions, implying that his opinion is more important than the fundamental moral tenets of a variety of world religions."

I'm happy to see people speaking out on this egregious attack on our First Amendment right.
Dr. Offit clearly feels that parents can't think for themselves when it comes to medical decisions. His goal primarily is to promote vaccines and to eliminate any opposition. He's covered by the media as the major spokesperson for the vaccine industry, as he clearly is. He's universally described as "chief of infectious diseases, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia," and almost never as the co-developer of a rota virus vaccine that has personally netted him millions of dollars.

Leslie Manookian, producer of the stunning movie, The Greater Good, recently wrote this about Offit and religious exemptions.

WGN-TV Chicago

"Organizers of tonight's vigil say they hope that Alex's story will mobilize and motivate people to take action and support children who are living with autism and the families caring for them."
And I'd like to see people motivated to demand to know what's happening to our children.
Stockton (CA)

"Growing awareness, increasing numbers"

"But autism advocates continue to maintain that the disorder is largely misunderstood by the general public. For a growing number of people, accepting autism as an everyday part of life is unavoidable, since the numbers of people with it seem to be growing. Different studies show different numbers of those with autism, but they are all startlingly high numbers."


Thomas Anderson, Stockton Unified School District Asst. Superintendent for Special Education: "Stockton Unique is not unique in terms of the fact that we have a growing autism population. We're seeing that statewide, nationally, internationally."
Because of this, Anderson says they're working to have enough programs and the right programs for these students. They need them because, as Anderson admits, "the trend is upwards." They have 300 to 400 students in the district with an autism diagnosis. There's been an increase of 20, 30, to 60 students per year.

Why? No one bothers to tell us. I didn't leave a comment. These people obviously see what's happening and have given up. Autism is here to stay and it seems no one thinks to ask why it's happening.
Someday when our country goes broke paying for this disaster, we'll look back on reports like this and ask, "Didn't anyone demand to know what was happening to the children?" ...I'm speechless.
 Times Herald, Port Huron, MI

"Twenty years ago in St. Clair County and in the rest of the nation, autism was a relatively little-known disorder believed to affect only a handful of people.

"Autism today is far more well-known and far more common. In 1990, Michigan had just more than 1,200 of its K-12 students eligible for special education services due to autism. Today, more than 16,500 are eligible. St. Clair County is home to about 200 of those students."

We seem so willing to do nothing in the face of a national nightmare.  The numbers are horrific, there are no answers, and no one is doing anything to stop it.  I posted one comment.

CBS Philadelphia

"A Philadelphia pediatrician is taking on the unregulated vitamin and supplement industry in a new book about alternative medicine.

"Paul Offit doesn't mind challenging scientifically, suspect medical claims. He's credited with debunking the theory that vaccines cause autism.

"Now the Children's Hospital Infectious Disease Director is scrutinizing the $68-billion vitamin and dietary supplement market and finds potentially dangerous misconceptions."

 Offit is now going after parents who turn to alternative and supplemental medicine to help their children.  What a perfect role for him.  My comments are up--except for the ones with links.  Those weren't posted.


Dr. Mohan Krishnan is interviewed here.
"Prevention: Autism appears to be caused by a mixture of environmental and genetic factors - it is very important that we be thinking about what those environmental factors (air pollution is one possibility) are and what we can do about them. While the answers to prevention and the cause of autism is still somewhat unclear, what we should do is focus on intervention - which is showing us very promising results."
Notice that when Dr. Krishnan discusses autism, he's only talking about CHILDREN. He mentions mothers seeing the signs of autism, but nothing about children who are normally developing and who suddenly and inexplicably lose learned skills and regress into autism. When the news anchor asks Krishnan about adults, 30, 40, and 50 year olds, the doctor describes autism as "a lifelong condition," yet the only adult he talks about is Temple Grandin.  I posted comments.
The Stir

"The Claim: Vaccines Cause Autism

"There has been a lot of debate in recent years over whether vaccinations can lead to autism. The fear is so widespread, many new parents are reluctant to have their kids inoculated against dangerous diseases.

"FALSE. Any so-called research backing up that assertion is absolutely untrue, says Dr. Patricia McGuire, a behavioral and developmental pediatrician with over 30 years of experience working with autism patients."

Ericka Sóuter assured us vaccines don't cause autism, at the same time she admitted the cause is unknown. I posted a number of comments.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Media pieces usually give us a depressing scenario in which the purveyors of misinformation on autism appear to be winning the game, so I am happy to recount a recent positive experience in California: Visiting a lovely state park full of redwood trees, we sat for some time in a constructed amphitheater. One little boy was playing happily on the stage and I noticed how well coordinated he was and how expressive his face. As we stood up to leave, it suddenly occurred to me, that this was an opportunity to do a little anecdotal research. The parents of the little fellow were clearly your average middle class folks. :
"Does your little boy go to a nursery school?" I asked.
" No" was the answer
" Well, you must have friends with small children- Do any of them have autism?
"No, we dont know anyone who has an autistic child"
At this point the father spoke up - simply, matter of factly-
"If you stay away from all the vaccines , you dont get autism"
Me: So how many of your friends do that?
Father: Oh, about 50%
I came away thinking that perhaps our medical doctors are living in a bubble of their own thinking- The imaginary Offit world.
We often hear that it is the well-educated who are making changes in how their kids are vaccinated. We could be wrong about that.

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