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Dachel Media Update: NJ Research, First Responders Focus on Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

June 28, 2013, State health officials announce $4.5 million in grants for autism research

June 27, 2013, KSTP TV Minneapolis: Minn. Parents Speak Out Against Adding Vaccine Requirements

June 27, 2013, YNN Albany, NY: First responders receive training focused on autism

June 27, 2013, TIME Magazine: Unique Brain Pattern Could Predict Autism in Youngest Children

June 26, 2013, Scientific American: A Call for Open Access to Autism Diagnostic Tools

June 26, 2013, Autism experts will give a free lecture Friday at OHSU

June 25, 2013, Science Daily: Dramatic Increase in Hospitalization of US Children With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

"Seven programs for autism research and services in New Jersey medical schools and hospitals will split $4.5 million in grants, the state Health Department announced Thursday at Montclair State University.

"The funding, distributed through the Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism, will be used for a number of projects that range from two to five years, said Mary O'Dowd, state health commissioner."

$4.5 million for autism research? That's what ONE CHILD WILL COST NJ. The nightmare continues.

I posted comments.
KSTP TV Minneapolis:

"The Minnesota Department of Health says it wants to protect children from more dangerous diseases and require more vaccines. But, a small group of parents say enough is enough.
"More than 98 percent of Minn. parents are getting their children vaccinated, according to Department of Health statistics.

"In a 2009 investigation, the number of parents with a conscientious objection spiked 71 percent in five years.

"Thursday, parents with objections voiced their opinions at a hearing. The parents who spoke up were not happy. But, the health department says science is overwhelmingly on its side."
Karen Kain testified in Minnesota at the vaccine hearing.  I'm grateful that they covered her on the news.  I posted five comments.
YNN Albany, NY

"'First responders need this training,' said Village of Monroe Police Officer David Lee - the featured speaker Wednesday evening in Goshen to an audience of area firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. His topic: autism awareness training. A potential life saving technique Lee said first responders can use to best handle one of the fastest growing emergency situations, responding to individuals with autism."
There was no comment section or I would have asked WHY?  Why didn't first responders need the training 20 years ago?  This is clearly a sign of the times. We're all going to be dealing with autism whenever we deal with members of the public. It's a fact of life now and it's only going to get worse.
TIME Magazine
"Genetic changes are almost certainly behind many cases of autism, and the latest research suggests that some of those alterations may be contributing to more densely connected networks of brain nerves.
"A highly interconnected brain could mean that signals zooming from sensory nerves to other networks become too overwhelming to parse apart and process, which researchers believe is a hallmark of the autistic brain. And in a study published in JAMA Psychiatry, Stanford University researchers report that this pattern of hyperconnectivity in some brain areas could provide a fingerprint for autism that helps doctors to recognize the condition at its earliest stages."
I hate stories that talk about autism like a really interesting curiosity and use quotes like '[The research] opens up a nice way of thinking about how the brain is organized that can lead to both deficits and strengths.'

They're talking about brain injured children who suffer emotionally and physically in ways people can't possibly imagine. This article doesn't even give us the rate for autism.  I posted four comments.
Scientific American

"In May, Durkin delivered a keynote address at the 2013 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Sebastián, Spain, in which she challenged the field to develop open-source, freely available methods for autism screening and diagnosis.

"Her clarion call drew a standing ovation."

"Two of the nation's leading autism experts will offer a free public lecture Friday at Oregon Health & Science University.

"David G. Amaral and Sally J. Rogers of the University of California, Davis, MIND Institute plan to speak on new advances in research and treatment.

"They'll explain research on the role of prenatal autoimmune factors that lead to abnormal brain development in children who develop autism. And they'll describe early intervention programs that work in young children and may help resume normal developmental trajectories, according to an OHSU news release."

I left a comment asking if Dr. Amaral will be talking about his interview on PBS in 2011 where he said for some kids, vaccination is the trigger that causes their autism.

Science Daily

"The new study, published online and scheduled for the August 2013 print issue of the Journal of Investigative Medicine, found a 65 percent increase in IBD hospital discharges from 2000 to 2009. The number increased from 11,928 discharges in 2000 to 19,568 discharges in 2009.

"IBD refers to a group of inflammatory conditions of the colon and small intestine. The major types of IBD are Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). When looking at these two types of IBD individually, the authors found a 59 percent increase in CD discharges and a 71 percent increase UC discharges."

"'The reason for this large increase in hospitalizations of children with IBD is not clear,' said Dr. Sferra. 'We also found an increase in IBD-related complications and co-existing conditions which suggest an increase in the severity of this disease has contributed to a greater need for hospitalization. However, we will need to perform more research to determine whether patients were admitted to the hospital due to IBD or for an unrelated medical condition. Also, while we're seeing more kids being discharged with IBD, we cannot with certainty say that the incidence and prevalence of childhood IBD has increased in U.S.'"

More kids with bowel disease but experts not sure if it's a true increase. Maybe it's better diagnosing once again.


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