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Dachel Media Update: Law, Insurance, Pollution

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

June 20, 2013, Prnewswire: One Florida Family Wages A Battle To Reform A Flawed Autism Law

June 19, 2013, Discover Magazine: The Very Thick Line Between Raising Concerns And Denialism

June 19, 2013, LA Times: More in U.S. caring for someone with health issues, study finds

June 19, 2013, UK NHS: Is road traffic pollution really a cause of autism?
June 19, 2013, National Council on Disability Calls for the Prosecution of Hate Crimes against People with Disabilities Following Death of Autistic Teenager

June 18, 2013, La Crosse (WI) Tribune: Readers sound off on vaccine column

June 18, 2013 NBC New York: After I-Team Investigation, NY Lawmakers Vote to Close Autism Treatment Loophole


"In 2008, the Florida Senate approved the Florida Autism Legislation (Senate Bill Number 2654) that comprises an Insurance Mandate to cover children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, five years later only a very small percentage of the affected population is able to claim or receive compensation for the treatments their kids need to improve."
The earlier report showed New York state had also found a way around the law requiring insurance coverage of autism therapy. It makes one wonder if people really care about what's happening to our kids.
Discover Magazine
"When it was first suggested that vaccines might lead to autism, is was a legitimate question to ask. Kids seemed to develop autism around the same age they got their vaccines - and can you imagine if the vaccines were to blame? That would have been huge news! We would have had to revolutionize the vaccine industry, to start from scratch and figure out if we can keep these life-saving shots without screwing up our kids' brains. One of the core foundations of our children's public health program would have been forever shaken. So, like they should, independent scientists investigated the concerns. They checked and double checked the safety testing. They ran and re-ran results, but they kept getting the same answer: whatever causes autism, it isn't vaccines. A cumulative sigh of relief was uttered by doctors, nurses, scientists, parents and children around the world."
This is one scary publication. Corporate America must love these people.  This story not only denies a link between vaccines and autism, it also vouches for the safety of GMO crops and pesticides in our food.
I posted comments.
LA Times

"Researchers found that 39% of U.S. adults surveyed said they were caring for an adult or child with significant health challenges in 2012, compared with 30% who said the same in 2010....
"Researchers found that 39% of U.S. adults surveyed said they were caring for an adult or child with significant health challenges in 2012, compared with 30% who said the same in 2010.Susannah Fox, an associate director at the Pew Research Center, said the economic downturn could also be pushing up the numbers, since fewer families can afford to pay someone for nursing or other care."
Notice that AUTISM is specifically named. This is disturbing information yet the Times nicely tries to explain it away. I like the idea of "medical strides" being responsible.  I left a comment.


"If you're a parent-to-be you shouldn't be unduly worried by this story, as the science it's based on cannot and does not show a definite link. And other than moving house or changing jobs, avoiding environmental pollutants is likely to prove difficult."
"The limitations in this study's design mean it cannot prove that air pollution causes or increases the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, it does tentatively suggest higher pollution levels may increase the risk, which may prompt further, more reliable investigation."
Why not to worry.

I'm sure by next week there'll be a new study showing autism is associated with something totally different. I don't expect anyone to act on this. No one's really out to find a causal link to anything. It's much better to leave autism as a perpetual mystery with endless possibilities. 
National Council on Disability

"Hate crimes laws punish actions rather than thoughts or beliefs. While abhorrent, hate in and of itself is not a crime - and the National Council on Disability (NCD) is mindful of the importance of protecting free speech and other civil liberties. But when a crime has been committed because of hate, it deserves a swift, decisive and appropriate response. Hate crimes deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

"NCD urges the FBI to prioritize and investigate crimes demonstrating clear hostility toward individuals on the basis of disability and for local and federal prosecutors to pursue robust prosecutions of hate crimes against persons with disabilities. Evidence suggests that the tragic death of Alex Spourdalakis is one of these instances and it deserves to be investigated as such.
"To do otherwise sends the message that the short life of Alex Spourdalakis was worth less than the lives of other children and reinforces the notion that killing one's child if they are disabled, while regrettable, is understandable. This way of thinking should not go unchallenged, and the fervor with which we investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of crimes against people with disabilities should not be diminished."

 Alex Spourdalakis's death seems to leave us searching for someone to blame---and going after the mother and the caregiver is a easy way to exonerate all the other culpable people in this tragedy. Why hasn't the NCD spoken out when endless stories reported on autistic children being physically abused, tased, confined, and neglected in our schools?

La Crosse (WI) Tribune

"To date, I have received more emails and comments about my column asserting that autism does not come from vaccines than I have about any other. Some of these comments were well-reasoned, while others suggested I was part of a worldwide conspiracy by drug companies to keep their vaccines on the market so they could earn billions in profits....

"Now, let's look at what the latest research indicates on the cause of autism. The massive Nurses Health Study showed an association between autism and air pollution from heavy metals and diesel fuels. It's not strong data, but it's a promising environmental lead that needs more study.
"My spin: We don't yet know what causes autism. We do know it's on the rise, and there are some promising leads. It's time to throw out the junk science that led us down the wrong road and put money toward the newest leads that may correct the problem. Stay well."
Everything this doctor says is incredible. Where is any concern about autism? He has no answers and he doesn't care. He'll be saying "vaccines are safe" until the bitter end. I posted a bunch of comments.
NBC New York

"After NBC 4 New York's I-Team report in March revealing that health insurers were denying coverage to autistic children, New York lawmakers have approved a reform that would force insurance companies to pay up.

"The bill, passed by both the New York state Senate and Assembly, demands insurers cover a key autism therapy called Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA.

"Back in March, the I-Team revealed an administrative loophole that rendered Gov. Andrew Cuomo's landmark autism insurance law much less generous than many parents expected. The rule allowed insurance firms to deny reimbursements if an ABA provider doesn't hold a state license.

"The problem is, New York state doesn't offer a license specifically for behavior analysts."

Coverage that covers no one. How inventive.  Let's hope the governor gets around to signing it.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Yes, hundreds of parents have reported that their children ran high fevers, convulsed, and lost language after being injected with road traffic pollution.

John Stone


Basically, this is just bureaucratic doublespeak re-assuring people who can't avoid for financial reasons living in very unhealthy places - but of course it plays the reverse game of the statistical studies that they hold up as having significance when it comes to vaccines and autism. For some reason the UK Department of Health have an historical role:



in denying the health effects of pollution quite as sinister as their continuing denial over vaccines, but it would be very surprising if there were not worse outcomes in most areas of health for pollution hotspots. The site, of course, is run by Paul Nuki who hired Brian Deer at the Sunday Times.


Investigate this please just read about this

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