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Mercury and Autism: Together Again (Pollution Study)

Dachel Media Update: Infectious Disease Doc Warns World About... Vitamins?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

June 18, 2013, Augusta [GA] Chronicle: Liberty is snatched away 

June 18, 2013, CBS Miami: Teacher's Reported Abuse Of Autistic Boy Caught On Camera

June 17, 2013, Newstalk 106-108 Dublin, Ireland: Paul Offit interview--Vitamins are good for you, right?

June 17, 2013, Stockton, CA: With autistic siblings, 'the job is constant'

Augusta [GA] Chronicle:

"Is there a connection between South Carolina's U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham's Verizon phone and forced vaccinations? It makes an interesting conversation."
This is a brilliant letter by Maurine Meleck.  With laws requiring parents to get a doctor's signature in order to exempt children and reports of calls for state vaccine registers, we have lots of reasons for concern.
CBS Miami

"The actions of an alternative school teacher accused of abusing a 12-year boy with autism were caught on camera.

"On Monday, Broward County prosecutors released the video which shows David Baier pulling the boy's hair and throwing him to the ground."

It was very hard to watch this.  I can see this easily happen to lots of kids I know.  It's a disgrace.  When is all the greater awareness going to lead to treatment of children with autism? 

Newstalk 106-108 Dublin, Ireland

"More people than ever are using alternative medicine. But, as expert Dr Paul Offit explains, these untested therapies are ineffective, expensive and even deadly."

It seems Paul Offit's role as a pharma shill has now expanded. Not only is he the poster doctor for vaccines, but he's a attack dog going after anyone daring to claim that there are way OUTSIDE OF MAINSTREAM MEDICINE to stay healthy. I suppose that if the public can be brainwashed into thinking that it's safe to inject mercury and aluminum into babies, they can be convinced that vitamins are dangerous as well. Basically, we're to believe that our health comes from doctors. By the way, he's got 2 books out on the subject...

Listen to his interview on Irish radio. I posted one comment.

Stockton, CA:

"Stephanie Coles and husband Adam Coles are raising two children with autism. Rachael and her 3-year-old brother, Michael, were both diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a person's social skills, after their parents noticed some classic symptoms: avoiding eye contact, not engaging in pretend play, not learning to socialize the same way as other kids in their play groups.
"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that as many as 1 in 50 school-age children are diagnosed with autism. The chances of two in one family?"

The American people are now conditioned to think that ANY RATE OF AUTISM is acceptable. Everyday there are countless stories in the news about schools dealing with autism, the latest dead-end study, or the local autism fund-raiser. Autism is a fact of life for kids today. If it's YOUR CHILD, that's too bad. It happens to lots of kids. Be sure to look into that early intervention. It's unbelievable how willing we are to surrender our children to autism. (There was no comment section.)


White Rose

In reply to Jeannette Bishop :

the fact Irish Radio is giving Offit a platform to spout more of his shi^ite , clearly means they are coming this way ......

You need to understand the UK is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the US , but we will resist these criminals just as you must .


I think I know what's wrong with Paul - he has had too many vaccines and no vitamins.

Jeannette Bishop

Are they trying to limit access to supplements in the U.K. as much as here?

Maybe the first step to engender support/acquiescence for restrictions is to make them sound as dubious as possible?

White Rose

The UK is so completely censored now , they dont tell us the rate of autism anymore , or the total numbers .

But using the Irish data I heard recently , I can do a very rough and dirty calculation for numbers of the vaccine damaged Autistics in the UK because the vaccine schedules are almost identical . And the numbers for the UK , according to my rough and ready estimate will be that there are 1M vaccine derived autistics in the UK . The overall popualtion is only 60M , so hopefully you see the scale of the crime .

If Salisbury or Godless or Goldigger or any other vaccine crook wants to contradict that number , please supply the official statistic !

Jenny Allan

Daily vitamins, mineral and probiotics keep this old age pensioner as healthy and alert as possible. 'Big Pharma' of which Offit is a part, makes very little profit off me. Too bad for them!!

White Rose

Newstalk Ireland can easily be contacted on email , pls complain about them giving a platform to "that" criminal .


Poor old Lilady is real mad at you again Anne. She stalks you now, getting more and more enraged and frenetic every time she sees your name in print. Ha. Gotta laugh! Raging on about AW, she has to bring him into everything does she not. Sad person.

The CRN review link and comment on Offit's Book of Magic is damning and so it should be. He is yet another dislocated personality 'attention seeker', hawking his tired old sack of antiquated beliefs around the world.

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