Protocol 007: Feds Urge Judge Not to Dismiss Mumps Vaccine Suit
Roche Backs Out on Seaside Therapeutics Drug Trial for Fragile X. Parents Dismayed.

Dachel Media Update: Growth of Awareness?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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June 5, 2013, RTV6: Ind. chief: Officer right to stun autistic woman

June 5, 2013, US News: Study: A Third of Autistic Children Also Have ADHD

June 5, 2013, Free Press, Mankato, MN: Retiring autism coordinator sees Growth of Awareness

June 5, 2013, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Anti-Vaxxer


"A northwestern Indiana police chief says an officer acted appropriately when he used a stun gun on a woman who has a developmental disability during a confrontation.

"Portage Police Chief Troy Williams tells The Times of Munster police were called to a home early Friday after the homeowner found the 34-year-old woman, who has autism, on his deck with a beer she'd taken from his outdoor refrigerator.

"He says the woman refused to come out from behind a shed near the home and kept both her hands in her pockets.
"Williams says the officer used his stun gun twice on the woman. He says those actions were appropriate because the woman didn't cooperate and the officer didn't know whether the woman might have a weapon in her pocket."

If it's fine to use stun guns on autistic middle school kids, this is "appropriate" too. More and more police departments are providing autism education for officers. I wonder if it was done there in Portage, IN.

US News: Study
"Autism and ADHD may have a 'genetic overlap'

"About a third of children who have autism also have symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a study released Wednesday."

Here U.S. News tells us that autism is one of the most common psychological disorders.  They pretend that the only increase has been from one in 88 to one in 50--and that was because of better diagnosing.  And the really good news is that while they're aren't proven drugs to treat autism, there are drugs for ADHD.

Free Press, Mankato, MN

"Robin Boeke was at Minnesota State University working on her special education licensure in the 1970s when she first saw a film about a child with autism.

"Special ed itself was brand new, with the education amendments of 1974 that mandated an appropriate education for all children with disabilities.

"Autism was a term most educators didn't understand....

"Sometimes she thinks of those children who were on the autism spectrum and about the information and tools available today that she could have used to help them so much more back then.

"'But then I think 20 years further back; a lot of these kids weren't even in public schools.'
"Boeke said when she first started in the district, there were about 10 kids with autism. Today, there are 225 children in Mankato identified as being on the autism spectrum.

"Called an 'epidemic' by some due to the vast increase in cases, Boeke said much of it has to do with the broadened definition of autism."

Robin Boeke was "fascinated" when she saw her first autistic student almost 40 years ago. "She's been the face of our autism services in this district for years," and she sees no problem with the rooms full of autistic students that we have today.

"But then I think 20 years further back; a lot of these kids weren't even in public schools." (So . where were they?)

I've talked to lots of 40 year veteran teachers over the last 10 years, they all say the same thing-These kids were always here, we just didn't recognize what was wrong-OR-they were kept at home and were in institutions. I can't tell you how many times I've been told that. I'm sure it's what they've been told. It makes sense, I guess, unless you go to look for where the hidden horde is today as adults.

"But there is an ongoing problem associated with a Kennedy, one I consider extremely troubling. Specifically it's with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is an attorney, a radio host, and an environmental activist.

"He is also, as it happens, a full-blown anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist.

"And I do mean full-blown. RFK Jr. has a long history of adhering to crackpot ideas about vaccines, mostly in the form of the now thoroughly disproven link to autism. He's been hammering this issue for a decade now, and his claims appear to be no better and no more accurate now than they were when he first started making them."

When all else fails, make a desperate personal attack.  However,blaming Kennedy, McCarthy, and Wakefield won't make the controversy go away.



"Autism and ADHD may have a 'genetic overlap'

How about autism, ADHD, ADD, delayed hypersensitivity, serum sickness, SIDS, mercury poisoning, ischemia, chronic inflammation, allergies, Novel Bowel Disease, the diseases of "vaccination", immune dysfunction, animal virus infection, neurological injury, extra-human DNA, chronic diseases, auto-immune diseases, chronic diarrhea, narcolepsy, genocide and death may all be had from a single location, your friendly "wellness" center.


Greg, one point I remember 'Calli Arcane' or whatever her name is conceding on (which seemed to surprise Todd, I think) was that to vaccinate a sick child would be off- label. I just thought I'd mention it since RI has linked to this at least twice.


"Safe Vaccines"

I am afraid that is like "Healthy Junk Food".

"Vaccination" is INHERENTLY a destructive and exceedingly unhealthy practice that will SOON be recognized by the majority of parents to be a barbaric practice increasingly and VIOLENTLY attempted to be forced on an unwilling population.


The Police has the right to gain some education about autism
and use common sense when dealing with disabled people.


Greg, I quit going on RI- too much group think and they will never concede on any points (Calli A has a couple times) even where common sense would require it. The abuse and stalking-type behaviour- like 'lilady' tracking what courses X takes, wondering what his thesis is, etc. etc. , what so and so's staff are doing, the poll crashing- it's all just too weird for me. I think a lot of them are not even parents and interested in only the blandest, most abstract of ways.

White Rose

Phil Plait is a paid mercenary . Phil if you read this , please allow me to upload the before and after vaccine photographic horrors . I imagine that is a "no" .
Evidence as strong as actual photographic evidence is "anti-science" in your world I suppose !

And Phil , dont lie to us , deceit is an awful thing , promise me you are telling us the truth , and you are keeping all your vaccines fully up to date !


Carolyn I clicked on your name and read your poem. I hope your son is doing better.

These articles aren't journalism. They're a marketing/smear campaign dressed as journalism. That's why they don't make any sense. They aren't based on facts. They attempt to sway public opinion and target dissent - pure propaganda. These articles could all be coming from the same place, the same author. But the tone is changing. They are ramping up the rhetoric to pit citizen against citizen, accusing those who are leery of their program, accusing those whose children have already been harmed, of being baby killers, of being liable. The groundwork is being laid for making questioning, dissent, crying foul after being wounded or killed by government sanctioned programs, a crime. These are very dangerous times.

Rae N.

I've often wondered how many autistic children have been born into Robert Kennedy Jr.'s generation of cousins and are being kept quietly out of sight. Never got an answer to that, but I do know that two or three of his own children suffer from debilitating allergies, another well-known consequence of today's vaccination schedule.

Carolyn Flannery

Good . The more people who realize RFK jr thinks toxins in vaccines are not a good thing--given he successfully showed that toxins in Rivers are not good things-- DUH---the more this ad hominem attack will backfire. For some inexplicable reason the left-leaning who would never dream of spilling mercury in a lake --are desperate to believe that injecting it into a pregnant woman or preemie baby or toddler is fine--that some magic renders toxins harmless as long as they are in a shot . Perhaps these attacks on our heroes and the examination of the character-attacks and outright lies and stupidity (can they not google pubmed for encephalitis and vaccine?) will awaken more to the truth. People will see that our heroes are outspoken only because they care about the truth--what the heck else does jenny mccarthy gain by this? ----Why else but truth would RFK Jr align himself with this difficult cause--why wouldn't Andy have given this up and gone in hiding in academia ---compassion and truth and parenthood are the only plausible motivations possible for dan olmsted and andy and kim and max and jenny and rfk jr and all of you. God knows you do not get a career bump or money for standing up for safe vaccines! But pharma makes billions saving a few cents a dose to keep poison in the doses and introduce autism everywhere. Our heroes who speak loudly for vaccine safety are ripples of hope (concept stolen from RFK speech) that will create the tsunami of DUHs and aha moments that will finally free our world of this insanity. I ask one thing--to see the wailing and gnashing of teeth for just one hour of all the smug insulting autism-denier journalists and creeps begging our forgiveness. Just one hour of them pledging a years salary each to the nearest autistic family to compensate for what their cruelty cost us--the respect due those who suffered for "the greater good" the compensation for the lost dreams and lost lives of countless families --the loss of the genius of those kids who can't recover ... It seems to often strike the smartest .... The bravery of our heroes and their motivation exposes the obvious---the attackers have incentives to distort and distract from the truth ---even more ads for their self righteous publications--the chance be a bully with the mean kids long after middle school--the chance to pretend that a device with a needle in it can stop disease and death without leaving side effects and victims in its wake. The one and only medical device that magically does no harm! its too painful to believe. not ets attack the messengers and pretend it aint so! perhaps the resistant will finally start to connect the dots. To imply that vaccines are the only medical device in history that renders all its components harmless even neurotoxins just because it is a vaccine --that is the craziness. To be a journalist and not bothet to look up the vaccine ingredients ---readily found in CDC posts--things that you wouldnt give your baby in food but that you say i should inject into mine because scienxe cant figure out how to make a vaconne without neurotoxins 2 decades after there was evidence it was not safe.
So if I gave your child a candy bar and he fell into a seizure I have the right to force you to give him 30 candy bars because candy bars didn't make my child sick and the candy maker told me it is always safe (while also publishing data warning of sode effects like seizures) ? so you must be wrong . To imply that if it does harm some of us we should not examine whom it harms or why --we should simply push those children the rest of the way off the cliff by forcing them to take still more of what made them actually ill because it might prevent them from becoming potentially ill--but no one has proven vaccines even help those kids who can't tolerate them--that is the ultimate insanity.


Re Slate -

Of course no mention of government payouts to children with autism caused by vaccines. No mention that the Italian and American courts recently conceded that vaccines caused autism in several children. Parents are either imbeciles or liars or both. Research published by professional journals that don't support their religion are lesser, insignificant journals. Science belongs to them and is already known - no more to learn. Those who question are dangerous - to be silenced - are labeled anti-vax and anti-vax are further smeared as anti public health and baby killers.

This is extremely dangerous rhetoric. This is another propaganda piece aiming not only to discredit Mr. Kennedy but also to stir up fear and hatred toward him and anyone deemed to be "anti-vax". It is no exaggeration to say that this is the same as the Nazi mentality toward the Jews. The "anti-vax" attack comes from the same dark place that anti-semitism comes from. Where the Jews were blamed for society's ills, this is an attempt to blame so called anti-vaxers for death and disease. Jews were accused of being baby killers too.

The commenters after this article, except for a few that are genuine, seem to be in cahoots with the author and each other. Their statements consist of the same old rapid fire ad hominem hate speech that typically accompanies these articles. I imagine them sitting alongside each other in a Pharma Troll Call Center (with large horns).


Great point, Jen,

They sure love to dismiss us with labels. Lately, I have been spending time engaging Orac's vaccine pushers, actually I coined them as VCADOD (vaccines causing autism denialism obsessive disorder)group and I react to their slurs by entertaining them with this snippet taken from my Vaccine Proponents Playbook:

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Ten: Terminologies

When debating the anti-vaxers its most effective to maintain an air of supremacy and dismiss them out of hand with the following labels. Please familiarize yourself with their definition.

‘Quack’ – Any person who utters anything negative about vaccines, regardless of the truth-value of his or her comments.

‘Conspiracy Theories”—Any theories given by an anti-vaxer no matter how logical, well reasoned, and expertly supported.

‘Pseudo-science’ – Any science that shows vaccines in a negative light, regardless of it being a well established principle.

Now with a feign look of contempt and exasperation, practice using these words in the insult below:

‘Can you believe this quack, spurting his conspiracy theories, backed up by his pseudo-science?’


Because you couldn't just question vaccine safety or efficacy, right? If you do you need to be classified as 'anti-vaccine' and now an 'anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist.' They are just so desperate to try and control the information and the way it is handled. I laugh, though, because the numbers of those questioning is growing by the minute, right alongside their ever-expanding schedule and you are so right- blaming Kennedy, Wakefield, McCarthy, Jefferson, Shaw, etc. etc. will be futile.

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