14 Year old with Autism Alex Spourdalakis Found Stabbed to Death
Dachel News Update: Autism and The Gut, First Responders

Autism Media Channel on the Tragic Death of Alex Spourdalakis

Autism Media ChannelFrom  Autism Media Channel.

We learned this morning of the tragic death of Alex Spourdalakis, a young man with severe autism whom we were seeking to help because of the failure of the medical system to provide for his needs. We do not know of the circumstances of Alex’s death and await further news on this. We understand from news reports that Alex’s mother and Godmother are in the hospital and receiving treatment, we are deeply concerned for their well-being at this tragic time.
We have tried to highlight the desperate plight of Alex and his family and bring to public attention the failings of the medical system when trying to deal with individuals like Alex. We are aware of many families in a similar state of crisis and our fear is that more cases like Alex will follow.
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Alex, a bright 14 year old who had so much potential - Alex just needed appropriate medical care and somewhere safe to live.
Contact info@autismmediachannel.com


Mike Sullivan

Just posted the following on Loyola University Health System's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LoyolaHealth?fref=ts :
Has Loyola issued a statement regarding the tragic death of Alex Spourdalakis yet? An official explanation of the circumstances regarding his treatment while at Loyola would be greatly appreciated. Alex's abdominal pain and related medical conditions closely resembled those of millions of children around the world who are afflicted with vaccine injuries, as can be verified by examining reports such as those compiled for the last three years by Joan Campbell:


Another tale of despair to add to the "Lives Lost to Autism" website.


Kay Copsey

Yep - I tried posting it on Loyola too. Typical.


Thank you ...to the point!
Gonna save my almost born nephew

Alex's friend from afar

I tried posting on the "Loyola University Health System" Facebook Page, and my comment went into the ether- just poof! I guess this "recent unpleasantness" is just best forgotten.

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