Up, Up and Away: Autism in Boston Schools
Autism Media Channel on the Tragic Death of Alex Spourdalakis

14 Year old with Autism Alex Spourdalakis Found Stabbed to Death

WeepFrom Chicago: "Police are investigating the death of Alex Spourdalakis, 14, who was found stabbed to death Sunday in his home in suburban River Grove.

The autistic teen lived with his mother in an apartment on the second floor of a building in the 8100 block of West Grand Avenue. Spourdalakis was found stabbed to death is his bed.  Police also found his mother and a caregiver near the body.  They are hospitalized.

River Grove police responded to a call from a relative at about 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  They found the teen with multiple stab wounds to his chest.  He was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators say Spourdalakis’ mother and the caregiver were semi-conscious.  One was on the boy’s bed.  The other was lying on the floor next to the bed. The women did not have visible injuries.  They remain at Gottlieb Hospital in Melrose Park. Officers did not find a weapon in the apartment.

The River Grove Police and Fire Departments have had contact with the autistic teen before. Police Chief Rodger Loni says the teen would become violent and refuse to go to the hospital for routine appointments.  “He was a big, strong boy and he didn’t want to go to the hospital willingly so he had to be restrained when they took him for treatment,” Loni told WGN...."

Read more: http://wgntv.com/2013/06/10/police-investigate-death-in-river-grove/#ixzz2Vpw68Az8


Raymond Gallup

Jen and Bob


Bob, it's kind of sad, eh, that "nobody with power gives a shit about autism" has rung so true with so many here. It's right up there with other great comments, such as, "the problem is the problem."

It goes with the terrority when you are a family member of a child/adult with autism.

The hospitals don't care, the schools don't care, the respite providers don't care, the medical community (except if you don't vaccinate, then they care), the public, the media, etc. Only the child/adult and their family care and basically they are on their own with no lifeline. Screwed is the operative word.


Bob, it's kind of sad, eh, that "nobody with power gives a shit about autism" has rung so true with so many here. It's right up there with other great comments, such as, "the problem is the problem."

Bob Moffitt

John wrote:

"Nobody with power gives a shit about autism."

Abraham Lincoln wrote:

"Nearly all men can withstand adversity .. but .. if you want to test a man's character .. give him power"

The people with power don't give a shit about autism .. because .. they lack the requisite personal character to do so.


Raymond Gallup



"Ray - I am so very happy to hear this!"

Thank you.

Considering the circumstances involving Alex Spourdalakis and other horror stories, I consider what has happened to our family not so bad. We were fortunate to find a place for Eric that worked with him and us and he is away from schools and hospitals that on the whole can't handle kids with autism and aggressions. In general, the public can't handle this either and usually a good residential center will care for and protect this population.

Martha Moyer

I understand this situation because my son with autism and over 6 foot tall and strong has the same bowel disorder but I keep trying to let people know I saved his life with a simple bowel cleanout machine via piemed.com. He recently had a colonoscopy with this superior cleanout machine doing the prep. The doctor said he has never seen such a clean bowel. But, insurance won't pay for this. It is pure ignorance of the medical community that caused Alex's issue to continue. Hate to say. Things must change!

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Homeopath

Ray - I am so very happy to hear this!

Lara O

Alex is with the angels now, fly dear boy as you are free. God bless you Alex, you will suffer no more.


I hope that the IACC and all the recipients of public and private funding that is supposed to be benefiting and supporting the autism community realize how horribly they have failed. If they don't, they should be reminded and never allowed to forget.

Louis Conte

I am also with Gilmore.

I know that at some point later this evening, I will pray. But I am just too angry right now.


Good luck A; I'm glad you're doing well. Please keep us posted!


the book, Fight Autism and Win, feel free to read...there are answered, there is a cure...

education before vaccination.

i'm in a group recovering from heavy metal toxicity...i kinda wound up in a group with parents of autistic kids...that's just what was out there when i searched...and i see posts of success, many. it's a support group...




What kind of world are we living in, where an innocent child can have his life ripped away with such unimaginable cruelty. Twice!!

Where the hell is the public outrage??


I'll 4th what John said: " Nobody with power gives a shit about autism."


Its too late for Alex, but its not too late to stop the pandemic....
We propose, given the clinical heterogeneity of ASD,
that specific 'synaptic clinical trials'
should be designed and launched with the aim of establishing whether phenotype 'reversals' could also occur in humans.

The People have suffered enough....We need to start funding for treatment hospitals for all syndromes to treat the truth...

I propose we call it the Alex Initiative in his honor....



horrible, so sad, so sorry.

Autistic Living

What Gilmore said. Nobody.


Oh my god i cannot believe this there is such a terrible terrible misunderstanding of Autism and it,s needs what has happened to this world less and less we become uncaring i am distraught to read this i prey for the whole family


Oh, that poor boy. His terrifying last moments... What a horrible way to die. And what a horrible way to have lived.

If the mother turns out to be the perpetrator, please moderate your hate. No one chooses crazy; for many under profound stress, it's just a nudge away. Someday it could be you.

We are surrounded by so many people who should be helping, but won't. The rewards of denial are many. Meanwhile this generation's in-home holocaust mislabeled "autism" is erased and rewritten by media at the behest of government and corporate perps.

We in the trenches keep saying to those in charge, "Help us, to avert more tragedies!" Yet little is done, except by those directly affected.

When is enough finally enough for others to see the devastation? Must we take it out of our homes, into the streets, and onto capitol steps?

Raymond Gallup

Very sad.

Our family suffered for years with no help and aggressions from our son, Eric and he was as strong as Alex probably was, super human one could say. When Eric went to Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ they had to restrain him like Alex and we took Eric out of there.

Now he is treated like a human being in a residential center in Delaware and seems very happy there. At first it was tough for us that we could no longer bring him home or take him out. Now we visit him, have lunch and read him stories. He smiles and laughs with us and there are no aggressions.

Victor Pavlovic

So very sad that this is how it ended for our Alex, he suffered more than anyone should, and for no reason, now he is free of pain and misery and with our lord.

dena salera

john gilmore, i agree, noone seems to care until it happens to their kid.

Donna Z

My heart is broken. I am in agony. I prayed for our precious Alex and his mom so many times. I did everything in my power to help. I now take comfort that he is safe in the arms of Jesus, where his suffering has ended and his body is healed


There's so much to this story that is missing. What happened? What led them there? What happened to all the money and help people sent? This all just looks off after seeing recent videos around the time of the AutismOne conference pleading for someone to take them in. I can't imagine being completely out of hope like that.


His suffering has ended. :(


I am so, so sorry to hear this. May he find himself in a better place.


PLEA for spirochetal focused autopsy. We MUST STOP the Pandemic of stealth infections for Alex and all who suffer lies of syndromes...God be with them....

Martin Matthews

This is horrifying news... too many questions remain. Why is the name of the minor released when the mother hasn't even been questioned/conferred?

train wreck

The autopsy needs to very carefully evaluate the GI tract- fully expect significant bowel disease, but it might be glossed over.

Gilmore is right.

train wreck

His mother sought help from the medical community, and found none (at Loyola, at least). There is so little help for families like ours.

John Gilmore

Nobody with power gives a shit about autism.

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