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Trumped Up March UK Measles "Epidemic": 1 Lab Confirmed Case in 183

FearAn important post from Child Health Safety in the UK - the gov't and media trumped up an epidemic for no other purpose other than than to further damage Andrew Wakefield's reputation and ramp up fear among parents to force more MMR jabs.


Big Headline – but a very short posting to the links to the official figures just published by Public Health Wales.  You will not believe your eyes – so download them and see for yourself. Links to the full official statistics reports below from Public Health Wales.

If you take any notice of the British press you will know that the “epicenter” of this British epidemic of epic earthquake proportions – is Swansea in Wales UK.  That is where all the fuss is about.
Guess how many cases of measles there really were – no – not the huge numbers  the British media reported.

There was just ONE laboratory confirmed case out of 183 notified cases in March – that is 18,200% over-diagnosed – or put another way – 0.005 of notified measles cases were really measles.  And hey, lots of them have not been vaccinated and they still have not caught measles.  How about that.

Read the full blog post and statistics at Child Health Safety.


Jenny Allan

The Guardian link posted by Eindeker states:-
"The number of laboratory confirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested."

On the same day (2nd May), a press release was put out by the Welsh Health Authorities:-
"A PUBLIC health expert says measles cases in the Swansea area may have peaked (at 1170 SUSPECTED cases).
Dr Sara Hayes, director of public health at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, said she believed the number of people with the disease will fall in the next few weeks."

These are the same Welsh Health authorities, which a month ago were predicting a UK wide measles epidemic with multiple measles deaths and disabilies, UNLESS everything that moves gets vaccinated with MMR vaccine!! The same source was quoted on the BBC at stating prior to 1988, when MMR vaccine was introduced there were 'millions' of annual UK measles cases with 100 measles child deaths every year. ABSOLUTE UTTER RUBBISH!!Later the BBC removed this from their transcript after I commented on it.

These health spokespersons, via the BBC behaved like vultures round a dying corpse after initial reports of a 'measles death'. They were almost gleefully declaring their dire warnings and preditions were being fulfilled -EXCEPT- the 25 year old man who died, had already spent a week in hospital being treated for severe asthma. The same hospital refused to re admit him several days later, apparently very ill indeed with some kind of rash. His angry family confirmed he had been fully vaccinated against measles as a child, probably newly introduced MMR vaccine. The authorities stated this young father had measles virus, but this this has not been confirmed and an inquest into his death has been postponed (why?) Whatever the cause of death, this dying young man, a severe asthmatic, should NEVER have been turned away from an NHS hospital the second time.

It's obvious now, the Welsh health authorities are in a panic over their over hyping of what seems to have been a very small measles outbreak, and are now attempting to dissemble. As for those quoted Guardian figures for hundreds of Welsh laboratory confirmed cases, there is no mention of them on the official Welsh Health site.

Sigh-another load of Guardian 'creative news reporting'


@ Eindeker May 06, 2013 at 05:26 PM

"The latest data given on CHS is early April"

Eindeker is wrong. All the April data is there long before Eindeker posted.

"Here are the links to the latest figures for 4 complete weeks Monday 1st April to Sunday April 28th - Week 17."


What has happened to the majority of children and adults admitted to hospital and treated for measles when they did not have it?

They all must have been very ill to be emergency admissions. How many have died or gotten sicker as a result of being given the WRONG treatment.

If you are a parent of a child mistreated in hospital how do you feel today?

Jenny Allan

It's extremely difficult to cut through all the official mininformation, scaremongering and sheer MMR vaccine promoting propaganda, concerning the Welsh measles outbreak. The ONLY reliable statistics are the laboratory confirmed numbers. These amount to a total of 26 confirmed cases since the start of 2013, for the whole of Wales, including 8 confirmed cases in March 2013.

The confirmed numbers of measles cases for April 2013 are still being compiled, but the UK media seem to have gone quiet during the last few days, since Child Health Safety raised the issue of what seems to be a totally manufactured Welsh measles "epidemic", created out of a small local outbreak. Scroll down alphabetically through large numbers of notifiable diseases to find the measles stats.$FILE/monthly%20lab%20201303.pdf

The large numbers of Welsh measles reported in the press and media, were all cases notified via GPs as suspected measles cases. Those 85 reported hospitalised cases obviously refer to persons who are mostly ill with other conditions. All this whipped up media frenzy has resulted in what seems to be a lot of mass hysteria cases!

The following link is to Welsh suspected measles cases which were notified November 2012- end of April 2013. Scroll down to the block graph and you will find the largest 'spike' to be children aged 1-4, a cohort group officially stated to be 90-95% MMR vaccinated. All this rubbish about large numbers of 'teenagers' catching measles as a result of not being vaccinated as infants, is complete rubbish, an obvious attempt to blame Andrew Wakefield yet again!
(Total of 1011 notified measles cases up to 29-04-13)

Finally that good old Government and corporate propaganda machine the BBC produced this News Story 4 days ago:-
2nd May 2013
Swansea measles: Cases in epidemic rise to 1,039
"The number of cases in the Swansea measles epidemic has risen to 1,039, an increase of 28 in the past two days.
Public Health Wales (PHW) said across Wales the total has reached 1,170, and 85 people have been hospitalised.
It said that 33,000 non-routine MMR vaccinations have been given around the country during the outbreak.
But it said that too few 10-18-year-olds were receiving the jab, and they were the hardest hit by the epidemic.
Large numbers of children in that age group were never given the MMR vaccine, the result of a scare that caused panic among parents."


Eindeker: You ignored the point I made.
But that is okay - get in line with everybody else that ignored me.
Even as I brought in my seizing baby from a vaccine into the hospital.

Mercky Business


What is probably most significant is the inconsistency of the available versions, because health official are pathologically incapable of ever telling the truth.


The latest data given on CHS is early April, the quote is far more recent from 4 days ago, ask the 50+ people hospitalised with measles complications if it's hype, that level of people requiring hospital treatment is about the going rate in measles outbreaks, what precisly are you saying, there is no measles, the whole of the South Wales health care community's got it wrong??


I would not know of course. I have to depend on others for information.

Just like I have to depend on them to give me stats for vaccine injuries.

I have four in our home with vaccine injuries that are rather severe and life changing.

I have neighbors with diabetes -I know in my heart is vaccine injuried.

Plus - I had the measles, the mumps and rubella in school.

I understand too that this is more scary than that because these are older people getting it - older - as in women of child bearing age or teenagers and young adult men for the mumps.

It is a serious situation and can no longer be ignored. We just can't get the damn shot and go along our merry way. IT is more complicated and calls for brillant thinking.

Mercky Business


Unfortunately, health officials have been hyping the outbreak (if it exists at all) to journalists for the last several weeks but what they say seldom tallies with the officially published data which can be found in CHS's article, updated in the comments.


Dont know where CHS gets its figures from but as of 4 days ago about half of the samples tested were positive: "The headline total for measles across Wales is now at 1,170 cases. The number of laboratory confirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested."
And there are only 10 of the reported cases who received 2 courses of MMR, pretty much in line with the data from the recent French outbreak


Oops this link on the BMJ to the Editor's own postings shows it was first John Stone and then The Alliance for Human Research Protection.

It looks like it was only after AHRP got involved the Dr Fiona Godlee deigned to respond.


For those only having Black and White screens this is what the Mercky Business linked to in the posting here May 06, 2013 at 05:32 AM.

It was the British Medical Journal - a correction because they were caught out by New York USA not-for-profit "The Alliance for Human Research Protection" on failing to declare their own competing interests when attacking Dr Wakefield over blowing the whistle about MMR causing autism [which it does along with all other vaccines according to US and Italian Government Health Officials]:

"The BMJ should have declared competing interests in relation to this editorial by Fiona Godlee and colleagues (BMJ 2011;342:c7452, doi:10.1136/bmj.c7452)."

"The BMJ Group receives advertising and sponsorship revenue from vaccine manufacturers, and specifically from Merck and GSK, which both manufacture MMR vaccines."

"For further information see the rapid response from Godlee ( "

"The same omission also affected two related Editor’s Choice articles (BMJ 2011;342:d22 and BMJ 2011;342:d378)."


There are about 120 cases of measles in the United States each year.

In the 1960's, a typical mother was able to handle 3-4 cases at once, which is nearly 4% of the entire US case load.

Angus Files

The Goverments around the world are cowards not standing up to this RIP OFF ! and destruction of its people ..all for money gain..

Mercky Business


Great name!!!Perfect for a slogan..thankyou.


Mercky Business

What a racket!

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