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Rob Schneider Speaks Out on Vaccination Rights in Canadian Mag

Rob SchneiderManaging Editor's Note: You may recall that Rob Schneider, Hollywood actor and Canadian citizen spoke out against AB2109 in California last year.  Below, he speaks out against the forced medical procedure of vaccination in Vista Magazine. Can you imagine any American health magazine running this article - next to an ad for Gardasil, no doubt.  You can follow Rob on Twitter at  Thank him for his bravery in speaking out. I'd wager that most of Hollywood does not follow the AAP/CDC pediatric vaccine schedule - but few have the gumption to speak out on behalf of others who might not have the same level of info.

From Vista:

“Robby! Rob-o. The Robinator…” So speaketh the Rob Schnieder of Saturday Night Live, circa early nineties “copy machine” skits. Along with colleagues Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Chris Farley, Schneider was a beloved cast member of the edgy comedy show for five funny years. (Anyone remember Sensitive Naked Guy?) The hilarious Schneider is probably most well known for his starring role in the infamous Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo and for his leads in The Hot Chick, The Animal and Grown Ups. If you’ve ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, Rob Schneider was probably in it. If you’ve ever seen a Rob Schneider movie, Adam Sandler was probably in it. The comedic duo have worked on 18 movies together over the course of their 25 year friendship and, as Schneider informs us, there is no end in sight.

But there’s a serious side to this comedy legend, and for Schneider, the issue of mandatory vaccination is no laughing matter. As a resident of LA, Schneider is both affected and offended by legislation that forces a medical procedure he doesn’t even agree with upon his own children. Parents are no longer given a choice in the US and, to Schneider, that is a serious human rights issue. Vista was honoured to chat with Rob Schneider about his current career, his brand-new baby girl, and his well informed, vehement opposition to mandatory vaccination.

Read the full article and the comments at No Laughing Matter: Rob Schneider on Mandatory Vaccination


Trina Aurin

Thank you for doing this for all our children. Sometimes speaking out is the only thing we can do - so many people in both Hollywood and in your own neighborhood are not strong enough to do so.


God Bless you Rob! You ROCK!!!

Jilly Ann Beret

Thanks again Mr Schneider


Thank you for speaking out, Rob. Probably a ton of celeb parents don't follow the schedule but are not brave enough to speak out. You, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and another young woman star (M. Bialik?) are the few who come to mind


THANKS ROB !!! You have enough "fans" here to make any movie you make a success...

The CDC needs help on the item below right away....

US has more 'first day' newborn deaths than any other industrialized nation, report says

Read more:


the DAY ONE hep b vaccine developed for prostitutes and IV drug users which is also GREAT for a newborns once they start breathing ?????

How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?


And are we surprised that the whooping cough vaccine California is forcing our kids to take doesn't actually work? Alas, no.

"Researchers in other countries have found evidence that circulating strains of Bordetella pertussis have adapted to the acellular vaccine, and researchers today reported similar findings for the first time in US kids, based on genetic analysis of isolates from hospitalized children.

Infectious disease experts have been eyeing waning immunity from acellular pertussis vaccines as a contributor to increasing numbers of cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in several countries, and evidence is mounting that another factor fueling the outbreaks could be that the bacteria are adapting to the vaccine."


You GO Rob Schneider: You are "A real Man"! When you get the comedians and rock bands on an issue - you know you are perhaps near the top of the hill.

I am glad he is covering this issue, because this is one issue that is so different from all other social problems of the past - it is going to take a lot - and a great personality and bravery such as Rob Schneider is so needed!

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