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Polish Study: Neurologic Adverse Events Following Vaccination

Science post imageProg Health Sci 2012, Vol 2 , No1 Neurologic adverse events vaccination

Neurologic adverse events following vaccination

Sienkiewicz D.*, Kułak W., Okurowska-Zawada B., Paszko-Patej G.
Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation of the Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

The present review summarizes data on neurological adverse events following vaccination in the relation to intensity, time of onset, taking into account the immunological and non-immunological mechanisms. The authors described the physio-logical development of the immune system and the possible immune system responses following vaccination. Toxic property of thimerosal - a mercury-containing preservative used in some

vaccines was presented. The neurological compli-cations after vaccination were described. The role of vaccination in the natural course of infectious diseases and the current immunizations schedule in Poland was discussed.

Read the study Neurologic Adverse Events Following Vaccination.



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You people are idiots. go kill yourselves

-An educated person


"CONCLUSIONS Despite the assurances of the necessity and safety of vaccinations, there are more and more questions and doubts, which both physicians and parents are waiting to be clarified."

This paper demonstrates the extreme difficulty of creating a "vaccine" which is both safe and effective. IMO it has NEVER been done.

Let us look at perhaps the biggest flaw in "vaccine" Safety Theory. It is IMPOSSIBLE to exclude the thousands if not millions or more toxins from "vaccines". Viruses often an "active ingredient" in "vaccines" are among the SMALLEST things in nature. We CANNOT filter out viruses and smaller toxins from "vaccines". Most viruses supposedly "used" in "vaccines" have NEVER been isolated. We have NO IDEA what is contained in our "vaccines" and no way to tell.

“The top UK government expert present at this conference, Dr Phil Minor of the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control, added that the polio vaccine had originally been so polluted that it's doses contained as much monkey virus as poliovirus! I had no idea that so much monkey virus was in this vaccine given to hundreds of millions of children. Then there was another shock for me. I had been assured two years earlier at the SV40 Workshop that the polio vaccine was no longer contaminated with SV40 - and consequently I had so assured the UK public in our resulting Channel 4 television documentary. Now I learnt I had been misled and consequently had seriously misinformed the public. Scientists reported to this meeting that ‘SV40 sequences' remained in the poliovirus seed used for the current polio vaccines.” From official US transcripts of recent unreported meetings of US and UK vaccine safety scientists

“It was thus that I learnt that our vaccines are a veritable soup, made up not just of viruses that should or should not be there, but also thousands of bits of viruses and of cells, DNA and RNA genetic codes, proteins, enzymes, chemicals and perhaps oncogenes and prions. The vaccine was monitored for the presence of only a very few of these particles and vaccine lots are thrown away only if these are found. In other words, the vaccines we give our children are liquids filled with a host of unknown particles, most of which came from the cells of non-humans: from chickens, monkeys, or even from cancer cells. Truly we do not know what we are doing or what are the long-term consequences. All that is known for sure is that vaccines are a very cheap form of public medicine often provided by governments to ensure the public that they really do care for the safety of our children.” From official US transcripts of recent unreported meetings of US and UK vaccine safety scientists

"Based on the aforementioned outcomes showing an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth in the pregnant women who received this vaccine and the clear lack of “confirmed” A-2009-H1N1-caused maternal deaths, it appears that the 2009-A-H1N1 flu shot vaccination was “clearly needed” in the 2009-2010 flu season solely if the intention of the United States government and its pharmaceutical partners was to test the new clinically untested vaccine on an unsuspecting pregnant population. Another possible reality is the unthinkable — “population-control experimentation." H1N1 vaccine a disaster for Fetuses. Fetal death 100 times greater in vaccinated, Note this was the wonderful H1N1 "vaccine" the CDC PUSHED on pregnant women to save their babies from H1N1 death. It was untested and now we find out those babies so "protected" died at a rate of 100 times more than the "unprotected"



"On the other hand, according to the author, on account of the existing maternal antibodies, vaccination against certain microorganisms administered shortly after birth does not lead to long-lasting immunity. It should be emphasized that the immune system reaches full immunoregulatory and defensive maturity at about 3 years of age [19]."

This alone argues against the insane practice of "vaccinating" anyone under the age of four. Many countries figured this out and it was common practice UNTIL the UN Depopulation Agenda was pushed on them.

IMO all mothers should read this excellent primer on child immune development. Once you understand, NOT that difficult, your child's immune development you will NOT "vaccinate".


Excellent read,well worth your time.We are on the right track.
I will review this in great detail.

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