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Famous BBC journalist speaks out about how he became ill after routine injection

New Video: How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism

By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill. Motion design by Natalie Palumbo. With Special Thanks to Teresa Conrick. View YouTube Link How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism here.  We will be discussing this video and more this morning at 8:30 at Autism One in the Louvre Room.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Barry, There are in fact PhD's who have figured out that mercury is the most plausible cause of autism. Some of them have spoken up and what has been the result? They get ignored and excluded. So what does that tell the other PhD's- That they need to stay away from this topic or be sidelined and lose their careers. Also, remember that there are few PhD's out there who are mercury toxicologists. A person who is not a mercury toxicologist, will leave this area to the specialists and in most cases will accept the assurances by the CDC that mercury has not caused autism, without checking out the facts for himself.
PhD's are no different from ourselves in most ways- They too are frail human beings. Afraid of being pushed out of the mainstream. Too busy to do research that is not part of their daily routine. Or perhaps too arrogant to think that someone without a degree could figure things out. Remember, one of the first doctors who sounded the alarm about mercury in vaccines- He admitted that no one had thought to do the simple addition of micrograms of mercury, as the vaccine schedule expanded.
Mercury is a very strange toxin- toxic in extremely small quantities and toxic to every living cell in the human body, Therefore you can get hundreds of symptoms, which looks pretty fishy to those who dont understand the properties of mercury. So there are barriers to people easily comprehending what has occurred as a result of mercury in vaccines- PhD or not.


Could there be any "fabricated data" in the "Dr. Peabody PTA Papers" ???

I would think not. They certainly go down on my list as the first smoking gun.


I have been very interested of late in exploring the role of systemic fungal infections in various diseases and disorders (i.e. The Yeast Connection). Of particular interest to me is the diseases/disorders that appear to either improve with or be exacerbated by common colds and fevers. I am reading that some antibodies antagonize yeast and compete with it, while others spur its growth. Thus, it seems plausible to me that disorders like autism, the symptoms of which tend to improve with fever, could in some way be related to fungal overgrowth. (The antibodies that the child's body produces in the presence of fever attack the yeast and temporarily reduce it to the point of relieving symptoms.)This theory would be even more compelling to me if children with autism also sometimes exhibited an exacerbation of their symptoms in the presence of cold and/or fever.

The connection to yeast could easily be explained by mercury overload; mercury kills good gut flora, does it not, and spurs the growth of yeast?

Any thoughts here on this? Does anyone here who has an autistic child observe that the child's behaviors sometimes improve with cold or fever, and sometimes get worse?


"Let there be no doubt .. these public health officials have every means to produced the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE clearly demonstrating that thimerosal's introduction into a child's immune system is SAFE.

They have the resources, data, technology and expertise .. to produce such a study ... they lack only the WILL to do it because they are terrified by what that research will PROVE."

IMO it is a little worse than this. IMO covert testing has verified thimerosal can induce autism.

Certainly we can induce this with a .999 probability with the evidence we have on hand.


Thanks for this excellent video.

It is another nail in the coffin the HHS needs to lay down in.

Cynthia Cournoyer

This is an excellent video, as is the book, Age of Autism. The less-than-informed continue to pound the drum: "But they removed mercury from vaccines." What a convenient way to side-line those like us, who continue to have strong convictions that mercury must be a factor in the autism epidemic. Maybe we need bold headlines about the mercury that remains in some vaccines and what role aluminum plays in furthering this epidemic of autism.


Thank-you Dan & Mark,

And "enough is enough" when will the authorities finally listen?

Elizabeth Gillespie


I think we have evidence, that it is not just measles virus, because when MEASLES VACCINE was introduced in 1973, autism incidence was 1:5000. Only when infants started receiving massive loads of other useless but very toxic vaccines prior to MMR, the deadly effects of viruses in this vaccine have emerged. I think dozens of vaccines preceding MMR created pathological bioenvironment for MMR final blow. Hence I believe that all these vaccines are responsible for present crime against humanity called autism. The guilty criminals at CDC and FDA should receive death penalty for their atrocious crimes. They know very well that vaccines are mass poisoning the children, but they collaborate with the murderers for money. The drug companies can get away from this responsibility, because they clearly state in their vaccine flyers that vaccines can cause brain damage, autism and death.

John Stone


Your comment is a little short on argument. Could you say how much mercury it is safe to inject an infant with?


Your article should have been titled "How Mercury INACCURATELY and UNFORTUNATELY triggered triggered the age of autism."

barbara j

Sorry..can't help but think this..inactivated measle vaccine caused atypical measles, a very dangerous form of measles especially to the youngest , those around one year of age..maybe this is it..the live vaccine partially dies off in the presence of mercury..causing two types of measles in the body, one inactivated, and one that partially survives as live?

barbara j

It would be interesting to test measles virus from a live vaccine against thimerosal exposure, maybe there is a new resistant strain that thrives rather than dies in the presence of thimerosal.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Dan and Mark, thank you for this excellent piece of research. The next step should be to investigate exactly how the brain is affected. Autism is a distinct neurological disorder, not just the result of damage throughout the brain. Developmental language disorder and repetitive purposeless movements are the primary features of autism for which sites within the brain should be sought. Some clues are available.

Research last year that revealed stunting of myelin maturation, fMRI data showing under-connectivity in the cerebral cortex, plus neuropathology found in brainstem auditory nuclei and the basal ganglia point to toxic injury, or disruption of aerobic metabolism in the centers of highest blood-flow. The seminal paper by Seymour Kety is free online at:

Sadly, toxicologists have not discovered this paper. For example, a paper by DL Morgan et al. discusses a fortuitous discovery of “posterior colliculus” damage, and point out that this small auditory nucleus in the midbrain is not normally looked at in toxicology studies. Their abstract is online at: .

The science of toxicology has a long way to go. It is toxicology, not epidemiology, that is needed to determine how the brain is damaged in ways that lead to autism.

barbara j

I suspect we can blame the epidemic of autism on mercury, but to do so we must explain the synergy between or among the metal toxins injected into the body, and the live viral pathogens that are given on the same day or in a short time before or after that interact with the metal. Does anyone question the aluminum adjuvants, that may alone potentiate the existing dirty contaminants in vaccines, such as porcine and xmrv viruses? Autism is caused by vaccines, but we can't explain why, it isn't just a mercury poisoning, it's more. Maybe it's just measles, measles that supply a part of the synergy, with mercury and aluminum the other part, causing dangerous persistent measles. We see it after dtap, yet did the dtap only supply the thimerosal, and all of the little carriers of persistant measles, the sibs and playmates, provide the other ingredient? In the presence of mercury pathogens thrive? Yet the very reason they aren't in live vaccines is that they kill. ..something big is missing.


Good video! I need clarification on one point, though. The smallpox vaccine didn't contain ethylmercury, did it? Not that it would need too. The blackbox warning is almost the first thing you see on the present-day smallpox vaccine package insert....


This is a great video, but narrowing the field to just mercury is a huge mistake IMHO.

Vaccines devastate the human immune system, by design. Mercury is just one part of how they do it, and autism is just one form of the havoc they can wreak.

For us to believe that WE can figure this out, while bus loads of Phd's can not.... is too ludicrous for words. If we know it, then there's no possible way that they don't. Which can only mean that they are hurting our children on purpose.

A widespread understanding of THAT truth, is the only thing that's going end this madness. And when society comes to understand that truth (... which they will), all hell is going to break loose. And the hunters will become the hunted.


As always great work Dan, Mark and Natalie.

Could the script and charts be placed in a PDF and linked on the AoA site?

Bob Moffitt

ENOUGH!!! It is no longer ENOUGH .. in 2013 .. for the CDC, WHO or the American Academy of Pediatricians to merely issue a proclamation stating "the kind of mercury used in vaccines has nothing to do with the explosive rise of autism over the last 20 years, even as the use of mercury has more than tripled".

The CDC, WHO and AAP have .. for decades .. studiously avoided their professional responsibility to produce the scientific evidence they have to support the statement they continue to make regarding thimerosal's "safety".

Such as .. recent Congressional hearing .. wherein Rep. Dan Burton showed a graphic video demonstrating the catastrophic effects thimerosal has on the brain .. causing immediate .. visual .. destruction of cells and nerve endings.

Indeed, with the creation of Microarray (?) technology .. which has increased the power of the microscope allowing scientists to view what was never before seen by man .. it should be quite easy for the CDC, WHO and AAP to discredit Rep. Burton's video evidence .. yet .. they DO NOTHING IN RESPONSE.

Let there be no doubt .. these public health officials have every means to produced the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE clearly demonstrating that thimerosal's introduction into a child's immune system is SAFE.

They have the resources, data, technology and expertise .. to produce such a study ... they lack only the WILL to do it because they are terrified by what that research will PROVE.

And .. so .. ENOUGH .. where is the independent SCIENTIFIC research providing the EVIDENCE ... proving once and for all .. that thimerosal or ethylmercury is SAFE!!!!!

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