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Natalie Palumbo's Gripping Autism Public Service Announcement Wins First Place

Notre Dame FilmNatalie's PSA took FIRST PLACE  in the Notre Dame High School National Film competition. Congratulations, Natalie. You're an inspiration and you represent autism siblings and Age of Autism in an artistic and professional manner that will take you far.  Kim

By Natalie Palumbo

I am 18, a senior in High School, and the younger sibling of a 22 year old brother with low verbal autism.  I am busy preparing for graduation, and have good news to share.  I was accepted into the Motion Design major at Ringling College of Art and Design, which is my first choice for college.  I am currently taking a media arts class at a neighboring high school, and it has been an amazing experience. 

The Public Service Announcement that I made for class called “Age Of Autism” was submitted into the Notre Dame High School National Film competition by my teacher Ms. Esposito.  I received word last week that my PSA will be among the films being screened in Los Angeles this April.  Only runner ups and winners are screened.  Ironically, it is the same day as accepted students’ day at Ringling College.  Due to the cross country distance, they are sending me my award certificate in the mail.  I am thrilled and very grateful to be part of the screening, and am very excited to see if it won.  The support I’ve received for my PSA has been wonderful, and I’ve received many lovely notes and letters from families that told me they finally felt represented.  I worry about my future, and work very hard to do well.  I know my brother will need me, and I want us to have a good life together. 

For competition purposes, the music for my PSA had to be changed.  The winning version has been posted to YouTube, and can be found here: 

Thank you all for supporting my PSA Age of Autism.  I created it for all of us. 

Natalie Palumbo is a senior in high school and  younger sister to Anthony, who has autism. 



Thank you, Natalie! This is so impressive, and every word is so very sadly true.

Trina Aurin

Thank you from my family, my son Kyle who is 8 who is on the spectrum and his twin brother Brett who like you is not. Break a Leg at the festival and it would be wonderful if you win for all of us.


Great work! Very impressive and moving.

john p. crouch

Well put ! - From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU


Congratulations,I am very happy for you.Visual communication is
very powerful medium to deliver your message.We are very proud of you.

Victor Pavlovic

I knew it, and Congratulations!


Well done none more deserving...


Jeannette Bishop

No surprise! So very well deserved!!!

Laura Hayes

You go, Girl! So proud of and amazed by you and your dedication to sounding the ALARM bell for the affliction of "autism" which is devastating and decimating so many children and families in our country, and also worldwide. May other siblings be inspired by your courage, passion, dedication, and eloquence. Thrilled that you deservedly won 1st place and that you were admitted to your first-choice college :) Keep up your great work, Natalie! May God bless and magnify your brilliant efforts!

Kim Stagliano

Natalie, I am so proud to call you a Contributing Editor - and your degree of professionalism and mature work style will take you far.


Way to go, Natalie! I don't know what the other PSA's were but nothing could be as important as what is happening to so many children!

dan olmsted

natalie, we are so proud this video bears our name, and we know you are just at the beginning of your Age of Contributions to autism advocacy. best, dan


You both are such pretty siblings! Fantastic video and talent!


Congratulations! I'm sure I am one of many who will enjoy watching Natalie's career as it unfolds.

Dan E. Burns

At last!

John Stone

The magic of pure talent!


Congratulations! Well deserved honor!

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