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"Like" to Vote For Natalie Palumbo's Film Le Ballon Bleu

NP bleu
Photo only, Live link to movie at end of post.

By Natalie Palumbo

I’m 18, a senior in high school, an art student, and the younger sister of a 22 year old brother with low-verbal autism. I am a finalist in the South Carolina Young Filmmaker’s competition for 2013. We were to create a 2 minute film showcasing the beauty of one of South Carolina’s state parks.
Starting April 29th, the SCYoungFilmmakers launched a YouTube page to post the finalist’s films for people to view and “LIKE” for approximately two weeks.  You can "like" a video using a Gmail account if you don't have a YouTube account. Google owns YouTube.

Click the thumbs up LIKE button to place a vote on my film.

The top 3 winners will be chosen based on the Judge’s scores and YouTube ‘LIKES’.  Please go see my film!   I was accepted into Ringling College of Art and Design as a Motion Design major for the fall, and I hope to create visual effects in film and animation.  As much as I love my art, I love my brother more.  Anthony is my inspiration to tell stories visually, and I strive to succeed for both of us.  

I hope you enjoy my film…and if you do, please please please LIKE and SHARE! 



Media Scholar

Your love and devotion to your brother are so inspiring to others...


Angus Files

Goodluck Natilie ..very much liked the video ...

God Bless


Jennifer Prince

Loved it and "liked it!"


Very sweet movie.

Tim Kasemodel


I love your symbolism. What I thought of was "If you love someone, Let them go".

I grew up in Wisconsin and have been to many of the State Parks there.

Yours looks like a very special place - you've sold me on it!

Good Luck!


That was the most peaceful, lovely 2 minutes of my day! Oh, that we should all have such a place in this world!

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