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It's Not a Tornado But It's Deadly. This is Just Autism.


Owen Black
Owen Black
How many Americans know the names Owen Black, Mikaela Lynch and Andrew Howell?  Why hasn't the pediatric fear machine gone full throttle to warn parents about this deadly scourge?  Why isn't CDC providing an immediate preventative solution? Ah, because this is "just autism," not an infectious  disease like chicken pox, or flu, right? Sadly, yes, that's right. And it's so plainly wrong.  Autism is a tornado for families facing the challenges of a diagnosis. Hey....


It's just autism.

It's just three beautiful children. Two sons and a daughter.

Mikaela Lynch
Mikaela Lynch

One newspaper did report the deaths The Zanesville (Ohio) Times Recorder did a fine job of sharing details about wandering and death in autism. But where were "the big guys?"  Where is NBC's Nancy Snyderman, weeping openly and begging parents to take caution? Where is the American Academy of Pediatrics, too busy telling America about the dangers of spices? Hey....


It's just autism.

It's just three beautiful children. Two sons and a daughter.

Laurie Cramer of Autism Society of Akron was quick to explain the realities of autism in the article. She contacted us at Age of Autism and asked us to share with readers that the there is a fund for burial costs for Andrew Howell.

Who among us has burial expenses set aside for a two year old?  We are helping to get the word out about the issue of wandering and autism in our community, as well as the family's need for assistance. Here is a link to a page they created for donations: Thank you, Laurie Cramer Director, Autism Society of Greater Akron ASA Greater Akron."

Please remember to visit the National Autism Association's BIG RED SAFETY BOX project - either to donate ($35 could save a life) or to apply for a FREE kit.



I posted several comments on that newspaper. I think it is imperative that the public be aware that children with autism do not have a sense of fear. When typical infants start crawling, they look to their parents for approval to see if it is "safe". They can recognize facial expressions and wait for a visual cue to see if it's safe. Children with autism do not seek for visual cues nor care for their parents approval, they get focused on one thing (which is usually water) and move toward that object.


In Canada, one of "The Big Guys" is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. And during the the second week of May, one of their ... 'big' stories was:

"Turtle hit by car airlifted 400 km for medical care"

Three autistic children wander to their deaths, and these idiots are reporting on an emergency airlift for a turtle.

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