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Famous BBC journalist speaks out about how he became ill after routine injection

Imagine if babies could speak. Famous BBC international correspondent, Malcolm Brabant, became dangerously ill after he was vaccinated against yellow fever, and the manufacturer denies everything. Now he has written a book about his shocking experiences, and the story is reported in the Daily Telegraph.

Malcolm Brabant, his wife Trine and son Lukas

Malcolm Brabant with his wife Trine and son Lukas

'Malcolm Brabant: 'I suffered psychosis after a routine injection'

'In a powerful new book, veteran BBC correspondent Malcolm Brabant outlines his catastrophic descent into psychosis a routine immunisation. Glenda Cooper, reports on his battle for compensation, and his efforts to rebuild his life and his career.

By Glenda Cooper

'New Year’s Eve 2011, and a psychedelic blaze of colour and sound erupted as a
fireworks display heralded the start of the evening’s celebrations in the centre
of Copenhagen. In his hospital room in the outskirts of the capital, the veteran
BBC correspondent Malcolm Brabant calmly removed the belt from his trousers and
tied one end around his neck, and the other to the end of his bed. He was
convinced that he was the Devil and unless he killed himself by midnight, the
apocalypse would be here


IAngus Files

Malcom Brabant`s Yellow Fever Vaccine

Talking on the Jeremy Vine Show 14/6/2013

1hr and 37 minutes 26 seconds in on the show

E-BOOK ..Malcom is a little unwell

Farmer Geddon

And the "BBC-joke factory" barely acknowledges Malcolm Brabant's existence since his vaccine injury .

The BBC has never reported the story as far as I'm aware.

John Stone


Apart from putting words in my mouth it is a bit hard to know what significance to attribute to the manufacturers claims of statistical risk when they deny adverse events out of hand as here.

Here we go round the mulberry bush!


Isn't it horrendous what a vaccine can do to the human mind and body? I'm glad Malcolm Brabant has written about his experience - and glad The Telegraph has seen fit to publish a review of his book.
In the Amazon review it says,
"His book will resonate not just in Britain, but in the rest of the world, because it uniquely and articulately describes what it’s like to go mad."
Maybe it should read - "... what it's like to be vaccine damaged".
So how come The Telegraph won't print a wordd against MMR?


As John Stone says neurological side effects of the vaccine are a very rare, but well recognised side effect, 4 cases per million rising to 1 in 50000 in over 60s it's well publicised on the web about 1 in 7 chance of dying if you contract it there' s no shock horror story here how's the legal case progressing?


Though this might be a little of the topic...

But I just read this article from The Refusers and thought you all should keep this in mind:


Number 2. always cracks me if we all find mercury 2nd most poisonous substance known to man..Ok to have in our systems..

Four types of hypersensitivity reactions are:11
1. allergic reactions to egg or egg-related antigens,
2. mercury sensitivity in some recipients of immune globulins or vaccines,
3. antibiotic-induced allergic reactions, and
4. hypersensitivity to some component of the infectious agent or other vaccine components.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Mercky Business

High time yellow fever was added to the infant schedule. That should speed things up!


I don't believe that there is aluminum in the yellow fever vaccine. It is a live attenuated vaccine just like the flu, which also does not contain aluminum.
However, it could contain lots of impurities and contaminants from the chick embryo (i.e. fertilized chicken egg) that it was cultured on.

Mr. Brabant should request all the trial data on this vaccine and look into the side effects, especially in older adults. It looks like he was close enough to the cut off age of 60.

Good luck Mr Brabant! Seek help from a homotoxicologist. There are many on this side (US) of the pond who could help with your vaccine injury. May I also ask you to be an advocate in the future for all vaccine injured! Thank you!


This book is a "must" read because if the vaccine can affect an adult this way, then what is it doing to our babies?

Elizabeth Gillespie

John Stone


While I am not sure aluminum (or "aluminium" as we British quaintly call it) is an ingredient in Stamaril it is still a very scary vaccine for an admittedly very scary disease, which has known neurological dangers, even if not faulty. So, I am certainly not sure that we need to speculate about other medications that Malcolm Brabant is not known to have been on.

I note:

"After reconstitution, 1 dose (0.5 ml) contains:

"Yellow fever virus [1] 17 D-204 strain (live, attenuated) ........................... not less than 1000 LD50 units [2]

"[1] produced in specified pathogen-free chick embryos

"[2] The statistically determined lethal dose in 50% of animals tested

I would put a row of question marks after note [1]. How can anyone prove that the chick embryos in question were "pathogen free"? I would be fascinated to know. And as to [2] I would put a row of exclamation marks.

Al Lu Minum

Aluminum can alter lithium levels - and is an adjuvant in the yellow fever vaccine.

Vicki Hill

There are several medications, including the class of antibiotics called quinolones, that have a history of triggering the onset of bipolar disorder in those who have any predisposition towards it. Sounds like this may be what happened, given that lithium stabilized him.


"Some serious and potentially fatal adverse reactions (including systemic and neurological reactions persisting more than 48 hours, YEL-AVD and YEL-AND) appear to occur at higher frequencies after the age of 60 years. Therefore, the vaccine should only be given to those who have a considerable risk of acquiring yellow fever (see above and section 4.8)."

It looks like Brabant was 55 when he received the vaccine.


Goes on all the time and nothing is said - no connections made.

check out this story - I read - maybe a year ago. Never could get it out of my head.

"A heartbroken woman told yesterday how she watched her boyfriend kill himself online – from 7,000 miles away.

Julie Zalinski said that all she could do was stare helplessly at a computer screen as Adrian Rowland, smashed a glass and used it to slash his throat, wrists and stomach."

Theresa 66

Our babies and toddlers are an easy mark. When it happens
to an accomplished adult like this, its more apparent.
Is this in print yet? I will ask the library to order.
I have come to realize buying books myself is selfish and expensive. The library will reach more people and We can save our money for autism/ pandas treatments, ect... by the way, anyone
here use Moleculera Labs yet ???

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