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Did Paul Offit Link Vaccine Exemption Rights To Pedophilia?

No voice no choiceBy Anne Dachel

I was angry to see Paul Offit's name under the May 9, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer headline , "End religious exemption." 
I was furious to realize that there was a subtle implication that exempting parents are on a level with the actions of Jerry Sandusky. 

"The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State generated a public outcry for stronger laws against child abuse and neglect. Several bills have been introduced that purportedly provide a 'complete overhaul' of Pennsylvania's child-protection laws.

"For example, Senate Bill 20 makes it clear that any adult who 'causes serious bodily injury,' either by 'kicking, biting, stabbing, cutting, or throwing a child,' or "'orcefully shakes or slaps a child under one year of age,' or 'causes serious physical neglect,' or 'causes a child to be near a methamphetamine lab,' or 'operates a vehicle in which a child is a passenger while driving under the influence of alcohol,' has committed child abuse.
"Unfortunately, one group of children has been left behind.

"The bill states that 'if a child has not been provided needed medical or surgical care because of seriously held religious beliefs of the child's parents ... the child shall not be deemed to be physically or mentally abused.' In other words, if parents decide not to give their children antibiotics for meningitis, or insulin for diabetes, or chemotherapy for cancer, or surgery for intestinal blockage, they won't be held accountable. According to the bill, parents are abusive if they slap their 1-year-old child, but not if they withhold lifesaving therapies."

Offit talked about parents who didn't have children vaccinated during a measles outbreak 1991.  He also gave examples of parents who refused various medical treatment because of their religious views.

According to Offit, this is a Constitutional issue. "The 14th Amendment to the Constitution states that 'no state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.' Children whose parents hold certain religious beliefs shouldn't be afforded less protection than other children. That the commonwealth has allowed children to die from measles, bacterial pneumonia, or leukemia in the name of religion is inexplicable. That it continues to allow such abuse in the face of recent deaths is unconscionable."

To the unsuspecting reader, Offit might appear to be a protector of children. He wrote, "Pennsylvania should repeal its religious exemptions for medical neglect. Otherwise, children will continue to suffer and die needlessly."

To those who know what's really happening, it's clear that Offit was making a desperate play for public support for rapidly eroding confidence in the vaccine program.

The Philadelphia Inquirer was aiding and abetting him by not mentioning a word about the millions of dollars that Paul Offit has personally made from the developmental of a rota virus vaccine.  Instead they merely said, "Paul A. Offit, M.D., is chief of the division of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and professor of pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. E-mail him at offit@email.chop.edu."

And of course, nothing was mentioned about the fact that doctors have no liability for vaccine injuries.  What was implied here was that vaccination is a win win situation with no risk. In reality, the federal government has paid out over two billion dollars for vaccine injuries, some of which involved autism.

Vaccines were only a little part of this story and it seems that parents shouldn't be allowed the final say in any medical procedures their children receive.  Paul Offit's views supersede any religious beliefs parents might hold. 

Most telling of all is the fact that the Philadelphia Inquirer had no comment section on this propaganda piece. That way they were able to avoid the angry responses from parents who learned first hand about trusting those who tell us that a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule is safe.

For more on exemptions, see:

May 10, 2013, Albany (OR) Democrat Herald: Linn follows trend for opt-out on kids' shots

May 10, 2013, Columbus (IN) Republic: Oregon Legislature wades into vaccine debate, considers requiring education before opting out

May 10, 2013, San Francisco Examiner: Oregon lawmakers wade into vaccination debate
Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Ever notice how close the words "Offit" and "IDIOT" are?
There is a reason for that.....


These letters are excellent, but they should be in The Philadephia Inquirer. I think AoA should forward them to the Editor in Chief and ask why they are so afraid of debate, other points of view and, in my opinion, the truth. It is fact that Offit profits from vaccines and fact the Hep B shot is administered at birth which is probably dangerous and certainly raising questions about the vaccine schedule, and fact that manufactures and doctors are offered unprecendented protection from liability. Newspapers are supposed to be interested in facts--so challenge The Inquirer to publish them.


"The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State generated a public outcry for stronger laws against child abuse and neglect. Several bills have been introduced that purportedly provide a 'complete overhaul' of Pennsylvania's child-protection laws."

The Penn State Travesty is a PERFECT analogy for our current "vaccination" Travesty.

Both Penn State and "Vaccination"

o Notice of harm was reported by low level people to higher authority.

o The Response of Authority was to sit on the evidence

o The Response of Authority was to NOT do the Right Thing

o The Response of Authority was to allow the situation to continue

o The Response of Authority was to allow more people to be harmed


Apropos of Offit's pathologically oppressive God complex:

Bioethicist John Banja, PhD describes medical narcissism thus:
- "[H]is or her adaptation to the environment has resulted in a set of coping behaviors that seems to exclude patients and their families."

Psychiatry professor Robert B. Millman coined the phrase "Acquired Situational Narcissism," saying that a person's distorted view of their place in the world is fed by people who surround him and build his sense of celebrity. "What happens is that he gets so used to everyone looking at him that he stops looking back at them.... They begin to think they're invulnerable...."

That explains a lot, except how to rein in the Charlie Sheen of vaccines.


"I was furious to realize that there was a subtle implication that exempting parents are on a level with the actions of Jerry Sandusky."

I am thrilled these anti-child zealots are being FORCED to to try and FORCE us into "vaccination". This is telling me we are WINNING. Winning where it counts in the hearts and MINDS of mothers who are NOT "vaccinating".

Whatever we are doing let us keep it up!


I personally would like to see him and every doctor who tries to profit off of the misery of our families, charged with crimes against humanity. This also applies to those physicians who conveniently refuse to accept insurance because they prey on the desperation of parents in our situation. The medical profession, once noble, has become a sad disgrace. My eyes are open now.

Carter's Daddy

This man's vitriol knows no bounds.
Paul Offit doesn't have a God complex; God has a Paul Offit complex.

CT teacher

And he doesn't consider it child abuse when newborn babies are given the Hep B vaccine at birth? They are hardly out of the womb when they are shot up with this garbage.


It is crystal clear that dr.prOffit would like to eliminate the exemptions,so that big pHarma can easily force all children to
receive their so called "medications","vaccinations" and "chemotherapy" as they like it fit. prOffit if you read these pages then you need to remember that children belong to their families (not to the state,not to big pharma) and any health decisions that need to be made must be made by the parents or care givers.People like you who financially benefit and profit
from vaccinations should ST*U.We are fed up with your non-sense.You are misleading the parents.SHAME on you, you are a LIAR and a MANIPULATOR.


I have had the pleasure of meeting Herr Doktor, shook his hand, stared into his beady eyes. When he is not cussing out AoA types and/or having them physically ejected, he is a pleasnt, affable man.
He stated that there is no such thing as vaccine injury, beyond redness at injection sight. A Vaccine iInjury Denialist, you might call him.
Herr Doktor has Gawd Complex on steroids.
I would not trust any child under this man's care, ever. I doubt he could pass a Fitness to Practice review.
As a result of this man's obtuse stubborness, in the face of all contra evidence, he continues to flack and whore for Merck.
The question for Herr Doktor is: " how much of the money funding your Hilleman Chair is blood money from murdered Avandia victims? Why should anyone listen to a man, like you, so thoroughly morally compromised? Is there anyone from whom you would not accept money?"
OK, three questions.


Does anyone know if this man has ever stated publicly, given an example, of a substance or toxin which he would consider too dangerous to include as an ingredient in vaccines, and why?

Lind Brickley

I sent the following email to Dr. Offit:
"Dear Dr. Offit,
I read your article that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Philly.com.) You equate the withholding of medical services and vaccines by parents to several forms of corporal punishment and sexual abuse of children. I have a couple of questions that were not answered by your article:

1. In the 1991 measles outbreak you mentioned, were the 938 non-church members who were affected (3 of whom died) vaccinated for the measles?
2. Following your analogy of abuse, when a child is injured or dies from a vaccine, who would be prosecuted as the abuser: the manufacturer of the vaccine or the doctor who administers it?
3. Do you have any financial interests in the vaccine and/or pharmaceutical industry?

Thank you in advance for clarifying these points to me!"

If I receive a reply, I will let you know. Not holding my breath.

Shiny Happy Person

Avoid a vaccine? Bad parents. Get whacked by a vaccine? Bad genes. Create laws that support informed consent? Bad government. Funny though how there's not much noise around the lack of accountability for the CEO of the company that makes the shots, or guy with the syringe in his hand.

Instead, we get the suggestion that "measles == leukemia", and the "Commonwealth has allowed children to die" crap. Drama, FUD, emotional blackmail. Sprinkle on some drug company indemnification and serve it up as modern medicine by numbers.

I won't buy a toaster without a warranty. Think me or my kid rolled up our sleeves for the last HxNy flu shot - the one my own government signed off on re: indemnification? The one that was touted as a screaming success, even though the majority of the population completely avoided it?

In all the talk about win or lose, we lose sight of the fact that the game is rigged.

What Shelly said - x 1000. And Offit can formally accept Wakefield's prior request(s) for a public debate.

Anything less than that, he can just STFU.

White Rose

Shelly - I dream of a day when we open proceedings of another type of vaccine court . Where any immunities and any amnesties previously granted have been simply torn up and disregarded, and we are free to prosecute the purveyors orf vaccine poison for the crimes against humanity that they have committed .

There will be as much mercy shown there , in that fantasy court of mine , as all those involved in this vaccine carnage(Hg-enocid-AL) have shown for our children .


If the Pediatricians had taken more of a stand earlier on so that there was a proper balance of risk vs benefit then this would not be happening. The vaccine schedule has become an obvious money grab and Peds, of all people, have let that happen. Hep b at birth? Chickenpox? They are forcing a new 'mandatory' vaccine every month practically. The Peds blithely stand by as though there is no concern when educators and parents know different.


This linking of concern with vaccine safety to Sandusky's pedophilia is completely desperate on his part and insulting in the extreme. That's right, Dr. Offit, many of us whom you wish to paint as 'anti-vaccine' have actually vaccinated and are simply more safety- cautious. As someone whose grandmother nearly died from a vaccine side effect (Guillaume Barre), I am not impressed. Especially as you point out, Anne, the Peciatricians or pharmaceutical companies have no liability for vaccine injuries.


There has to be more to that measles outbreak. That seems like a very high mortality rate.
Can anyone elaborate on this?

Offit is like a Holocaust denier. It disgusts me that he ignores the millions of parents who have had children harmed.

Not an MD

Thanks for posting this, Anne. What is UNCONSCIONABLE is the fact that millionaire vaccine industrialists such as Offit are not forced in a kind of Clockwork Orangey kind of way to look at published scientific articles like the Polish study referenced here at AOA just below:
or another Polish gem revealing the effect of squalene on rats, so that those in public health or those who are vaccine industrialists would outright refuse to allow any such heinous adjuvant to even be considered for use in vaccines in our country:

That failure to read articles that chronicle the sickening and intolerable results of a mandatory vaccination program, and observe what is obvious everywhere (autism in children of all ages, and now young adults, and an unacceptably high infant mortality rate due to the excessive, overly aggressive vaccination schedule in the USA) is what is truly unconscionable.


When Dr. Offit is ready to support the end of the vaccine court, open the vaccine business up to normal free market demand/supply economics, make manufacturers of vaccines liable and make administering doctors liable then and only then does he have a right to imply poor parenting or infringement on constitutional rights. That applies to every doctor and blogger who spews the same cr*p as Offit does.

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