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Dachel Media Update: Swell of Autistic Preschoolers, Nothing for Young Adults

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

April 30, 2013, ABC News: Children With Autism 'Fall Off the Cliff' After Graduation

April 28, 2013, PARADE Magazine: Your Autism Questions-Answered!

April 27, 2013, Express Tribune, Karachi, Pakistan: Measles outbreak: City hospitals continue to receive new cases

April 25, 2013, Provo (UT) Daily Herald: Special preschools take in swell of autistic students

ABC News

"New Jersey has the highest rate of autism in the nation and some of the best intervention resources. But after graduation, programs are scarce.

"'They are adults longer than they are children,' Mino, 46, told 'We need to give them a light. It's up to us and up to me.'

"'There's nothing -- nothing out there,' she said."

We've had decades of officials and doctors calling autism a mystery and having no answers.  I'm prepared that the next non-stop message will be, "There's nothing for adults."  We'll just all get used to it and no one will demand to know why.  I tried to post comments, but so far, nothing is up.

PARADE Magazine

"Q: How often is autism diagnosed in adulthood?

"Dr. Halladay: Unfortunately we don't know enough about adults with autism. Most of the epidemiology studies have been done on children. However, autism is a lifelong diagnosis, so the prevalence should be the same in children as adults."
Since no one has ever shown us a comparable rate among adults, no one can make this claim.  Links are working on all my comments.
Express Tribune, Karachi, Pakistan

"While talking about the causes of the measles outbreak, he said that there was an urgent need to study the epidemiology of the disease, as more than 50 per cent of the children brought to the hospital were those who had already been vaccinated against measles."
50 percent have been vaccinated? Dr. Andrew Wakefield recently made this announcement!....

"MMR uptake is at an all-time high. So why are we now seeing measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations? It will be very interesting to find out how many of those children in the current outbreak have actually been vaccinated. I suspect many. This has been seen before. One of the problems I think we're encountering here is vaccine failure, primary and secondary vaccine failure. Primary failure, not enough children respond by developing immunity to the vaccine in the first place, and secondary vaccine failure, those that do develop immunity-that immunity disappears very quickly over time.

"This has been seen with mumps vaccine. The mumps vaccine now does not work and we're seeing similar outbreaks of measles in vaccinated populations.

"This is one of the long term problems of using live viral vaccines. Over time, taking the seed stock virus and repeatedly using it and using it over time, that it seems for some reason to lose its potency. And what we're seeing now, I believe is an unintended, unexpected consequence of long term use of live viral vaccine, and that is vaccine failure. That is something that is really really concerning. It's not theoretical, it has been seen unequivocally for the mumps vaccine. And I believe we're now seeing it for measles. If that is the case, blaming me for the outbreaks of measles cases in south Wales is totally inappropriate and is not addressing the core issue of what do you do about live viral vaccine failure..."
Provo (UT) Daily Herald

"Every preschool classroom is a kinetic experience, but for small children with autism, learning is a special challenge. These students are affected by bright lights or loud noises. They struggle with potty training. They run away and hide, bang their heads, inflict self-injuries. They suffer speech delays and don't interact well with other children. Being able to sit around a table for a learning activity can take a year of practice.

"This class -- one of 24 special needs preschools in the Alpine School District alone -- exists to help students stabilize the autistic behaviors that confront their learning. A wave of young children with autism has hit this district just as it has hit the nation. According to the latest Centers for Disease Control statistics, 1 in every 50 students in the U.S. now has autism, and the rate is skyrocketing."
"One of the first things you notice when you enter this classroom is the startling ratio of teachers to students. In a district where three dozen kids might be put in a single class, here there is one adult for every three kids -- and every adult has their hands full."

I'm not being successful posting a comment here and this story is five days old now. Still, this is stunning.

There's a "swell" of autistic children in preschool.
One of 24 special needs preschools in one school district.
The rate is "skyrocketing" but there's no explanation given.
Student-teacher ratio is 3 to 1.
Look at the extreme behavior being talked about here.
This is a nightmare...but no one seem to care why it's happening.



Did they (the so-called experts) honestly think that these children would never grow up to become adults!

We are now beginning to see the strains with governments all over the world trying to keep-up with this epidemic (an epidemic they continue to deny) and now cannot manage.

Our Australian Government is struggling to cope with this epidemic and the figures now reaching at least 1:80 on the ASD, they don't know how to handle it.

Elizabeth Gillespie

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