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Dachel Media Update: Rates, Definition, Help

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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May 5, 2013, Salem (OR) Statesman Journal: UO seminar offers facts on autism

May 5, 2013, Opinion: Expanded definition of 'autism' goes astray

May 5, 2013, Green Bay Press Gazette: Schools respond to growing number of autistic students

May 3, 2013, Canadian TV News: Public cry for help: Telford family not alone in dealing with autism challenges

May 3, 2013, National Post (Canada): Anti-vaccination fraud: Health officials get tough as dormant diseases returning

May 3, 2013, WBOY-TV, Morgantown, WV: State of Autism Pt. 4: The Road Ahead

May 3, 2013, Wall Street Journal: Studies Suggest Environmental Link to Autism

April 29, 2013, Bangor (ME) Daily News: Sanford lawmaker wants doctors to disclose vaccine ingredients

Salem (OR) Statesman Journal

"Diagnoses of autism are on the rise in the United States, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research.

"But does that mean more children are getting it, or are we just getting better at diagnosing the ones who have it?

"Autism experts from Oregon Health and Science University and the University of Oregon will address that question at a Tueseday seminar in Eugene.

"Dr. Eric Fombonne, director of the OHSU Brain Institute's Autism Research Center, will give a talk about autism rates, trends and new studies, covering the question of whether autism is an epidemic. (The CDC's data suggests the rise is due to better detection and not an epidemic.)

While the APA is busy changing the definition of autism in order to cover up the massive number of sick kids out there, Eric Fombonne is coming to the U.S. to reinforce the fraudulent claim of no real increase. I pulled out Katie Wright's piece on his testimony against parents.

All the links on my comments are working. Opinion

"When my son was born, autism was still a largely unknown, baffling condition that effectively destroyed the lives of three in 10,000 children. Today, autism has become a Hollywood-fueled, pop-culture phenomenon purportedly impacting as many as one in 95 kids. The attention it gets drives funds in the direction of research and has begotten programs that will give my son some semblance of a life after my wife and I are gone.

"So, what's the problem? It all sounds positive.

"Yes, but really no. Today, autism seems to encompass individuals with personality quirks and slight disorders who otherwise carry on with their lives. That fastidious guy in the office who lines his pencils in size order and has no friends may be lightly tinged by autism. On the other hand, he holds a job, owns a car, pays rent and earns $75,000 a year. Should he really be placed on the autistic spectrum?

"Is this the true face of autism? As the father of an autistic prime, I would hack off my right arm to see my son suffer such a fate."

I sympathize with this father. The picture the public is given of autism is a fraud. Rarely is severe autism presented to the public in the 2 minutes new reports. And the happily interacting kids with high functioning autism are shown as if they have no real problems. I left comments.
Green Bay Press Gazette

"Green Bay will serve 358 children with autism this school year, up from 55 about 15 years ago. Green Bay, the state's fifth largest school district, enrolls more than 20,000 students.

"Experts cannot pinpoint a specific reason for the increase in autistic kids. But some say diagnosis has improved, and others say there's simply  more children with autism. But local educators agree the numbers have increased sharply over the past decade or so...."

I feel kind of ridiculous making my comments. There's no real concern in this story. Sure, there's been a big increase in the number of students with autism, but no one is worried. The teachers shown here are young and trusting. Our society isn't worried about the numbers. Doctors don't care. Health officials don't care.

The numbers are real but they're trying to convince themselves that they aren't
I can't imagine what life will be like 10 years from now when large numbers of young adults with autism are everywhere along with more and more children with the disorder. Will anyone care then?
Canadian TV News

"There's no way of knowing how many other families are facing a crisis situation similar to that of the Telfords -- simply because there is no nationwide research on autism in Canada.

"Data is also lacking on what happens to autistic children as they transition into adulthood, and what happens when their aging parents can no longer care for them.

"Liberal Senator Jim Munson, a long-time advocate for autism issues and an honourary member of Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance, agrees that Canada is badly lacking services for adults with autism.

"He says the only programs that do exist are often organized by individuals and grassroots groups, who are raising money on their own."

"What happens when their aging parents can no longer care for them..."So what will happen? People criticize my comments when I talk about vaccines and call autism an epidemic. They claim "studies show no link" and "better diagnosing." But when I talk about autistic kids aging out of school, they're strangely silent. No one can assure us that there'll be a place for all the kids with autism when they're 21. The Telfords are in the spotlight right now. People are sympathizing with the mother, Amanda Telford. They realize how overwhelmed she is. Imagine dozens of mothers in the same situation, then hundreds, then thousands. What will it take before we wake up to the truth about the autism epidemic?

What's missing in this story is any explanation for WHY THIS IS SUDDENLY A PROBLEM. Many experts and officials over the past two decades have assured us that the exponential increase in autism was merely "better diagnosing" of a disorder that's always been here. In other words, there's no real increase, just a new name for an old disability. If that were really true, the Telfords wouldn't have any problem. Philippe would go where autistic adults have always gone---only no one can show us where that is. Whenever we hear about autism, it's almost always about CHILDREN WITH AUTISM. So where are the 40, 50, and 60 year olds displaying the same signs of autism that we see in our children?
This is just the beginning of the aging out of a generation of children with autism. Every year, tens of thousands more will finish their education with nowhere to go. They will become the responsibility of the taxpayers as dependent adults. Imagine the future when autism isn't merely a disorder affecting children. Imagine one in every 50 adults, one in every 31 men, disabled with autism.
Where will they live? Who will care for them? And the biggest question of all...How will we pay for them?
National Post (Canada)

"Twenty-five years ago, in an act of scientific fraud that has since gone down as one of the biggest lies in modern medical history, a onetime University of Toronto researcher named Andrew Wakefield published a study claiming a link between autism and the vaccines that prevent measles, mumps and rubella.

"The findings have been debunked, the study has been retracted, and Mr. Wakefield has been stripped of his medical licence and accused of collecting more than half a million dollars from lawyers drawing up litigation based on his bogus claims.

"Regardless, Mr. Wakefield's unholy creation, the idea that vaccines are a threat to public health, lives on in a worldwide scourge of plummeting vaccination rates - and a troubling resurgence of once-dormant diseases.

"Canada's public health officials may have once been content to sit back and lob informational pamphlets at vaccine alarmists. But now, with preventable epidemics returning to the Canadian landscape, schools, hospitals and doctors are buckling down to stamp out the forces of anti-immunization once and for all."

Remember Philippe Telford? The 19 year old Canadian boy with autism whose parents recently gave up custody because they can't care for him and there's no place for him to go? We're told that there are hundreds on the waiting list. No one is prepared for the tsunami of sick and disabled children aging out of school. In the face of this, the denials about vaccines and autism only get louder. Here's a good example. Dr. Wakefield's work involved bowel disease and the MMR, not just autism. His expertise is gastroenterology. Nothing is said about that. Tristan Hopper didn't even get the date of the Lancet article right. This is about as sloppy and one-sided as it gets. I left 13 comments.

"This week, we've seen the potential for autism treatm ent to help children in our state and the problems many still have accessing it. A parent-training program could help fill some of the gaps until a more permanent is available for families.

"Twins Tristan and Autumn Hinebaugh receive treatment at West Virginia University's Center for Excellence in Disabilities, and their family was part of a pilot program to take some of the treatment home.

"The Parent Implemented Training for Autism through Telemedicine (PITA-T) program is funded by a five year grant to expand professional autism treatment to remote or rural areas.

"Mom Tina Hinebaugh learned the basics then recorded her sessions with Tristan and Autumn. The videos were reviewed by Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs) at West Virginia University who provided feedback."

This sounds like a plan where professionals train the parents who then work with their own children while sessions are recorded on webcams etc. How does this compare with direct help from a professional who went to college for at least four years to do this work? ...One's a whole lot CHEAPER!  When the numbers and the cost simply overwhelm the people in charge, train the parents. (As if their lives aren't bad enough. Now they're going to have to take charge of therapy sessions!)

Wall Street Journal

"Researchers at an international conference on autism on Friday presented three new studies lending strength to the notion that environmental influences before birth may play a role in the risk for the condition.

"In one study, pregnant women who were exposed to certain levels of air pollution were at increased risk of having a child with autism. Another presentation suggested that iron supplements before and early in pregnancy may lower the risk, and a third suggested some association between use of various household insecticides and a higher risk of autism.

"The causes of autism, a developmental disorder that involves social-skill problems, among other symptoms, aren't well understood but are thought to be multifaceted. Genetics likely account for anywhere from 35% to 60% of the risk, say many researchers. But some experts and parents believe that nutrition and other environmental factors may also play a role, especially as the rate of autism in the U.S. appears to have climbed dramatically over the past decade.

"The new studies showed only associations and couldn't prove causality, and each factor itself likely accounts for only a small portion of the risk for autism, say researchers. But the results, taken together with previous work-showing an association with factors like the flu and the use of certain medicines in pregnant women, for instance-provide more evidence that environmental factors impacting the womb, including what we eat and where we live, are meaningful in terms of autism risk...."

What a nice get-together for experts to again make guesses about autism, never sound really worried, and come to no conclusions.

You'd never know this is a devastating condition that leaves children dependent for life and that the epidemic has raged for two decades.  Lots of possible links are cited---none of which includes vaccines, and it's pre-natal exposure that they're worried about.

Let's see, it took twenty years for the scientific community to come to the table and acknowledge that this isn't solely a genetic condition...How old will our children be before they're forced to admit to the vaccine link that they've tried so hard to cover up?

They went to Spain for this conference.  Amazing, since I'm guessing that more of the attendees were from the U.S. Irva Hertz-Picciotto and David Amaral from the MIND Institute at UC-Davis were there.
Bangor (ME) Daily News

"A Sanford representative introduced a bill Monday that would require doctors and their staff members to disclose vaccine ingredients to parents before they agree to have their children immunized.

"The measure, LD 754, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Andrea Boland, ran into stiff opposition from doctors, who said that requiring ingredients be disclosed specifically for vaccines - while not imposing similar requirements for antibiotics and prescription drugs - would signal that vaccines are disproportionately dangerous.

"Boland, who introduced a similar measure two years ago that failed in both the House and Senate, said doctors shouldn't be concerned about having to disclose vaccine ingredients to parents."
This is from April 29, 2013, and the comment section is closed. It's interesting but I'm sure it won't be passed. I like the doctor who said, 'Doctors already discuss benefits and risks of vaccines with parents.' Could I have a show of hands from all the parents who ever heard about the risks from their pediatrician?  Things like this fuel the uncertainty over vaccine safety, so I'm glad they're bringing this up.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Rae N

Beware the words "Center for Excellence" no matter how benevolent the mission appears to be. As I learned from years as a journalist covering a major university, wherever you spot that dread phrase you can be sure that whatever it is has dirty corporate special interest fingerprints all over it.


Thx Anne,

Your tireless effort in uncovering the autism fraud is much appreciated. Recently, I popped in on Orac's site to engage the scientists and experts there who don't think much of us 'quacks'. I put a very simple question to them. I asked them to set aside talk of 'studies' finding no link between vaccines and autism, and if they personally believe vaccines play absolutely no role in autism and to give a one word 'yes' or 'no' response. Of all the posters only five answered the question 'yes' that they believe vaccines play no role in autism. The rest squirmed and complained and refused to answer the question. I assured them that we would have no such hesitation in answering the question.



More Kids Diagnosed With Mental Health Disabilities, Study Finds

Conditions such as autism, ADHD appear to drive 16 percent increase in a decade.

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