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Another Child with Autism Wanders. Drowns. Where is the Outcry?

Dachel Media Update: Purdue, DSM-5, NVIC

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

May 15, 2013, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN: Purdue seeks infants for child autism study

May 14, 2013, TV8 Grand Rapids, MI: More autism, less special education--Fewer kids in special ed despite rise in diagnoses

May 14, 2013, Albert Einstein Medical College: Autism Community Awaits DSM 5 Changes

May 10, 2013, NVIC: Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism



"Purdue University scientists studying how autism develops in young children are seeking the infant siblings of autistic youngsters for a new study of the mysterious disorder."

Here's yet another, we have all the time in the world to look at autism, study.  Autism is "the mysterious disorder" and scientists want to study HOW it develops, not WHY.  I posted comments.
TV8 Grand Rapids, MI

"The number of children getting special education services is going down in almost every West Michigan school district, despite the fact that the number of autism diagnoses is climbing.
"The allegation is that districts are cutting special education services to save money.

"So Target 8 crunched numbers obtained from the state, and found that while there's been a modest increase in the number of children with autism in special education, the overall numbers are going down. Parents and special education advocates told Target 8 that means some children with special needs may not be getting the help they deserve....

"'You have a child with a disability, you're getting a diagnosis from a physician and you take it to the school and they say, Yeah, but we don't see it here at the school,' Totten said....

"Again and again, when talking about ways to cut costs, one of the options was to put fewer kids in special education programs. The district even hired a consultant to look at program costs, a consultant who also suggested fewer kids in special education would save money."

What's missing in this story are the numbers. The horrific autism rate of one in 50 and statistics on the increases they've seen in autism over the years in MI, and what special ed costs can run.

Interesting that AUTISM is the main issue here. What does that tell us?

VIDEO: "While Aiden is considered medically autistic, he has a diagnosis from a doctor, schools do not recognize him as what's called educationally autistic."
"It's a disturbing trend."
Albert Einstein Medical College

"The new criteria could cure the autism epidemic."

"The criteria will help with the issue of overdiagnosis of ASD in individuals who do not really have the disorder."

"[The] healthcare systems may use a failure to meet these criteria by a child with clear deficits as a reason to deny needed services."

"What does it all mean? Is it good or bad? The autism world as a whole will change this month, but we will likely have to wait far longer to understand the answers to these questions and how those changes will play out."
Here's a doctor speculating on what the DSM is going to do to children and services.  No one knows for sure what's going to happen.

Video: "Today, everyone knows somebody who was healthy, get vaccinated and was never healthy again...."
"These are desperate times for those denying vaccine risks. We know it because we are witnessing so many acts of desperation being committed by doctors determined to shut down the public conversation about vaccination and health. Vaccine risk deniers are working overtime to restrict public access to information, cover up vaccine injuries and deaths and violate the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking."
Barbara Loe Fisher sums up the controversy perfectly!



I think they are talking about getting kids in at the very beginning of Kindergarden or the first grade in the news story about dignosis going up but special ed classes numbers are going down.

They were talking about how to get kids in special ed. I don't know if it really mattered that much in the lower grades-- once in classes though --parents should not be threatened about such classes being withdrawn.


More rise in autism and less special ed services, in Grand Rapid Michigan.

Michigan - I know of a Mother who was sitting in a meeting - surrounded with 8 teachers - trying to put her very behaved PDD-NOS or Aspbergers (which they wanted to claim all were) in a self contained behavioral class (that is nto special ed by the way) When she was trying to put on the breaks about this they threatened her - that all services would be taken away and her son would be on his own in regular classes.

They had her in tears, esp when he was having tonic clonic seizures and the doctors were not helping out on those issues either.

Nothing like putting a sick child in a room full of kids with bad attitudes.

He probably would have been better off in regular classes -- Wait he was in some regular classes --like shop class and the teachers were doing everything they could to get him out of their classes.

Farmer Geddon


Here's a toast , raise your glasses , that there is much more to come for these vaccine criminals !


................Vaccine risk deniers are working overtime to restrict public access to information, cover up vaccine injuries and deaths and violate the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking..........

In Australia recently, the"vaccine risk deniers" have been working overtime to silence anyone questioning vaccine efficacy.

The government is using the "vaccine risk deniers" to shut-down any source that provides a balanced view about vaccines.

Those questioning vaccine safety are under constant attack from the media (funded by Big Pharma), pro-vaxers (funded by Big Pharma) and individuals working for the government (who won't declare any conflicts of interest).

It only shows that the more they scream and yell, the more desperate they become to selling a product that is defective!

Elizabeth Gillespie- Mum to vaccine injured son.

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