New Study by Dr. Martha Herbert & Dr. Julie Buckley in Journal of Child Neurology on Autism and Dietary Therapy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking at Autism One



That "unidentified woman with laptop" is the awesome Teri Arranga of Autism One.


Ralph -
The Canary Party sponsored not only the congressional panel at Autism One, but also the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. keynote address.

You can't get more transpartisan than that!

John Stone


It has to be both - and simultaneously. At present the CDC are trying to pretend that Thorsen's unfortunate financial dealings have nothing to do with the science (nothing has been retracted). But actually the same louche standards are present all the way through and "the science" is being fixed to suit bureaucratic/political imperatives, plus the brutality that real care is not being taken and families are just high-handedly ignored because it does not suit the agenda. It is bad policy and non-existent science.

As to what's wrong with so many of the papers, it is not that difficult to understand. Some of it is a bit technical, but actually most of the time the errors are elementary and crude, and the institutional evidence that there was bureaucratic manipulation overwhelming.

One interesting aspect of this is that although Dave Weldon (in 2004) and Bernardine Healy (in 2008) not to mention Tom Insel (in 2004) warned or acknowledged that the safety "science" was over-dependent on epidemiology, and that this might overlook "sub-groups", the real evidence was that the population effects were so gross and blatant that the epidemiology had to be fiddled at every turn to disguise what was going on.

Of course, looking at a "sub-group" was precisely what Andrew Wakefield was doing, which was why he had to be taught a lesson by people who were not fit to lick his boots.


Jeff C

Ralph - as a wingnut kook myself I would love nothing more than to see a few moonbat bleeding hearts on the panel. Ours isn't a right-left issue, it's the people vs crony capitalism. We stand against the worst of both ideologies, Big Business promoted and protected by Big Government.

Perhaps someone from Autism One can explain who was invited, but my guess is many were invited and these were the ones that chose to attend. God bless them for it, as I'm sure they'll be vilified as irresponsible for it.


John, You are absolutely right that good science will prevail, eventually, but it could take a long, long time. The CDC has the upper hand right now and politicians are not going to play referee on the science. It is not their job. We need to force them to get tougher on accountability and to go after the fraud.

John Stone


I am no sure what you mean "we cannot win this on the science". We win it on the truth and the real science is part of that truth, just as the CDC's science, and its establishment, are largely lies, deceit and corruption.


@Ralph from St Louie: At the autism hearing last November both democrats (Maloney, Cummings, etc.) and Republicans had tough questions for the CDC.

What people need to understand though is that we cannot win this on the science. The CDC's "experts" will always trump the real experts. What is needed is to go after Thorsen, conflicts of interest and outright fraud in the system.


In photo, left to right:
Former Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN)
Former Congressman Dave Weldon, MD (R-FL)
Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA)
Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL)
Robert Krakow, Esq. (Moderator)
Unidentified woman with laptop
Mark Blaxill (introduction)

Ralph from St Louie

The sad thing is the politics here. All republicans. Many progressive and centrist views consider Issa views similar to Burton's, wingnut kooks. Because of that they may just chose to write anything they say rather than listen.

Why are there no democrats? Does the republican slant represent the viewpoint of the Canary Party or AutismOne?

Victor Pavlovic

Cassandra, I agree just maybe this time we have the right leadership, and experience combined to get something positive done.

Jeff C

This gives me hope that just maybe we parents aren't in this alone. Trying to figure out who was there; looks like Dan Burton, Dave Weldon (retired), Darrel Issa, Bill Posey, but I'm not sure of the last two. Is that Carolyn Maloney on the end? Maybe, but here hair looks to short. Regardless, looks like an all-star panel!


Wow! Is that Darrel Issa next to Rep. Posey? Maybe there is hope for some congressional action...

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