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Congratulations to Sam Wessels 10 year old CNN iReport Award Winner for Autism

Sam WMany of you know Lin Wessels, a tireless advocate for people with autism - who by virtue of living in Iowa was able to meet all of the Presidential candidates, along with her son, to introduce them to autism. Lin has also been a supporter of the United States of Autism movie which features her family.

Sam's video "I speak about autism because I can" has won an CNN iReport award.   Said one judge: “Sam and his family are so thoughtful to share ‘their’ story. It's special that Sam talks so openly about autism and documented it via iReport,” wrote public relations consultant Sarah Evans.  Please join us in thanking both Lin and Sam for their work.

Watch the video at CNN here.


Lin Wessels

Thank you everyone for your support, kindness and encouragement! You are our driving force and our heroes! What we do, we do for all!! We hope you will too. xo

Jeannette Bishop

Sam, you and your family are a real inspiration!!! Thanks for all you do!


Thank you Sam, Lin and Mark for all of your hard work.


Sam Thank you for putting yourself out there and telling it like it is!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Sam, What you have done is amazing. You found a most wonderful way that you could speak out for the autistic kids.You did something that so many others cannot do. Thankyou very very much. Please - everyone- follow Sam's example- Find you own way to help the cause of autism.

John Stone

Well done Sam for speaking up!


Trina Aurin

Thank you both so much for continuing to talk about Autism
m and how it affects you and your family and what needs to be done for all our kids!

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