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Autism One To Feature Congressional Panel: Dan Burton, Bill Posey, Dave Weldon

Congressional Panel Burton Weldon Posey1

Congressional Panel: Congressmen Dan Burton, Dave Weldon, MD, and Bill Posey  

During his 30 years in Congress, many of them as Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform, Burton was involved in over 20 hearings on autism. Burton’s grandson developed autism after receiving 9 vaccines on the same day. His pursuit of truth and passionate leadership helped define and inspire the modern autism movement.

Dr. Weldon retired after 14 years in Congress, where he was a founding member of the Congressional Autism Caucus. He spent years working with leaders in the autism community to discover any factors that contribute to its occurrence as well as explore all available research into its prevention, including removing thimerosal from vaccines.Currently, in his third term, Congressman Bill Posey’s political career has been defined by a “take-charge attitude,” according to the Washington Post. In the November 2012 Congressional hearing on the rise in autism, Posey’s take-charge attitude is evident. Dr. Weldon endorsed Posey to succeed him.

Learn more about the Congressional Panel at the Autism One Conference Site.


Angus Files

I just hope it goes our way and not the Obama way...sold out..


White Rose

The UK can be proud (of effin nothing) , there isnt one MP in the UK willing to champion the truth , they are all cowards , we are still waiting for someone to break ranks.

God bless these 3 brilliant politicians . Leaders .

Panel is in Chicago

At Autism One in Chicago.


Is the panel being held in D.C. or Chicago?

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