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Autism One Congressional Panel To Feature Dan Burton

Burton“Throughout my decades in public service, I have strived to give consideration to those whose issues fall through the cracks of our government, and to those who become targets of government authorities for daring to deliver or seek alternative therapies.”

Congressman Dan Burton retired from Congress earlier this year. As many of you know, he was a champion for our children with autism, confronted the use of mercury in vaccines and fought to bring accountability and change to federal public health establishment. His leadership of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in the last decade focused our nation on mercury in vaccines for the first time.

As he leaves public service, Congressman Burton continues to urge his colleagues to focus on alternate and complementary medicine, the increase in autism, malfeasance at the CDC and stark injustice in the VICP. Congressman Burton also commented on the implications of Unanswered Questions from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – the only member of the federal government to do so.

Please take a moment to read through Congressman Burton’s final message to his congressional colleagues in the Congressional Record. Mr. Burton will speak on a panel along with Congressman Bill Posey and retired Congressman Dave Weldon on Friday, May 24, at the Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference.  This session should be exciting. And it will be an opportunity for all of us to say “Thank you, Congressman.” 



Perhaps Mr. Burton would like to share this information with his former colleagues.

Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

Paul S

Thank You Congressman Dan Burton for all your effort thru the years trying to help those children and their families struck with the curse of autism!!!

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