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Autism One and Nicholas Glenski: Recovering From Autism And Telling The World

Nick1By Teresa Conrick

In 2012 at Autism One, I met Nicholas Glenski, a young man who said he hoped to "go the distance" and one day, cure himself of autism. He was so enthusiastic and inspired by so many speakers last year that now one year later, he, himself was a speaker at Autism One -- and he did a beautiful job!

I have to confess, when Nicholas called me one evening during the winter months and told me that he was giving a talk on autism and his road to recovery, I was nervous for him as I thought how could he talk about so many issues regarding treatments? Well, being the tenacious teen that he is, Nicholas simply decided to pick up the phone and call researchers, reach out to moms on FB who were treating their own children, and seek out help by reading all he could.

His dad, Richard, told me that this journey first started three years ago in St. Louis when he took Nicholas to an autism conference and they heard Temple Grandin speak. That set off a spark in Nicholas and then a profound desire to learn more, especially when he met a biochemist there who talked about biomedical treatments for autism. One of Temple's books was bought that night, and Nicholas was later reading it voraciously when he accidentally left it in his dad's car between visits. His dad saw it and decided to read it as well. He too felt more inspired, and when he heard that Temple herself was coming to St. Louis for a presentation, Richard surprised Nicholas by taking him there. Nicholas has since told me that Jenny's McCarthy's focus on her son's journey to recovery has made Nicholas a huge fan and also an avid believer in biomedical treatments for autism. Nicholas then began researching for himself because as he stated:

"I was trapped in my body.  I could not get out."

Nicholas told the audience that he was born in 1995, premature at 25 weeks and weighing a mere 1 pound, 11 ounces,  yet he was given the same vaccines and scheduled timing as full term infants.  He also had many rounds of antibiotics due to chronic ear infections.  He regressed about age two into autism, exhibiting symptoms that he stressed now can be seen related to his gut.

In these past three years, Nicholas has made some wonderful gains. He left Missouri last summer and now lives in California with his dad. There, he has had more opportunities for seeking out medical treatments and also started in mainstream classes for the first time. School has been a wonderful experience and Nicholas told his audience that he will be in Geometry and Chemistry next year. With a big smile, he was proud to tell that he is on the cheerleading squad!

Nicholas described his symptoms when he was younger, with a focus on gut issues, especially constipation, as well as many sensory issues, OCD, wandering and communication issues (sustaining a conversation).  He listed his favorite topics of research and also treatments, such as allergies, diets, individualized supplements, plant enzymes, parasites, and soil based probiotics. He also stressed the importance of organic foods due to the dangers of pesticides and genetically modified foods.

At the end of his talk, there was a standing ovation for Nicholas as we saw the enthusiasm, the joy, and the hope of continual progress or as Nicolas put it:

" I am a strong, smart, young man looking for answers to cure autism and other diseases"



I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas at AO this year. He is an amazing person. He exudes confidence and maturity while being very much a teenager. He asked me if my son was "like him" and I told him, "not yet." I didn't catch his presentation Sunday morning because it ran concurrently with Dr. Krigsman's chronic GI symptoms topic--tough competition. I hope to see Nicolas and his father at future conferences.

Nicholas Glenski

Could Nicholas attend an IACC meeting to tell them his story? Yes I would love to do a Presentation there... You can Contact me by my Email to set up locatations and Prices for Traveling and Times of Date My scedule is mostly free beside Varsity Cheer Leading and High School...

Jane Casey

I love you Nick. You are an inspiration to many parents dude! Thanks Age of Autism for sharing his story and Teresa, you rock momma!


@Jonathan Rose: you are right but they need to be presented with the facts
and yes, telling Nicholas' story in front of a congressional panel would be even better.


What an inspiration!!! AWESOME. We have a recovering 4 1/2 year old and have been thrilled with his progress too!

I don't mean to switch subjects, but can anyone shed some light on this year's autism numbers? It seems I heard it was 1 in 50, 1 in 31 boys and then nothing. No uproar or freak outs. Nada. Then suddenly I'm hearing the numbers again and even seeing new billboards around showing 1 in 88. Even Katie Couric is having a special this Thursday, May 30th on Autism in which she states the number is 1 in 88.

Has the CDC seriously covered this up quickly and quietly? They released the numbers in the first place...I'm confused.


Congratulations Nicholas,health maintenance and knowledge is the best way to survive and succeed today.You have an excellent list of nutrients you had mentioned,you may want to include extra anti-oxidants in your diet like fresh
Rooibos,Rosehip and Chamomile teas,lots of fresh colorful vegetables.Spices like Cinnamon support the pancreas and has high ORAC value.Stay away from preserved,processed foods as much as possible.Only choose natural and organic cosmetics.
Reduce your toxic load as much as possible.I wish you all the very best for the future Nicholas.

Maurine Meleck

I heard the last half of his talk and was really impressed. Thank you Nicholas for sharing your important story.


Stagmom, I'm interested in more info on "why the stemming" as well. My 17-year-old recently had some major regression, and the need for stimming has returned, after an absence of several years. (No, he did not receive any more vaccines.)

Anne Dachel

It's a truly frightening world out there when a determined and amazing young man like Nicholas can seek out truth and change his life while doctors remain clueless.

Three cheers for Nicholas!

Anne Dachel, Media

Cat Jameson

Thank you for this recap, Teresa. I missed Nicholas' presentation as I was already headed to the airport when it started. Nicholas is an enthusiastic young man who will no doubt accomplish many of goals.


Nicholas is AWESOME! I met him at last years A1 too, and I am so happy to see his progress! WAY-TO-GO!!!!! He WILL go the distance, I have NO DOUBT about that!

Farmer Geddon

Stagmom .....please tell me more about "why the stimming" ?

Jonathan Rose

Cassandra: Nicholas could speak before the IACC, but would they listen? The House Oversight Committee might be a much more receptive audience. Why not a panel of recovered teens testifying at their next autism hearings? Think of the impact that would make. The parents of Nicholas and other recovered kids might want to contact the offices of Congressmen Issa and Posey and suggest that.


Nicholas was charming. What a thrill for his parents to watch him bloom. And as a mom of daughters, I was really interested in Alexis Wineman - and her telling the audience about stimming and why she needed it and how her day could be ruined without it. Thanks to Jenny McCarthy for inviting her on stage at her key note.

Wade Rankin

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas at last year's AO, and caught some of his presentation this year. He is an impressive young man. Thanks for telling his story.


Could Nicholas attend an IACC meeting to tell them his story?


Good Job Nicholas ! I am so pleased to hear your wonderful story and hope you come back to speak again and share your progress. Keep telling your story as it is incredibly important and so many of us really want to hear all about it. Good wishes to you for your studies.

Farmer Geddon

This story is total nonsense . Autism is genetic and as such recovery is not possible ...... NOT ...correction

Autism is a vaccine poisoning and the recovery stories are a great embarrassment to the so called authorities .

Well done Nicholas . It would be great if you join the fight with all us parents .Good luck with the cheerleaders.

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