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Congratulations to Sam Wessels 10 year old CNN iReport Award Winner for Autism


Birgit Calhoun

Is Mumps the only bad agent in MMR? What about Measles and Rubella? Are the strains they use of those two also problematic? What about their attenuation. Is it always predictable that they are sufficiently attenuated? I had a single Rubella shot when I was pregnant in 1969. The MMR came out about a year later. I also understand that the MMR should not be given to pregnant women? When and for what reason did doctors recognize that the MMR should not be given during pregnancy?

John Stone


It echoes, of course, Peter Fletcher, Former Chief Scientist at the UK Department of Health who told the Mail on Sunday in 2006:

"There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of MMR and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves."

And Cherie Blair's life-style consultant Carole Caplin who wrote in the same newspaper two years before:

"Ever since concerns about a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism first surfaced more than seven years ago, it's been crystal clear that extremely powerful forces would like nothing better than to suppress public debate about the issue and discredit anyone questioning MMR.

"These forces consist of very senior Government health bureaucrats, who advise our politicians, and leading figures in the British medical establishment, who advise the bureaucrats.

"Senior civil servants and doctors are people who do not like their authority challenged in any way."

Of course, David Salisbury has been Director of Immunisation since 1986 and has superintended the entire revolution.

Anne Dachel

Wakefield quoted Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet about a conversation that Horton had had with "a very successful London professor of public health" who said, "Public health is sick. It's about nothing more than self-interest; it's about power, wealth, and status. Public health grandees are wealthy, powerful people interested only in their legacy. Public health has become utterly immoral.... No one will stand up to the forces of money and power that drive the agenda of public health today."

This is the horrible truth about health care today.

Tim Kasemodel

Thank you Andy,

Your persistence astounds me. I am so proud of you for what you do for my son. I am honored to have helped you even if in only a small way.

The videos of the courageous young men at the end is what people need to see - everyone new parent needs to see.

I have plenty of videos of my own son having the same pain - before we took him to your friend (and ours!) Dr Arthur Krigsman.

He still has issues that are under control that sound a lot like Crohns disease ( as described by a friend who has Crohns) but I feel for the children and adults who continue to suffer as the young men in the video simply because they have a diagnosis of autism, and no doctor will treat them correctly for fear of being attacked as you have.

Another effect of the failure of the medical community to honestly address autism is that I personally have lost all faith in any doctor. I refuse to go the doctor for anything less than a broken bone for fear that they will push Rx's on me that I do not need simply to fill their quota. I went in for a minor issue last year and was offered the DTP and the Flu shot at the same time - surprised they did not throw in Shingles as well.....

I see so many of my "50-ish" friends going in for "well check up physical's" only to come away with 10 different damn prescriptions to take.

I would rather pass on due to my vices than to an adverse reaction to ill prescribed meds. Seen it too many times.

Thank you again Andy, and John Stone and the Lancet Parents for never giving up.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you Dr. Wakefield for looking into these issues!

Hilleman gets a mandate in Massachusetts that requires mumps vaccine for school attendance, eventually leading to a nationwide MMR recommendation? Was there never an individual mumps vaccine before MMR?

I read once that on the books in the state of Utah the only vaccine actually required for school attendance was mumps vaccine, and I wondered how one of the seemingly least advisable vaccines, particularly for the age of starting school, came to be the only required one in that state.

Hilleman (or Merck?) seems to have been a particularly persuasive individual on this issue, just in personality? Were these administrators imagining themselves protecting students against mumps, or teachers perhaps, or what were the considerations involved?

Jenny Allan

Thanks John- a BIG spike in Swansea. We will now have to await the figures for the percentages of vaccinated and unvaccinated children contracting measles in Wales. This should be even more interesting, since the largest 'spike' in the unconfirmed but notified Welsh measles cases is NOT teenagers, but children aged 1-4years, a cohort group stated to be 90-95% MMR vaccinated.


Thanks John ..they were wishing for a baby death all along to make the hype, more heart-breaking..

WHO instigated the panic for no reason (on a hunch)?..

WHO cost the country millions of pounds ..on a hunch?

WHO put children's, babies, adults life's in danger for giving more vaccines when they were not required. On a hunch?

WHO shall write round to appoligise to all vaccinated that the never needed the vaccine MMR after all?


Have another piece of Salisbury pie Munch Munch Munch all on a Hunch Hunch Hunch


John Stone


May laboratory confirmed$FILE/monthly%20lab%202013May.pdf

May notifications$FILE/monthly%20notif%202013May.pdf

Jenny Allan

On a lighter note I enjoyed Mail columnist and theatre review writer Quentin Letts' write up of Ibsen's play
Public Enemy:-
By Quentin Letts
PUBLISHED: 02:01, 14 May 2013
"What would Henrik Ibsen have made of the Establishment’s trashing of Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who dared to voice doubts about the MMR vaccine?..........The play is given a vividly colloquial outing at London’s Young Vic in a version by David Harrower. It should be required viewing for all those BBC editors who approved the almost Stalinist condemnation of Dr Wakefield as a ‘discredited’ figure. Discredited by whom?"

The Daily Mail is one of the few, the VERY few, UK newspapers prepared to publish material in support of Dr Wakefield, instead of joining in the chorus of vilification. Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens and Quentin Letts are all journalistic 'treasures'. I applaud them!!

Jenny Allan

John Stone-Can you provide a link to your Welsh April confirmed measles cases? I can only find official data up to 2nd April 2013. Scroll down to measles lab CONFIRMED cases. Mumps is also interesting, not far 'behind' measles.$FILE/monthly%20lab%20201303.pdf

There was an article in the Guardian which claimed " The number of laboratoryconfirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested" , but this was rubbish, once again the BBC and Welsh Health Mandarins spreading misinformation.

"MMR vaccination drive targets 43,000 children as measles epidemic spreads"
"The headline total for measles across Wales is now at 1,170 cases. The number of laboratory confirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested.
Dr Marion Lyons, PHW director of health protection, said: "The efforts to vaccinate susceptible young people children across Wales have been excellent, with non-routine vaccinations being given in their thousands by GPs, in schools and in emergency drop-in clinics.
"This undoubtedly will have reduced the length and severity of the outbreak, but the number of unvaccinated people in the hardest-hit age group remains a cause for concern.
"Our message is clear – the MMR vaccine is safe and it works, and there is no reason why children not vaccinated in the late 1990s because of fears about the safety of the vaccine should not be immunised now.
"Those not vaccinated are highly likely to catch measles, which is highly contagious. It is just a matter of time before a child is left with serious and permanent complications such as eye disorders, deafness or brain damage, or dies."


Aye ! John they were telling WHOPPERS!!not worthy of a 4 year old ..



John Stone


'OK -So much for the measles MMR component. Until the Welsh Health Authorities deign or dare to publish their April 2013 LABORATORY CONFIRMED numbers of measles cases, it is very difficult to judge the long term efficacy or otherwise of the measles MMR vaccine component. Certainly, the vast majority of Welsh children and young adults have been vaccinated against measles, mostly with MMR vaccine.'

But they did, and it tells an incoherent story. First of all what happened in March. Well, they were telling the media that they had 432 cases in Swansea for the month with six days to go, but in fact the official figures disclose only 183 notications for the city of which only 1 by the end of March had been confirmed. In the April figures they claim to have confirmed a further 5 cases for March bringing the presumably final tally to 6.

Obviously, they badly needed some real cases from somewhere - having made such an immmense fuss - so in the April figures they have 73 confirmed cases out of 270 notifications - a miraculously higher hit rate (73/270 as opposed to 1/183 or even 6/183), but still nothing like the figures they were apparently giving out to the media.

It has a somewhat shaggy dog story quality. And what is surely significant here is that no one came back to put me straight in BMJ where my letter could only have been very embarrassing.



Tests showed the dad-of-one from Port Tennant Road had measles at the time he died, but Public Health Wales has said further investigations are under way to determine his exact cause of death. A inquest into his death was opened and adjourned last week, pending the results of the tests.

A post mortem on the former Morriston Comprehensive School pupil proved inconclusive.

Following his death, Mr Colfer-Williams's mother, Angela, described him as "a wonderful son and a wonderful father, uncle and brother".

She said he bad seen an out-of-hours GP on the day before his body was discovered with a rash "from head to foot", but not on his arms.

She also said that her son had been treated in Morriston Hospital for asthma shortly before he died.

No date for the full inquest into Mr Colfer-Williams's death has yet been set.

Jenny Allan

OK - It seems all the doom and gloom about the measles and mumps is just NOT enough to persuade enough of those Welsh 'teenagers' to submit to the MMR vaccine needle. These intelligent young persons are not only responsible for themselves, but they can think for themselves too. They are very difficult to bully, unlike parents of young babies, who are between a 'rock and a hard place' with MMR vaccine.

So what next in the increasingly threadbare BBC pro MMR vaccine propaganda? What hasn't been tried yet? Yes you've guessed . How about a RUBELLA epidemic. This time the scare tactics are directed at the 'lassies'!!

Wales measles epidemic prompts rubella outbreak warning

This is all becoming quite ridiculous!! Before the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, a single Rubella vaccine was administered to girls only in the UK at around 11-12 years.
Evolution of Surveillance of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella in England and Wales: Providing the Platform for Evidence-based Vaccination Policy (2002)
A. J. Vyse12,
Extract:- " Rubella is now emerging as an imported infection in England and Wales, with most cases arising as a result of immigration or travel overseas (54, 55). Therefore, continued surveillance of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome is required, with “catch-up” rubella immunization being considered for recent immigrants from countries with no immunization program"

In other words MMR and single rubella vaccines have all but 'wiped out' rubella in the UK. They should only be targeting immigrant populations for 'top up' rubella vaccine.

Your time will come Dr Wakefield. We are all right behind you. Keep the faith and keep filming.

Jenny Allan

OK -So much for the measles MMR component. Until the Welsh Health Authorities deign or dare to publish their April 2013 LABORATORY CONFIRMED numbers of measles cases, it is very difficult to judge the long term efficacy or otherwise of the measles MMR vaccine component. Certainly, the vast majority of Welsh children and young adults have been vaccinated against measles, mostly with MMR vaccine.

The small numbers of so far measles confirmed cases in Wales could be attributed to the small percentage of persons who do not vaccinate for personal, cultural or religious reasons, Gypsies, travelling people, Jehovah's Witnesses, visitors from other countries, etc.

What of the MUMPS MMR component?
"Public health officials yesterday warned they fear a mumps epidemic in South Wales in the wake of a growing measles outbreak, after university students were diagnosed with the condition."

Cardiff and other UK Universities were beginning to become concerned about the high levels of students contracting mumps, an illness which is potentially far more serious in adults than when contracted in infancy. Again, MOST of these young adults have been vaccinated with MMR vaccine.

You can draw your own conclusions, but the Welsh health authorities are stating,(falsely), the Welsh measles (non) epidemic is affecting mostly persons aged 10-19. Of course Dr Wakefield is being blamed (yet again), and over and over again on the BBC and compliant press and media outlets.

UK "Teenagers" are being extolled to get 'top up' doses of MMR vaccine. I smell a rat here. Don't you?

Jenny Allan

@John Stone -re MMR, measles, and the South Wales Evening Post: BMJ with lots of 'rapid responses' including one of John's. Most of them are querying the evidence for a Welsh measles‘epidemic’ with so far only a small percentage of laboratory confirmed measles cases:-

John says:- "Plainly, the authorities never had the faintest evidence supporting the campaign being run in the media against Andy."

The BMJ didn't publish my comment either! Here it is!! Just ONE example of the ‘doom and gloom’ lies and misinformation about measles, being put out by the Welsh health authorities in order to ‘scare’ parents and young persons to get themselves and their children vaccinated with MMR vaccine. Scarily, Dr Hayes very irresponsibly is promoting ‘extra’ MMR vaccine doses for babies over 6 months and young persons who have already been vaccinated against measles. Single vaccinations, Dr Hayes states are ‘unreliable’ and may not provide immunity.

“On a BBC Television interview, Dr Sara Hayes, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board’s director of public health, stated:-
"Before the introduction of the MMR in 1988, about half a million children caught measles and about 100 died from it each year in the UK."
This scaremongering tosh was repeated on the BBC's internet news transcript 9th April 2013.

Dr Hayes omitted to mention the introduction of single measles vaccinations into the UK child vaccination schedule in the late 1960s. In those days parents were not pressurised into obtaining measles vaccinations for their children, and 'boosters' were not administered. Following the introduction of measles vaccinations, the disease slowly declined as more and more children were immunised.

Child measles deaths between 1980 and 1987 for ages 1-10 years were less than 80 IN TOTAL. By the time MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, numbers of child measles deaths in the UK had already declined steeply.

Dr Hayes' wildly inaccurate measles statement was taken up by dozens of internet news outlets worldwide, but the BBC quickly removed this misinformation from its 9th April news transcript.

We are still waiting to receive the April 2013 laboratory confirmed Welsh measles cases. I await these with interest.”

Deaths by Age Group: 1980 - 2008 (ONS data)
Measles deaths - England and Wales, By Age Group, 1980 – 2008

John Stone

Only to add that while BMJ posted my letter about the single confirmed measles case in Swansea for March (later upgraded to a dizzying tally of six) I seem to have been under ban by them from posting again, since.

Plainly, the authorities never had the faintest evidence suppporting the campaign being run in the media against Andy.

E Russell

"Thank you," Dr. Wakefield! No fancy words or sayings come to mind as I just simply need to say, "Thank you!" through my tears. You will never know how many you have helped and that are grateful for you! Despite the "hell" you and your family have been put through and continue to be put through, thank you for speaking the truth! Thank you for being a voice for my son, for us, for other families with vaccine injured loved ones... and countless other victims like those at the end of this video! Bless you!!!


You are a very courageous human being Dr Wakefield. To speak out like this and expose what lies at the heart of our 'system', should shame all those who choose to stay silent and 'cowering in the face of funders and journals'. Adverse reactions numbering 60,000 and including 300 deaths after MMR, should have the world shaking with anger. But this won't make the New York Times - will it?
Thank you for your honesty - wishing you continued strength through these difficult times.


As austerity is the chosen word used by the UK government ..Why aren`t the MP`s ,Government's, Health Boards ,et-al jumping up and down asking who has cost the country millions of pounds for this lie of a scare...never mind the people who have been vaccinated when it was a hoax all along...set up by whom?



According to the Australian Health Law Bulletin:

"In Australia at least, recent data suggests only a very small number of adverse events following immunisation..."

If adverse reactions are not always reported(like my son's),then how can accurate data be collected?

Also, March 2012, David Isaacs, Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases recognised: "Time for no-fault vaccination compensation in Australia".

My main concern when Australia decides to introduce a vaccine compensation scheme, there will be a trade-off.

Law Bulletin: "Introduce the scheme providing a vaccine manufacturer be granted legal immunity or indemnity..."

What a trade-off!

Also thank-you Dr Wakefield for your continual support.

Elizabeth Gillespie

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