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IAngus Files

All to late Alex rest in peace ..god bless you and your was never meant to be like this..



Specifically, what appropriate facility anywhere can take him for treatment? Perhaps donations could fund his being moved out of Chicago if there is no place for him there.

eileen powrie

What sort of sick society are we living in?

Amie Corrine

How horrific that this boy is being treated in such a manner. My son has autism and it just a year younger than this little man. Brings tears to my eyes.


But, who actually decides to send this child to the psychiatric prison to be mutilated further with toxic drugs, which will probably kill him? Is it the mother or hospital? This child should be in general pediatric ward and should receive medical not psych treatment, as autism is not psychiatric disease, it the whole-body poisoning with toxic vaccines.


Thought this was already taken care of and he was out of Loyola. I think people need more info. We were told he was being treated out of state. Prayers to the family! Poor kid


Can people from other places send a little money to help with food or something?


Please everyone donate. I am in the Chicago area and i know many of us are eager to help but I can't provide housing. We need to break this into manageable things that people can do to help, such as meal prep, fundraising, taking shifts in helping out with him. I have not been able to directly contact anyone about this case and its a bit frustrating.

Val Boergesson

What happened???? Last message when his story dropped off was that he was being moved and something to the effect of "going to get the medical treatment he needs" What a shame with all the autism parents that were in Chicago this weekend that they couldn't have done a demonstration or something to get the media involved again in this story, I thought this poor child's nightmare was over!


My prayers are with his family. And Thanks to Dr Wakefield, again proving what a caring and compassionate doctor he is. Hope someone can find a safe place for this child.

Brian Hooker

I thought that he was out of the woods now. What has happened? Is he back in that dreadful Loyola Hospital?


This is heartbreaking. Poor lad - and he's only 14. I hope to heaven someone comes forward to offer Alex help to avoid the nightmare scenario of being sent to a psychiatric facility. He'll be drugged into oblivion and the drugs could make his condition worse. Prayers for Alex.

Billie Joe

Prayers to Alex. I thought he was already in a safe place. All the angels fly to Alex! and every child like him.

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