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Another Child with Autism Wanders. Drowns. Where is the Outcry?

WeepManaging Editor's Note: This story below brings into focus the reason AofA exists. For the children (of any age) with autism and their parents, families, who live with a reality few Americans acknowledge having been fed an ever increasing diet of happy blue stories that skirt the very real hardships of autism. Often I've seen the comment, "Well you can't compare autism to (insert serious medical diagnosis here) because it's not life threatening.  Really? Autism kills from the outside in. I encourage everyone to support National Autism Association's Big Red Safety Box wandering safety program.  Our prayers go out to the Lynch family.

By Anne Dachel

Are we all aware now? I have no words.

Searchers found the body of a missing 9-year-old San Francisco girl in a creek near her family Lake County vacation home Wednesday, authorities said.

Mikaela Lynch, who had autism and the mental capacity of a 1-year-old, was last seen in the backyard of the home on Harbor Drive in Clearlake on Sunday around 1:30 p.m. She had been playing on a trampoline with her younger brother but was left alone briefly when he ran inside to avoid a bee, police said.

Her body was found in nearby Cache Creek by dive team members just before noon, said Clearlake Police Chief Craig Clausen. Foul play is not suspected. Clausen said it appears she wandered into the creek.

"It's really tragic," said police Sgt. Nick Bennett, adding that Mikaela was "a sweet little girl. We had hopes it might turn out differently."

Searchers had looked in the marshes near the home because Mikaela, who did not speak but could communicate through basic hand signals, was "attracted to water," police said.


Deidera Clouse

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 16:43 hours officers with the Webb City Police Department were dispatched to the 1000 block of West Mineral Street in reference to a missing juvenile. Fred “Freddie” Henry Williams (14 year old male) had walked away from his residence. Freddie suffers from autism. An extensive search of the area was launched. The search parties included K-9 teams, ATVs, searchers on horseback from numerous local agencies. Many more civilian volunteers joined the search after the information was broadcast on social media, local radio and television stations, and the school district’s auto-dialer. The primary search lasted throughout the night.

At 08:10 hours on Thursday, May 30, 2013 Freddie’s body was discovered in a small body of water just north of the Webb City High School. The Williams are asking for privacy in their time of mourning.

The Webb City Police Department would like to thank all of the agencies and hundreds of civilians that responded to help in this search.



I am sorry if your daughter has autism. I can tell you one thing your linked study is just another "lets keep researching" ploy designed to NEVER address the true nature of autism. We have seen an unending stream of these trash studies for over a decade. Billions of dollars being spent to coverup the true nature of autism.

“This is a very hot area of research at the moment because there is no known cause to autism,” she said. “There is a very strong genetic link but the problem is not everyone has the same genetic mutation, which makes it very difficult to find out what is causing autism and how we treat it.”

On all counts referenced this is pure poppycock.

The HIGHLY PROBABLE causes of autism are well known in the lay autism community. The CDC could easily TEST these causes but refuses to HONESTLY examine them.

The so called "genetic link" is well known to any honest geneticist and interested layman to be pure trash.

Many parents of autistic children soon realize the "medical profession" is not willing or is unable to efficaciously treat their child's autism and they are FORCED to learn enough about the true nature of autism to treat and RECOVER their child THEMSELVES.

Please think about this. How is it possible that a mother with little to NO knowledge of autism can accomplish what the "medical profession" cannot?

It is NOT possible UNLESS the "medical profession" is in the tank to the powers above it.


I assume that you are now also aware of 7 year old Owen Black who was found drowned yesterday after going missing, days after the Lynch family's tragedy. Heartbreaking.


Not all children are vaccinated Lou who have autism. My daughter is NOT vaccinated and is autistic very much like Mikaela. Neither is quite a few on the spectrum. Here in NZ a lot of study is being done on what causes autism


Worth a read and definitely gives you some insight. We're all looking for answers. Hopefully we'll get them soon


"Foul play is not suspected."

Perhaps not as the IMMEDIATE cause of death of yet another our "vaccinated" children. How do I know Mikaela Lynch was "vaccinated? I cannot remember a SINGLE case of an unvaccinated child being autistic. Certainly the "media" would have ferreted out any they got wind of.

"Vaccination" just may be a necessary if not sufficient condition for autism. In other words if we STOP "vaccinating" we stop autism. Certainly this is worth a clinical trial. That this clinical trial has not been held in over two decades is one of several dozen reasons why I smell foul play.


We need to initiate a campaign to have Amber Alert criteria revised to make exceptions to the abduction criterion when a child is severely cognitively disabled.

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