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Western NY Family Magazine Getting Wakefield Treatment for Writing Critically about Gardasil

Stories for thinkingMichele Miller has published Western NY Family Magazine since 1984, Articles-Cover-web_028starting as newsletter from her kitchen table.  She ran an article about Gardasil safety and has since received threats to pull advertising dollars, and a swift and vicious campaign from the medical community.  That said, the article has comments from many readers saying, "Thank you for sharing some reality with us."  Mark Blaxill wrote an insightful series called "Gardasil: License to Kill that explains the background and reality of this vaccine foisted upon our teen girls and boys. The Buffalo (NY) news wrote about this story.  Read more and comment at The Buffalo News

A column in a popular local monthly magazine that criticized vaccinating teenagers against the human papilloma virus has outraged area pediatricians and spurred Erie County’s health commissioner to issue a statement defending the vaccinations as safe and effective in preventing the sexually transmitted infection.

The column appeared in the April edition of Western New York Family magazine, a free publication available in the waiting rooms of many area doctors’ offices.

Local writer and radio talk show host Linda O’Connor cited several anecdotal examples of teenage girls who suffered serious physical ailments after receiving Gardasil, one of two vaccines licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent HPV, a virus that causes cervical, anal and throat cancer, as well as genital warts.

O’Connor also wrote that more than 100 healthy girls “have died from the vaccine” since 2006, although she did not indicate a source for the statistic.

Several pediatricians complained to Western New Family magazine founder, editor and publisher Michele Miller, saying the article erroneously portrays the HPV vaccine as dangerous.  Read more and comment at The Buffalo News



Please review the (Pesticide)fact sheet from Caroline Cox: Boric Acid and Borates to find out what kind of a damages this ingredient causes in animals.Warning to males: it has the ability to cause DNA damage in the sperm, sperm cells will also
swim slower. Boric acid is combined with polysorbates and aluminum adjuvants (neurotoxins);I am afraid the synergy of the ingredients may cause additional major long term effects,I think of infertility,specially in the younger age group 9-14
years old. Do not trust this fast-tracked vaccine,Merck lied from the beginning by using aluminum placebo in their data.

Angus Files

Tracy nightmare what can anyone say..

Why are they destroying kids from families who belive vaccines are we all thought..

God Bless

I hope you get help from this forum



my daughter has been living in pure hell for the past 6 years. She has permanent brain damage and suffers from debilitating seizures. She has to wear adult diapers because of the loss of control from the seizures. She will be turning 20 years old this June and she has the mentality of a 3rd grader. She will never graduate High school or college, she will never get to experience the joys and sorrows of being a mother......she fights every day to stay alive! Gardasil has taken almost everything from my daughter and my whole family! My daughter and everyone else effected by this horrible vaccine deserve justice!! I spend every day and night watching my daughter suffer and trying everything in my power to help mother, child or sibling should have to live this HELL....all due to greed from big pharma! The 3 lot numbers of the gardasil vaccine that my daughter received have HUNDREDS of other injuries reported to VAERS. Why would that be? There is something VERY VERY wrong with gardasil and the monsters that push it!

Mindano Iha

Whether it prevents cancer, necessity for boosters, whether it increases the risk of cancer, whether there is increased risk of cancer due to the unexpected discovery by an independent laboratory of aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA, whether Gardasil vaccinated may donate blood without the aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA causing serious health consequences for the recipient, whether there is increased risk of autoimmune disorders due to the recombinant HPV DNA, if HPV is necessarily an infection transmitted by sexual intercourse, whether the vaccine causes genotoxicity, whether it targets the relevant virus strains in different demographics, whether the strains change in the course of time, adverse events due to concomitant administration with other vaccines, the true numbers and extent of serious adverse events, long term serious side effects, what the results would be if a true placebo had been used in all the clinical trials, what the results of clinical trials would be if Merck had not used their own exclusion criteria, whether there is increased risk of blood clots when Gardasil is combined with hormonal contraceptive pills, whether there is an increased risk of brain damage, consequences of “bridging” - the extrapolation of study results from one group to another, potentially serious consequences if the vaccine is not thoroughly shaken, whether the vaccine will increase the risk of infertility due to polysorbate, whether polysorbate is carcinogenic, health consequences due to the presence of the combination of polysorbate and l-histidine, whether aluminium adjuvant is safe, consequences due to the presence sodium borate (borax), whether the vaccine will increase the risk of miscarriages, stillbirths or babies born with anomalies, whether Gardasil is excreted in human milk, the complete list of ingredients, whether possible benefits outweigh the risks.


I have to ask why pediatricians have been so enraged about Ms Miller's insightful article? Most of us who have been around longer than the cell phone, laptop, or the automatic ice-maker have seen a general decline in health caregiver for the family to be replaced by a giant Health Industry. Why is this? Is it so hard to believe that the general public are more educated, can have an opinion about the type of care they wish to receive? After many years of trusting medical doctors I have discovered my trust was misplaced. After having a wonderful relationship with a family doctor who has since retired I've been hard pressed to find a true, caring, honest physician, the past 15 years. Those I have been to spent little time actually listening to my concerns, rushing through visits so quickly I ended up with more scrips than I knew what to do with. My daughter refused the Gardasil vaccine, twice, due to it being so new, plus having a slight auto-immune issue as a teenager. Even after stating No on previous occasions this doctor felt it necessary to frighten my daughter into taking Gardasil - under diress she gave in. She is now one less college student, one less driver, one less a life. Please, physicians, explain why you are so afraid of this Article?


The Gardasil adverse effects and "new illnesses" are rising.
This toxic aluminum/boric/polysorbate vaccine needs to be removed from the market.The number of dead is higher than one hundred based on the vaers database.

Clare Driscoll

This neuro-toxic vaccine was fast-tracked by the FDA and Merck via state legislatures back in 2006 and the few clinical trials that were conducted were not conclusive as to the efficacy and safety of this vaccine. A clinical study conducted abroad had 1200 recipients w/85% suffering adverse reactions and 17 girls dying. This was not what the doctor ordered and efforts were made to bury the study, however, it was noted in testimony by a vaccine researcher in CO.

The 3-shot series contains 675 mgs of aluminum w/1 mg of aluminum known to be neuro-toxic. To put it in perspective, a baby at birth is often given the hepB shot containing 240 mgs of aluminum, more than Shaquille O'Neal could safely handle. Girls, and now boys, are having reactions to the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines w/side effects including, but not limited to: myalgia, asthma, allergies, juvenile/rheumatoid arthritis, heart arrythmia, seizures, loss of consciousness, Guillain-Barre (paralysis), and death. The numbers of injuries and deaths to date are not conclusive as only 1% of vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), a voluntary database in which many doctors are hesitant to report vaccine injuries/deaths. It's not good for busine$$ to have patients become damaged and/or die on your watch, hence the under-reporting.

Since '86, when Congress enacted legislation to indemnify vaccine manufacturers from liability due to the thousands of cases filed by families of vaccine-injured children, many of whom died as a result of the DTP shot, over $2.4 billion has been compensated. In 2007, over $92 million was paid out for vaccine damage/death w/the latter paying a paltry $250k, small change for a precious life. These numbers are again under-represented as less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported.

Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher for Merck's Gardasil vaccine, has gone on record retracting many of her original findings re: this neuro-toxic vaccine. HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer, however, the HPV vaccine raises the risk of developing cervical cancer by over 44%. Over 90% of HPV clears by itself and Pap smears and cervical screenings are very adept at detecting abnormal cell dysplasia. Multiple sexual partners, unprotected sexual practices, and an unhealthy lifestyle/diet are also contributing factors to developing HPV.


It is a dangerous vaccine. I have provided CPR and Life saving skills on my daughter countless times since she was assaulted by this vaccine. I am confident I have done more research on Gardasil than any family doctor who is complaining about this publishing.

Sue Morgan

It IS dangerous. Vaccines, by definition, are unavoidably unsafe. That is why the corrupt vaccine court was set up in the first place. By definition. Unavoidably unsafe. People need to wake up.


We all need to get a subscription to Western New York Family magazine to show our support.


It seems that there are also more neurologists who are in agreement and willing to say that some girls are suffering some pretty bad side effects from the Gardasil vaccine.


Kudos to Ms. Miller for publishing Linda O'Connor's article. Western New Family Magazine should follow-up with a fully referenced report on HPV vaccine, prominently publishing the names of the physicians who complained. Let the public know not only about the HPV vaccine, but about the physicians who are so against informed consent that they would threaten Ms. Miller's livelihood to silence her. It should be a criminal offense for a physician to intentionally hide drug information or to distort the facts. Until a law is passed, at least let the public know who they are. Make their tactics backfire.


The interesting part is where Ms.Miller has offered space for a doctor to respond to what she had written AND a chance to discuss the issue on her radio program. They have not shown interest in doing this which is not surprising. They can spout off all they want about how many doses have been given but the VAERS data is pretty concerning, even for a passive surveillance system. This is another example of how real information is gradually being suppressed and people are getting fed up with it.

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