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Weekly Wrap:The Big Disconnect in Autism Coverage

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I've said many times that the media's failure to listen to parents who describe their child's descent into autism after vaccinations is appalling. The First Amendment was not created so that news outlets could help federal bureaucrats reach 98 percent coverage rates for the chickenpox vaccine. It was created to act as a check against government excess, denial and overreach.

So it really makes my skin crawl when i see something like the Arizona TV station report this week, headlined, "Study: Autism risk not increased by too many vaccines too soon.'" It begins:


PHOENIX -- A new study adds to years of research showing that childhood vaccines do not cause autism, despite worries among a growing number of parents that their young children receive "too many vaccines."

"Jalen has pretty severe autism," dad Jami Nielsen said of his son. "When they were 3, both boys went to get shots and within two to three days, all his language fell completely off."


The report goes on to quote the DeStefano/CDC study about how the antigens in vaccines don't correlate with a risk for autism. Even in the self-protective annals of the CDC, this study is a stinker.

But putting that aside, the fact that Jalen fell off a developmental cliff TWO OR THREE DAYS after vaccination ought to make somebody in the editing room at that TV station, or some mainstream outlet somewhere, sit up and take notice.

This happens all the damn time, people! These kinds of parental accounts, combined with the $2 billion plus awarded in vaccine court, including to Hannah Poling; the known properties of vaccination, and the concommitant rise of mercury and vaccines with the autism epidemic, are far more than enough to start asking tough questions.

It's not going to be very PC to say this, but one of the most vivid images from the end of World War II is the Allies making local villagers walk through a newly liberated concentration camp. The message was -- how can you say you did not know?

When the history of the Age of Autism is written, I hope that part of mainstream journalism's pennance is having to listen to parent after parent, hour after hour, describe just what Jami Nelson did. Healthy kids. Shots. And autism.

Just repeating "correlation does not equal causation" isn't anywhere near good enough. Correlation does not NOT equal caustion, either.

How can you say you did not know?


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



In reply to Carol questions about vaccinated measles immunity the truth is they don't know how long the immunity lasts or if its effective in the first place and the most important aspect whether its transferable via the womb. Looking back at wild measles epidemics babies under 1 year were rarely affected the age range was from 2 to 8 years mainly due to maternal antibodies passed to the baby. The role of priming the immune system by the process of exposure to infectious diseases is another area the medical profession are so reluctant to research. I wonder why.


Re: earlier posts talking about very early measles vaccination, I've read that early vaccination is necessary because, unlike mothers who've had natural measles infections, vaccinated mothers don't pass antibodies against measles on to their infants. If true, why is that? Do vaccinated mothers not have these antibodies or do they not have the right kind of antibodies?

Jeannette Bishop

I swear, if a vaccine-autism study gets published in a "peer-reviewed journal," and says what certain people want to hear in the summary then it fully qualifies for the appellation "good" study. Years ago, we already had a congressionally mandated review that found the question had not been answered even by the best epidemiology at the time, the initial Verstraeten study, and the quality just gets lower, not better (that should be the most telling part to anyone who truly wants to know the truth).

So, every year or so, for me at least it's like a double, maybe triple, kick in the gut or heart: a new "study" so bad that it can't absolve any of the guilt I have for apparently letting my child undergo a disabling experimental "healthcare" regimen nor help me help her, and such wide dissemination by complicit media that, added to guilt, there is the nearly impossible burden of somehow trying to warn and prevent the further harm that likely will happen due to this continued cover-up. The triple kick involves the stirring up of more questions of motivations.


David, Thank you for sharing your story about Leonard. That was quite a challenge he and his family faced.

When Bettleheim held such an influence on the refrigerator mother syndrome theory, mother's like my own were told they caused the condition. My mother, just like Bernard Rimland, and Temple Grandin's mother knew that was not true.

I too agree there was the diagnosis of mental retardation in the past. I saw a documentary on You Tube called "Autism Without Treatment" that takes place in an institution in 1968 (the year I was born) and they called the residents the severely mentally retarded. If you get a chance to see this documentary, it is obvious that these people had autism. There was alot of rocking and spinning. Pain, agony, and suffering were obvious too.

On the same note, many had been placed in institutions in the past and were not out in the community. Those numbers were of course not the 1 in 50 it is today.

Autism in the media rarely shows or mentions the older adults. My sister was one of few who was raised at home and was provided the best that was available. My parents are in advanced age now. My dad is not in good health. My mother is looking for a small group setting for my sister with about 3 other residents and continue to work in the sheltered workshop. I will be the successor as a conservator and just took care of this in court last month. I want to be able to make decisions for my sister's well being. My concern is my mother has been slow to getting around to the special needs trust.

David, I too hope for full accountability to those whose lives have been impacted.


I think it was Greg who was pondering on what the raw data showed in the DeStefano/CDC?offit study shows.

Jim Thompson

Lisa, thank you for sharing the email response, 4/1/2013, from Alycia Halladay from Autism Speaks. Unfortunately she responded with the following vaccine industry talking point.

“It remains possible that, in rare cases, immunization might trigger the onset of autism symptoms in a child with an underlying medical or genetic condition.”

And astonishingly this is very close to what Dr. Gerberding said when she was the director of the CDC. That was before she went on to be “…the president of Merck's Vaccine division. She is also Director of MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories Private Limited, a joint initiative between Merck and Wellcome Trust.” See .

This Autism Speaks email message ended with: “While we don’t expect this to change your mind, we did want to answer your concerns and give you the correct information.”

Well Lisa your concerns probably were not answered and the correct information is a probably inversely proportional to how much bias this organization exhibits. How much bias? See

--and-- .


Measles in Swansea taking national headlines and the same weekend the Guardian supplement with an article about the work of the Tommeys in the UK and the what Wakefield is up to now. The article was factual in accounts of the work of the Tommeys not so with Wakefeild. All in all a distressing read which clearly showed were there is austism there is a buck to be made

David H. Payne


David and Rhonda,

I also so know someone who has autism and is in their 50's as a matter of fact Leonard is probably about 56 now as he was about a year older than me. When I first met him he was about 15 and his cousin, my friend, told me that Leonard was retarded and that is why he could not speak. They were told that by their pediatricians. The last time I saw Leonard was about 35 to 40 years ago. I remember him quite well as he could not speak had no eye contact and struggled to socialize. He was my friends cousin so I was just nice to him and nice about everything concerning him.
It is my professional opinion that few if any children were diagnosed with AUTISM PER SE and in fact most people who had children like Leonard, especially blacks like Leonard, were told that the child was born mentally retarded. Most physicians and nearly all lay people did not even have a clue. I never saw an autistic patient in medical school and saw one at Shriner’s hospital in Spokane in 1991 in my 9 years of post graduate medical education. This is for all practical purposes the beginning of the cover up vaccine injured children that began in the 50’s. There was no way the drug lords of the pharmaceutical industry were going to let a bunch of blacks stand in their way and forestall the drug bonanza and boon that lay before them in the form of the vaccinations.
They simply wrote Leonard off as a retarded black kid “he was born that way” was now in its genesis and no one paid it much mind. The black parents in the 50’s were certainly not able to question the establishment much like parents today, they were simply brushed aside.

The pediatricians as a whole really are intellectually challenged as a group and further have either never fully acquired the ethos of their profession and therefore never embraced the ethical responsibilities that they were charged with or simply could not fathom the essence of being ethical above all else. This my friends is at the heart of the matter, the utter dereliction of ethical duty and conduct and the cover up of this dereliction by these same individuals and like minded drug lords and cronyism from political figures at large throughout past decades to the present.

Leonard had never been actually formally diagnosed with autism until recently and as a matter of fact his family had not even given it a second thought until I explained to them that Leonard was in fact autistic and recounted his echolalia lack of eye contact etc. The last time I saw Leonard I was a child myself yet his behavior was quite distinctive and easy to recollect and describe even for me at that time as a child. Indeed after a few conversations with the family the light bulb went on and some simple research on their part and a doctor visit confirmed my diagnosis to them to their shock and dismay.

The autism cover up has gone on for quite some time now but I believe in my heart of hearts that there will be relief for those and their families suffering with this man made plague and at some point those responsible will be held fully accountable.



And who in their right mind is going to trust a government who comes out and says, 'Guess what? We've just NOW discovered that what we've been doing to children for the past couple of decades is actually safe. We know that NOW.'

Didn't know that before? All those children subjected to a vaccine schedule that you just now found out is safe? Really?


Excellent letter. When I heard about the latest CDC protestation of a vaccine-autism link (they seem to come out with a "new" announcement to persuade the public that vaccines are safe about every month or so), my first thought was thou dost protest too much. Seeing the actual study abstract, I couldn't believe the crap they presented. According to the logic of this study, if 200 out of 1000 people that are given a drug report a reaction, it couldn't be the drug because all 1000 didn't react and in the exact same way. They must be counting on the public just reading the headlines, because no one with half a brain wouldn't realize that the "study" is nonsense.

no vac

@ Letthembegot

It is OK to borrow these data and disseminate. They belong to the Public. Please remember, that all the data I have shown pertain just to one year 2012. Totally VAERS shows 328 deaths caused by MMR vaccines, which means there were probably c. 6500 of them in US population. For EU population, it would come to nearly 11000 deaths just for this one vaccine.

Angus Files

Right on John..all happy to take the money they receive for ...I dont know what they do?? but ,they take the money and the Glam..and sod off!!

Shame on them


John Stone


Yes, indeed, why wouldn't Autism Speaks be concerned about research fraud relating to the community they purport to represent?

If you were to ask the British National Autistic Society a question like that they would probably refer back to the British government (who bail them out through various departments) i.e. 'There's not to reason why, There's but to do and lie'. But Autism Speaks is ostensibly an independent organisation, so why are they conducting this bureacratic non-converstion beyond the point of rudeness?



No Vac thank you for that helpful post. Just so you know I have borrowed some of your data.


For our info:
From Huff Po on UK measles outbreak

And a scathing article from the London Guardian


I am posting an email exchange I had this week with Autism Speaks, regarding the latest pro-vaccine propaganda, courtesy of the Journal of Pediatrics. I think this is revealing of the level of purposeful deceit...


Thank you for sending me a copy of the original study. I had time, after grading papers on Friday, to review it thoroughly.

First, allow me to point out that there is an error on p. 5. The chart at the top of that page is labeled "Total Cumulative Immunogens." I believe it is supposed to read "Maximum Number of Immunogens in One Day." You may wish to pass this along to Offit et al.

Second, despite your objections (below) to my original characterization of this study as comparing two groups of fully vaccinated children, it does indeed appear from this study that almost all of the children in both the case and control groups were heavily, if not fully, vaccinated, based on the number of antigens they had received by specific times. It appears the main difference in antigen levels is attributable only to whether the children received the whole cell pertussis vaccine or not.

Thus, once again I must reiterate, though I'm sure it won't change your mind, that this study is utterly useless.

Thank you again for your time.

Lisa Lewis

-----Original Message-----
From: Alycia Halladay
To: lewislisas
Sent: Mon, Apr 1, 2013 10:39 am
Subject: RE: CDC report

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for reaching out to Autism Speaks and expressing your concern. We would like to take the time to address your concerns with the CBS news report. Here is a link to Dr. Dawson’s comments about the study that came out on Friday:

I am attaching the publication for you to see for yourself. The study was designed to address the question of whether “too many vaccines too soon” was associated with an increased risk of autism. It did not compare two groups of fully vaccinated children to determine whether vaccines caused autism. The researchers answered this by studying the number of antigens children with autism and those without autism were exposed to at different times before 2 years of age. They found that there was no difference. Therefore, differing vaccine schedules (skipping or abstaining from vaccines) did not change risk of autism, or regression seen in autism.

Autism Speaks is funding studies on the underlying biology of autism, including studies to better understand medical and genetic conditions that are associated with autism. It remains possible that, in rare cases, immunization might trigger the onset of autism symptoms in a child with an underlying medical or genetic condition.

While we don’t expect this to change your mind, we did want to answer your concerns and give you the correct information.

All the best,
Alycia Halladay
Autism Speaks

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2013 1:17 PM
Subject: CDC report

To Autism Speaks:

As a teacher who deals, day in and day out, with the epidemic of autism, I am very concerned about comments your director made on national television yesterday regarding the the latest study purporting to show that vaccines don't cause autism. As you know, the study compared two groups of fully vaccinated kids, one group with autism and one group without, and concluded that since both groups received the same number of antigens, vaccines must not cause autism. The logic in this argument is so absurd that even some of my fifth-graders would laugh at it. The only thing this study shows is that among children who have been fully vaccinated, some developed autism and some didn't. We ALREADY knew this! No one in his right mind was suggesting that every child in America who has received the full vaccine schedule -- on schedule -- has developed autism. Obviously, the valid question here is whether some children have a genetic or environmental vulnerability that predisposes them to develop autism in response to one or more ingredients in the vaccines.

For many years now, the genuine truth seekers in this debate have been begging for the ONLY real study that would conclusively implicate or exonerate vaccines: A study of FULLY vaccinated vs UNVACCINATED kids.

If your organization really wants to find the truth, it should either 1) fund this study itself; or 2) insist that the government do so immediately.

Instead, you go on national television pretending that the above study exonerates vaccines.

My conclusion from this episode is that the people running your organization are NOT smarter than a fifth grader. As such, you have no business taking part in this debate at all.

I no longer support the research and advocacy of Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me.

Lisa Lewis
Concerned Teacher


Hi Greg,

Your Vaccine Proponents Playbook is an excellent award winning satire, which demonstrates your creative writing skills as well as your in depth knowledge. I hope that you can find some other places to post this online for more exposure to the general public. Most of us at AoA have "connected the dots" but so many people just do not realize their victimization by ongoing indoctrination .... obedient zombies blinded by the onslaught of propaganda in mainstrema media.

When speaking with people that I run into at the grocery store, Walmart etc. I always ask them "Do you have a computer?". Most people say YES of course, then I tell them to search online under "Vaccines and Autism". Otherwise, no one is going to get anything except more propaganda and lies from mainstream TV news, newspapers, and magazines.

Thank you Greg for posting this, it hits the nail on the head.

no vac

Comparing deaths from measles and MMR vaccines:

According to in 2012 there were over 7700 cases of measles in EU, but NOBODY died from this disease.

According to VAERS in 2012, 10 people (mostly young children) died from MMR vaccines. Because only about 5% of vaccine-induced injuries or deaths are reported to VAERS, this suggests that there could have been in fact about 200 MMR-induced deaths (in US population). Extrapolation of this number to EU population (c. 500 mills) suggests that there could have been about 300 deaths caused by MMR vaccines in EU (assuming similar vaccination rate).

VAERS also reports 258 SERIOUS complications (including encephalopaties) after MMR vaccines, which means that there were over 5000 of them in the US. For EU this number would have been over 8000.

Only fools would vaccinate their children now.

Vicki Hill

Jenny, I'm horrified to hear that young mothers are rushing to vaccinate children who are too young for the vaccine because they are frightened of...dare we say it?....MEASLES! Oh, my!

You see, I'm old enough to remember that I, and all my little friends, were purposely exposed to the measles because our moms wanted us to have the measles, get it over with, and thus have the natural immunity (as it was no big deal when you got measles as a kid, but getting measles as an adult was a much bigger problem). As for my own kids, by that time the measles vaccine was around (yes, I consented...but that was 2 decades ago), but I still purposely exposed my kids to chicken pox, giving them the illness and natural immunity. (Thankfully right before that vaccine came out.)

It is horrible to read that this generation has lost the basic knowledge about communicable diseases that previous generations had.


David, I have an autistic sister in her 50s. My sister works in a workshop with other afflicted adults. As I was growing up, I explained to people my sister had a very rare disorder, which was 1 in 10,000. In college, I mentioned my sister's autism, people would respond by saying they saw the movie Rain Main and had never heard about autism before. I never imagined one day, these statistics would be 1 in 50. Even though the adults are far and few between, they are out there, just not the 1 in 50. I saw a question asked in regards to nobody knowing these adults with autism and wanted to pass on the answer that I am in my 40s with an older sister with autism.



yes you are right, I did notice young babies too, what a shame there will no doubt be casualties as a result.

Regarding the Evening Post article the BBC mention, good on that man I say ! If only there were more doctors and journalists willing to speak out we may well see a step change and at last the proper level of scrutiny regarding vaccines and the research into autism. It may well take another vanguard journalist or two to bring the troops together as it all feels too fragmented.....thats the way the government, pharma, medics like it.


It is the 7th April and mid-afternoon here in Australia and I have just completed the Autism Awareness walk.

There were kids everywhere and bright coloured balloons blowing about in the wind, my son hates balloons!

BUT, the hubby thought we should join in, so he collected a balloon and printed on it was - Autism Speaks-! He dumped the balloon!

I was talking to a couple of parents and it became apparent that they worshiped the psychologist -Tony Attwood's point-of-view and didn't deviate from what he has told them.

( Tony's website now concentrates on Aspergers, in the past it was always Autism).

I left disappointed, knowing that another year will pass before the "so-called" experts recognise exactly what Autism is all about!

Thanks for your article Dan, I feel more comfortable in this world.

Elizabeth Gillespie

P.S My sons Autism is Iatrogenic!

no vac

IMO, the cardinal problem in present vaccine-induced genocide of children is the prevailing system of mafia-type capitalism, where the corporations can freely kill and maim people for profits and corporate media keep silence about that. This system is supported and fostered by the government. I am afraid that to change the pathological atmosphere around autism it will require change of the whole political and economical system. It is a herculean task.

Angus Files

This health story will NEVER get the (proper) media attention it deserves in the United States. So, here it is: an Italian court has recognized the sickening connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Big pharma can not hide the truth forever!

Well done again Dan..


Jenny Allan

Not quite. Re the Swansea, Wales, UK Measles outbreak:-

I have just watched the BBC TV late news and the 'scores of people' lining up for MMR vaccinations in Wales, were virtually ALL young mothers carrying babies, most of whom looked too young to receive the first MMR vaccine jab at 15 months. They are now vaccinating much younger babies, who will ultimately receive an extra dose of MMR vaccine, (3 jabs instead of 2.)

A British Medical Association spokesperson also claimed on the radio that most persons infected in this measles outbreak, were aged between 10 and 19 and had not been vaccinated as infants, due to the 1990s MMR concerns. Dr Wakefield, once again, is being blamed for this fiasco, even though he was and is pro measles vaccination. It was the UK Government which withdrew the NHS single measles vaccine choice. A South Wales Newspaper is now being blamed for publishing those MMR concerns following the 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet paper.
From above:-
"The BBC’s Today programme's Hywel Griffith reported today: "Health service officials claim that one of the main reasons Swansea is at the centre of the epidemic is because the local Evening Post ran a campaign raising concerns about the MMR vaccine in the late 90s."
A report in the Journal of Epedemiology and Health from 2000 linked the paper's "MMR Parent's fight for facts" campaign, started in the late 1990s, with a drop in MMR vaccinations in the paper's circulation area."


Karen Benedetta I am with you,

The world can never look the same to me but I am glad for the awakening. I will continue to support the cause and read and speak out but it needs direct action imho to break this thing.

I am watching a Measles outbreak in the UK and the news shows scores of people who previously rejected the jab lining up in their scores to now get the MMR. It just amazes me that so few people cannot see that there is something very wrong with the picture. And to an earlier point - about end game I have no choice now but to think it is Iatrogenocide.

Donna L.

It's not un-PC at all, Dan. They know, just as most of the local villagers knew what was going on in the death camps.
Same story, different characters. Only now, nobody has the decency or the courage to stop it.

"The victims perished not only because of the killers, but also because of the apathy of the bystanders. Those who perished were victims of Nazism and of society -- though to different degrees. What astonished us after the torment, after the tempest, was not that so many killers killed so many victims, but that so few cared about us at all."

-Elie Wiesel


Oops, correction to the comment I just posted (DSM-V, not IV):

Then the next statistics will be based on DSM-V definition so all comparisons will be off.


Doodle, that makes sense. The CDC last announced stats for children who were 8 years old in 2008 (born in the year 2000). Now, instead of coming out with stats for kids born in 2002 or 2004, the CDC has come out with that 1 in 50 rate based on a phone survey of children of all ages. So they can say, "We took out thimerosal but the rate didn't go down." Then the next statistics will be based on DSM-IV definition so all comparisons will be off.


Hey, Greg -- Great job! They're so transparent....


They don't call them "the corporate press" for nothing.

David Sulkoske

We need to shine a light on the better diagnosis explanation and do the real investigative reporting for them. If the rate of 1 in 88 has always existed (we just didn't know it), there are 2,510,896 autistic adults over age 21 out there...has anyone tried to find these people? Where are they? Who's taking care of them? Where's the story of the 70yo parent that died with a 50yo autistic son that they were taking care of found in the house rocking and staring at the wall?

How come it's only autistic children always being reported...who do you know in their 30's, 40's, 50's has the autistic brother, sister, aunt, uncle?

Cynthia Cournoyer

Just like a gambling addiction, you're in so deep there is no way out, and you usually start bumping into some really bad guys.

Sometimes the truth is so awful and wrapped in so much denial for so long, that unraveling it would open up endless Pandora's boxes, rivaling any horror movie ever conceived.


In the April 2013 issue of Smithsonian, "The Travel Issue," there's an article called "The Secret Life of Dirt" by Andrew Curry. Finland, he tells us, has the highest rate of Type 1 diabetes among children in the world. Furthermore, diabetes 1 has been on the rise in the industrialized world since the 1950s. Diabetes 1 isn't so bad in Russia because Russians are, well, pretty dirty compared to the hyper-clean Finns and dirt is good for some things. You may be surprised when I tell you that the proposed remedy for this diabetes epidemic is a vaccine.

Some of this might ring a bell for you. Googling immediately brings up this article: . Apparently the jaw-dropping increase in Finland has been since sometime in the 1980s with the incidence between birth and four years increasing around 4.7%...annually. (The Finns must have developed a recent addiction to Scrubbing Bubbles or something.) This increase in Type 1 diabetes parallels a similar meteoric rise in Type 1 diabetes in the Philadelphian under-five set since 1985. See this article: . Has urban Philadelphia also gone into hygiene overdrive?

Andrew Curry doesn't tell us about the parallel increase in Philadelphia or the timing of the massive increases in children. It's all Finnish clean freaks vs. Russian piggies post-WWII. But in the back of my mind is some idea that there has been a robust back-and-forth about the role of vaccines like Hib, HepB and MMR in pediatric diabetes. Yep, it's all there at my fingertips via Google Scholar, with the useful DeStefano (mentioned above) assuring everyone that there's no connection with vaccines. Perhaps that's why Curry never brings up vaccines in his article, not even to tell us the link has been debunked.

I guess you're not allowed to use things like Google at Smithsonian magazine, but the rest of us can. Hib, it seems, wasn't on the Russian vaccine schedule until the late aughts. Finland? Well, you can probably guess.

Victor Pavlovic



To the point and very good article, Dan.

Karin - I find it just wild that Univerisities do lip service to encourage teachers to teach kids not to beleive everything they hear,read, told but in reality - the very culture of the school teaches them to keep in line, and believe everything written down in text books.



The endgame is to stall until the autism rate in kids stabilizes so the big spike in the late 90's early 2000' passes out of reporting. This seems to be the plan for the UK also, until damage from the Urabe strain in MMR filters out of the system. This is what it looks like to me, in terms of basic steps.

1. Notice the problem of massive mercury does and autism (or Urabe strain and autism) and phase out dangerous products.

2. immediately begin statistics that show no drop in autism with stated reduction in mercury before it is phased out completely in the vaccines given to the cohort being studied.

3. As the worst-damaged cohort ages out of pediatric reporting, begin propaganda on acceptance being the only solution for autism.

4. Once cohort is fully out of pediatric reporting, introduce new method for statistical analysis of cohorts. Drop in autism rates can be attributed to new statistics instead of passing of mercury-damaged cohort through the system.

In the case of the UK, it looks like the plan is to just pretend that vaccines cannot cause injury and then aggressively attack anyone that says otherwise. I wonder how that will work after the Swine Flu narcolepsy disaster.

Anyhow, the plan seems pretty transparent to me.

Jim Thompson


Eva Mozes Kor spoke to a packed auditorium last week at South Dakota State University. These are the words she spoke as she recalled what happened (this recollection is also posted on ).

"When the doors to our cattle car opened, I heard SS soldiers yelling, "Schnell! Schnell!", and ordering everybody out. My mother grabbed Miriam and me by the hand. She was always trying to protect us because we were the youngest. Everything was moving very fast, and as I looked around, I noticed my father and my two older sisters were gone. As I clutched my mother’s hand, an SS man hurried by shouting, "Twins! Twins!" He stopped to look at us. Miriam and I looked very much alike. "Are they twins?" he asked my mother. "Is that good?" she replied. He nodded yes. "They are twins," she said.
Once the SS guard knew we were twins, Miriam and I were taken away from our mother, without any warning or explanation. Our screams fell on deaf ears. I remember looking back and seeing my mother's arms stretched out in despair as we were led away by a soldier. That was the last time I saw her."

Eva then told us how she and her sister survived Dr. Mengele’s experiments. Decades later she tried unsuccessfully to find Dr. Mengele. She concluded that he lived a full life with no one prosecuting him for his monstrous crimes “for the greater good of society.”

Her message to doctors and researchers today is “put yourself in the patient’s shoes. Would you want this to happen to you?”

So why doesn’t anyone in the media business travel to Denmark with a cell phone camera and report on the whereabouts of Dr. Poul Thorsen?


They cannot say they are just doing their job. They are not!


For me, autism is a horrific example of the power of false beliefs: people are brainwashed to think a certain way and will not see, deny, reject, attack, any evidence contradicting their beliefs. Even if it is happening right under their nose, they won't see it.

This autism experience is making me question just about any aspect of the reality we live in: how much is 'real', and how much is conditioning and brainwashing from an early age, by community, authorities, media, etc...?


I find reasoning with the provaxers to be so useless that it's better to use satire. Don't know if any of you have come across my mocking 'Vaccine Proponents Playbook' comments on the net. Thought you guys could use the laugh, so I will share them:

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument One: We love Scientific Studies.

Look! We are science people. We love scientific studies. We welcome any study on the relationship between vaccines and autism. As it stands, the good people at pharma have funded numerous robust and rigorous studies proving unequivocally that there is no link between vaccines and autism. What? You want us to do one more study comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children? Well, where are we going to find so many unvaccinated children? Such a study would be really difficult. It’s unethical to withhold vaccines from children. We will have no part of such a study! We love scientific studies though.

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Two: Curse The ‘Quacks’ And Their Internet

Despite your stonewalling, the anti-vaxers will continue to hound you to the point that you feel compelled to relieve stress by cursing them and their Internet. Do so tactfully by following the script below:

‘The Internet is home to a legion of quacks, conspiracy theorists that like nothing better than to spew the most outrageous lies and misinformation about vaccines. Through their insidious campaign they sew unfounded doubts in the mind of parents and endanger the public good. These individuals are the ultimate menace to society. All decent people should avoid getting vaccination information from the Internet because it's infested with the views of these rabid trolls. Being that they hate vaccines so much, we lament that they did not develop the worst bouts of polio and meningitis, thereby rendering them terminally incapacitated and unable to spew their nonsense.’

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Three: A Coincidental Thing

Parents doubt us when we tell them that autism after vaccination is a coincidental thing. Hopefully, the latest scientific discovery will change this. A parallel universe with a twin planet earth has been found. On this new earth everything is the same except kids don't get vaccinated. Interestingly, around 18 months of age some of these kids suddenly come down with a fever and develop measles like rashes over their body. They will also scream and cry inconsolably for hours. After this, they will start to lose their words and other previously acquired skills. The downward spiral continues with their ‘stimming’ behaviour, followed by the full onset of autism. These finding may come as a shock to many. We, however, are not surprised and have been saying all along that autism is unrelated to vaccines.

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Four: MMR And Thimerosal Studies Mean Everything

When the anti-vaxers attack us, after the Wakefield Card (see argument 7) our next best defence are our MMR and Thimerosal studies. Employing them effectively requires that we do so in the craftiest fashion. Yes, we know that MMR is only one vaccine and thimerosal is also only one vaccine ingredient. This, however, should not hinder us. Refer to the MMR and Thimerosal studies as implying that ALL vaccines and vaccine ingredients have been vindicated. Further, continue trumpeting these studies as being so conclusive that further researches studying the cumulative effect of vaccines, or comparing vaccinated/unvaccinated populations are simply unnecessary.

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Five: The Benefits Outweigh The Risk

Despite all the stonewalling, evasions, obfuscations, deceptions, and outright lies… Despite all these things the other side still produces inescapable evidence that vaccines do harm and you have no choice but to concede this. Don’t hesitate though to follow-up that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks. Here you should also definitely rehash all the harrowing tales of disease ravages prior to the advent of vaccines. Being also that this may likely be the first time throughout the debate that you are venturing in an area of truth, relax and enjoy retelling such carnage. Be warned though that your comfort may be short lived. An unsettling thought may start creeping in that epidemic numbers of the past may not really outweigh the current tsunami of 1 in 6 kids with brain damaged autism and other impediments such as adhd and speech delays. Hearing parents mention that they would prefer to have a child die of a vaccine preventable disease than live with the scourge of autism may also cause you further guilt pangs. Frustrated, you may even start wondering if it’s just not better to fess up about vaccines and have parents make their own informed choice. Resist these traitorous thoughts!! Comparing disease epidemics of the past to the current autism inferno should never be of concern to you. Instead, you must continue to toe the party line and deny to the bitter end that vaccines are related to autism!

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Six: Everything Causes Autism Except Vaccines

The anti-vaxers are so frustrating. They just don’t believe us when we tell them what really causes autism. Autism is caused by abused mothers, old mothers, fat mothers, stressed mothers, old fathers, old grandfathers, fathers in their 40s marry women in their 20s, engineer and tech parents, having siblings too close together, women not taking folic acid during pregnancy or having a fever or flu during pregnancy, lack of vitamin D, c-section deliveries, low birth weight, living too close to a highway, lots of rainfall, air pollution. Everything causes autism except vaccines!

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Seven: The Wakefield Card

No matter how well reasoned and logical an anti-vaxers arguments are, always rebut them by reminding them that Wakefield was discredited. For instance, they say that tens of thousand of parents report their child dramatically regressed into autism following vaccination. You remind them that Wakefield was discredited. They say that the autism explosion coincides precisely with the expanded vaccination schedule. Again, you remind them that Wakefield was discredited. They say that autistics have seizures, brain inflammation and other autoimmune issues that vaccines are known to cause, vaccine courts compensate for damages leading to autism, vaccines have never been tested for their long-term safety… (You know!)

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Eight: Autism Is Not So Bad

When discussing autistics personally, always make reference to only high functioning autistics that are well adjusted in society. Never – and I repeat NEVER – mention non-verbal autistics, who scream, head bang, and are still in diapers. Continue with the accolades discussing how great individuals such as Einstein were suspected of being autistic. Refer to the excellent memory and recall skills of autistics and praise them for their savant abilities. Discuss how they are an evolutionary advancement. If the other side ever force you to concede that autism is not always a picnic, quickly counter by explaining it’s not really a disability, just a different way of being. Argue how it’s a common, childhood affliction to be celebrated. Leave no parent feeling that he or she is unfortunate for having an autistic child.

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Nine: Better Diagnosis

Back in 1995 when the Autism rate went from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 500 we told them that the sudden rise was due to better detection. We were concerned that this explanation would not wash, but incredibly they believed it! In 2007, the rate jumped exponentially to 1 in 150 leaving us no choice, so in desperation we used the better diagnosis argument again. Could you believe it folks? Astoundingly, they fell for it, again! Now that the rate is 1 in 50 we are still saying its better detection and they are still buying it! Our luck is just not running out! Their gullibility is beyond words. We are starting to wonder if we were to tell them that they rate is really 1:1 and they too are autistic but we missed them whether they would also believe us.

Vaccine Proponents Playbook, Argument Ten: Terminologies

When debating the anti-vaxers its most effective to maintain an air of supremacy and dismiss them out of hand with the following labels. Please familiarize yourself with their definition.

‘Quack’ – Any person who utters anything negative about vaccines, regardless of the truth-value of his or her comments.

‘Conspiracy Theories”—Any theories given by an anti-vaxer no matter how logical, well reasoned, and expertly supported.

‘Pseudo-science’ – Any science that shows vaccines in a negative light, regardless of it being a well established principle.

Now with a feign look of contempt and exasperation, practice using these words in the insult below:

‘Can you believe this quack, spurting his conspiracy theories, backed up by his pseudo-science’?


72 percent of the nation's editorial pages endorsed Richard Milhous Nixon for a second term- despite the fact that he was a low, crooked hustler, surrounded by neo facists. Woodward and Bernstein were crime reporters, not investigative journalists, when they scooped the entire national press corp with the Watergate break in story.
After the story broke, the Fourth Estate got serious. Present jornalistic company excluded, your post today Mr Olmstead simply reinforces the image of our national press corp as a bunch of self snsorbed, simple minded monkey-hacks who concentrate more pn how to suck up to the powee elite rather than question authority. Another case in point (besides Iatrogenic Holocaust Denialism) is the obscene boosterism for Iraq war by national media.



It's all a racket, a con of the most epic proportion! These people are not stopping short of trying to usurp reality and have us doubt our most basic senses and experience, and it's kind of scary how much they are succeeding. But, surely their big lie cannot go on forever? This leads me to wonder: What exactly is their endgame? Are they bidding their time, hoping to develop drugs to treat autism? Could it also be that they don't have an endgame, and they are just hoping and praying for things to figure themselves out in their favour?


Bob Moffitt

Dan .. it would not surprise me to hear main-stream "journalists" defend themselves by making the same morally-ethically bankrupt claim as did those who aided and abetted Hitler's "final solution" .. something to the effect of:

"We were just reporting what we were told to report".

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