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Nancy Snyderman's Latest Panic: It's a Cin-namon.

CinnamonBy Katie Wright

According to the new issue of “Pediatrics” there is a terrifying new health crisis gripping American teens: “The Cinnamon Challenge!” Thank God for Dr. Nancy Synderman for alerting parents like me of this pediatric crisis sweeping the nation.

Cue the ominous music! The Synderman segment on “The Today Show,” began with Dr. Nancy “sounding the alarm on the Cinnamon Challenge!” Evidently some dim-witted teens are uploading videos onto the Internet of themselves trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. Apparently, according to Dr. Nancy, ingesting large amounts of cinnamon CAN be dangerous.

You are very welcome. I know how many parents out there are there are so grateful to me for sharing Dr. Nancy’s message. That’s right, swallowing large amounts of cinnamon (and maybe paprika and coriander too!) is dangerous. If you are doing this STOP! You are setting a bad example for your impressionable teens! Consider putting a lock on your spice drawer. It is up to you to protect your family and potentially save your child’s life!

The Dr. Synderman segment cut to petrifying video of coughing cinnamon covered teens. It may not be appropriate footage for all to see, so you are forewarned. Synderman informs us that the true danger of “The Cinnamon Challenge” is that the ingestion of cinnamon triggers a gag reflex. This phenomena is artfully illustrated in a video of a coughing teen spewing cinnamon all over his clothes shouting, “Oh my God!” Oh my God indeed! Then- yes it gets worse- there is footage and audio of an ambulance blaring down the street, supposedly taking this cinnamon injured teen to the hospital. I only hope this boy survives…

Dr. Nancy interviewed a pediatrics professor  who informed the viewer that the “Cinnamon Challenge” is on the rise and has serious consequences. The pediatrician warns us that the “Cinnamon Challenge” can lead to inflammation and pain! Hmmmm…inflammation and pain….where have I heard that before? My son’s autism is a direct result of brain and body inflammation, which causes tremendous pain…but Dr. Nancy doesn’t report on that….and I have yet to see one “Pediatrics” article which really addresses the kind of brain and body inflammation autism which affects a million kids.

Where was this alarm when the CDC issued the new 1 in 50 American kids has autism number? Oh no, this did not seem to really concern Dr. Nancy or the AAP. Clearly autism is over diagnosed and the new numbers just represent high functioning kids who need a little extra help. Learn the signs and everything will be OK! Even the CDC got in the act warning parents that the CC is dangerous and could lead to parents having to call poison control! It is great to see that the medical community really knows which battles to fight. I am thrilled they are prioritizing the battle against cinnamon. Thank God, someone finally had the courage to take on Marie McCormick and her evil empire of spices.
Teenagers will always do some stupid things. But how dumb are you if you need to be told swallowing cinnamon is a bad idea? We can’t save everyone from themselves. For heaven’s sake this is a health crisis worthy of an article in “Pediatrics?”

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the medical community focus on a real pediatric crisis for a change- autism. Rather than working hard to play down the number, why not focus on what is causing the autism epidemic and how to help children, especially sick ASD children (they are medical doctors after all), living now.

As for Dr. Nancy’s scary story all I can say is don’t blame the cinnamon.

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.






A search for 'vaccines + autism' on Pediatrics returns 4,210 hits.

'Autism + mercury' returns 1347.

'Autism + genetics' returns 3725.

A search for 'cinnamon' returns 17, only one of which refers to this practice.

Are you sure that Pediatrics is ignoring autism in favor of cinnamon?


Funny thing, this, the whole hullabaloo about the 'cinnamon challenge' came out just as information about the age-old flu remedy of honey and cinnamon began spreading on the internet. They wouldn't want people to discover a natural flu remedy just as they were launching their annual vaccine-induced flu epidemic, now would they?


I just want to add about my last post re the Food Revolution Summit, that these presentations are not about dietary interventions for autism, but I think still have valuable information.


Thanks for posting the MIT glyphosate paper. I think too, that vaccines are the major culprit, but that we are all getting hit from all sides environmentally, with young and old the most vulnerable. But let's not fool ourselves, while the rate of childhood diseases is increasing, middle aged adults aren't very healthy either, with rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases skyrocketing. Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology has been reporting on the hazards of glyphosates for years, especially with regard to GM technology. FYI, this week, John and Ocean Robbins, are hosting their second annual online "Food Revolution Summit", which is free http://www.foodrevolution.org/summit#.UX2hBbWsh8E. Jeffrey Smith was interviewed today. I listened in last year and it was excellent.


Barbara J
I have handeled carelessly - When it finally came along after mine had been vaccine damaged. I admit I have for years.
I should not have.
but it is smoke and mirrors Barbara J - it is not on your corn or in your corn that you eat.

However there is a lot of worry that the genetic modified corn may have extra pesticide protein in it, and they also have modified the corn so it it resistant to the glycophosate - so they can just on into the fields and spray corn and weeds - kill the weeds and leave the corn. The glycophosphate breaks down really fast - but this genetically modified corn is what I am afraid of.

But cheer up because it looks like we are in luck with it -- reports are coming in that this modified corn is giving lower yields in production. I hope so - cause in spite of a carb free diet - I do make corn bread with course grain now and again.

barbara j

Benedetta, I agree, I have no doubts that vaccines have caused this new epidemic of regressive autism, however, as that paper suggests, this dangerous omnipresent pesticide may factor in "somewhere" for many. It mentions mitochondrial disruption,which in some cases may set the stage for vaccine induced autism. It mentions the change in bowel flora.. I will continue to not vaccinate, my youngest has never had a vaccine, yet he's surely had his share of glyphosate exposure through corn products in most everything we eat. I feel guaranteed he will not develop autism unless he gets a vaccine. BTW, I have seen autism develop in a five year old who was vaccinated late, it happens..yet because he was five he was diagnosed pddnos...too late for autism?
A quote from ..http://nobull.mikecallicrate.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/GlyModern-diseaseSamsel-Seneff-13.pdf
"These include digestive issues, obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s disease,
depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases, and cancer, among others. While many other
environmental toxins obviously also contribute to these diseases and conditions, we believe that
glyphosate may be the most significant environmental toxin, mainly because it is pervasive and it is
often handled carelessly due to its perceived nontoxicity."


Granted, this product must be prescribed by a licensed health care provider, but look at the
benefits. Who knew?



Barbara J.
My kids reacted to their vaccines way before this stuff came out.
THey were about 12 years old when my Dad brings his sprayer to our farm and says this beats you out there weedeating miles and miles of fence.

So back to the theory of each generation being more and more vaccinated, and building on to more and more something.

barbara j

Why we can not vaccinate our kids. Simply they have been biologically disrupted, and can not detoxify a vaccine in the way previous generations could. Maybe?? Probably??http://nobull.mikecallicrate.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/GlyModern-diseaseSamsel-Seneff-13.pdf


Must be all those pharma drugs Snyderman's addicted to..... what a loon!


The problem is she is a shill for Big Pharma and not Schilling.

Jeannette Bishop


Birgit Calhoun

In actuality it would be very dangerous to coat your lungs with cinnamon powder. There is no way to scour the lungs to get rid of the coat of brown powder.

On the other hand the Snyderman cinnamon powder method could be used as a teaching tool that could show the dangerousness of mercury vapor. You just use cinnamon powder and pretend it's mercury vapor. Then you explain what cinnamon does and presto mercury becomes dangerous. Mercury is the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil substance. As a cinnamon cloud, it becomes powerfully obvious what it might do and how dangerous it can be.

In the same vein, pardon my pun, cinnamon could be used in vaccines to show that they are not just clear water but contain this brown substance that stands for all the adjuvants including mercury preservative.

I don't really mean that; I am joking!

Not an MD

Well, then, I guess I had better hide the humongous container of cinnamon I purchased at Costco from my vaccine damaged children. I can just see them with their oral sensory issues taking a large tablespoon and scooping the cinnamon out of the container to shove it willingly into their mouths. What a frightening danger that cinnamon poses to them!

Just when you start to think poisons like mercury, aluminum, and all manner of excipients are a big problem, Dr. Nancy comes and sets the record straight about what is truly dangerous. What a blessing that Dr. Nancy is!


@Lisa: No, it's not the mothers that are responsible for the cinnamon-gulping teens. It's just better diagnosing.


At least they now ask,

"are you allergic to mercury or aluminum?" when you get your flu shot...

Have they placed the odds on the need for a special H7N9 bird flu shot for 2013 ?

Thank goodness we NOW KNOW "Autism is a plecenta problem" that shows up at about 18 months and causes head banging and diarrhea, these scientists are so amazing...

and we have Dr. Nancy to explain it all...


I think it is the mothers who are to blame for the cinnamon situation. Clearly there is something in either their genetics, weight, geographical location or choice of aging partners that has produced these wildly out of control cinnamon gulpers whose numbers are skyrocketing according to scientific evidence {you-tube}. More studies urgently needed...Send money.

Donna L.

Aw, doesn't Nancy know anything by now? If it really was that dangerous, they'd be mandating it for newborns.

 Michelle B.

Whew! Thanks for this Katie!

So let me get this straight, mercury and aluminum are safe, but cinnamon is dangerous.

Got it!

Leslie Manookian

Perhaps there is another motive in Dr. Nancy's piece: to undermine our trust in foods and other natural substances that can heal us. Cinnamon is a superstar in regulating blood sugar and provides a very cheap and accessible tool for diabetics and those with pre-diabetes to help regulate their blood sugar. But of course the AAP and the drug industry wouldn't want anyone to think that food could heal nor that people might be able to treat themselves. No, treatment is strictly the purview of trained professionals from the AAP armed with the weapons of the drug industry. And of course there is the money. Not much money for the AAP or drug industry in people buying cinnamon.

Anne Dachel

Let's see, according to Dr. "Just get the damn vaccine" Nancy, injecting mercury and aluminum into babies and pregnant women is fine and dandy, but swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon is "a dumb idea."

If Dr. Nancy looked at this like she looks at vaccines, all the coughing, gagging, and vomiting would just be COINCIDENCE. She'd be saying, "Just swallow the damn cinnamon!"

Anne Dachel, Media


McCormick and other spice companies have studies to prove that is was not too much cinnamon causing the gage reflex, but the teens own fingers administering the cinnamon to the throat.

Alan D Wilson CEO of MaCormick says it is not the spice companies fault that these kids have long fingers and short throats.


The other day I was channel surfing and I came across "Anderson". He was talking to someone who was in hysterics on the phone: (paraphrasing) "It's the worst I've ever seen!! The hospitals are full!! Get your flu shots!!!!!" she screeched. It was Nancy. I finally figured out it was a repeat but not filmed during the H1N1 scare but only a few months ago. Seriously? Now I know why someone like Anderson would hang on to her every word, but why does anyone else listen to her?

Christine Thompson


I hope Cinnamon Disease Control (CDC) points out that the "Cinnamon Challenge" has nothing to do with ingesting too much cinnamon. The behavior of these children is puzzling. The Cinnamon Challenge may appear to be on the rise but it's just really more awareness and better diagnosing. Dr. Paul Offit insists young people can have thousands of doses of it in one shot with no ill effects. However, pregnant mothers shouldn't eat fish who may have toxic levels of cinnamon in their systems. Dental work due to eating cinnamon hard candy should be avoided during pregnancy.

John Stone


Plus, of course, polio eradication is a false priority leading to more havoc:




And this went out on Reuters yesterday: "Health groups said on Thursday they could rid the world of polio by 2018 with a $5.5 billion vaccination and monitoring plan to stop the disease taking hold once more now there are only a handful of cases worldwide."
How about sending that $5.5 billion towards autism? I think there are more than a handful of cases of that worldwide.

I think we need a major shift in priorities.


We live in a sick society where aberrant behavior abounds. As one wise young person commented about the cinnamon challenge, "stupid kids grow up to be stupid adults". I would add that those stupid adults sometimes become doctors on TV. Others become scientists who can't wait to tamper with biological systems that they don't understand.

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