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Guardian UK This Comment Removed By A Moderator

Anne"Anne Dachel
22 April 2013 6:28pm
This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted."
Here is the comment that was published and then removed.
The essence of Ms Chew's article is that autism is a genetic disorder that is inevitable.

There is no evidence that children are born with autism. My son wasn't. He didn't stop talking, stop looking at me and start showing all the signs of autism until he was vaccinated into his disability. Thousands upon thousands of parents say the same thing: theirs was a child that was born healthy and was developing normally until they received certain routine vaccinations.

This piece asks a question that isn't relevant because no official can tell us the cause of autism. The scary fact is that a once rare disorder is now so common we all know someone with an autistic child and we are being brainwashed into autism acceptance. This makes no sense.

Autism is an epidemic and there's never been a genetic epidemic in human history. Something is affecting the normal development of a generation of children and we have to stop covering up the truth.Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism
Kristina Chew, the mother of a son with ASD and an outspoken member of the autism community, published an article in the Guardian in the the UK on April 22, 2013. The title was sobering, Would you abort a disabled child?
And while the headline referred only to "a disabled child," a great deal of the focus was on children with autism.  Chew started the article by asking, "If you found out the baby you're expecting would be autistic, what would you do?"
She continued:
"Currently there is no prenatal genetic test for autism, the neurological developmental disorder that numerous children - 1 in 88 or even 1 in 50 - are being diagnosed with. Such prenatal tests exist for other conditions such as Down's syndrome. On learning their fetus could have this intellectual disability, between 70 and 85% of pregnant women in the US choose abortion, writes Amy Julia Becker, whose 7-year-old daughter Penny has Down's syndrome, in The Atlantic." 
Chew went on to talk about autism as a genetic disorder. She described what autism is like for her son.

"Scientists have been making gradual but continued progress in finding genes linked to autism, so the prospect of a prenatal text is not out of the question and it is often forced me to ask myself the tough question: would I have aborted my disabled child?

If I had known before Charlie was born that he would be severely autistic, I would still have decided to have him. I remember my OB-GYN finishing her explanation of amniocentesis by saying that "you just need to know your options" in case something "was wrong". I had long felt Charlie moving inside me. With memories from my college days advocating for a woman's right to control her body echoing in my head, I said to myself, Charlie's not even born, but I can't imagine life without him.

"Weeks shy of his 16th birthday, Charlie is a loving young man with profound challenges. He attends a school specifically for students with severe behavior problems and will always need 24/7 care. His EEGs reveal brain abnormalities that confound neurologists: Charlie does not have seizures but, at times, something goes 'off' in his brain. The last time this occurred, we had to call 911 and were soon surrounded by a crowd of police and EMTs."

Chew then turned to the impact autism is having on society.

"April has been dubbed Autism Awareness Month and also Autism Acceptance Month. Understanding the differences of autistic individuals also means recognizing that caring for an autistic person profoundly changes people's lives, affecting career choices and relationships. An expecting mother confronted with the news that her unborn child may have a disability isn't the only one who has to make 'incredibly painful' decisions.

"Autistic individuals have a normal life expectancy. Every choice we make for Charlie influences his entire life and ours. What if we choose wrong and he ends up neglected in a state facility, sedated with drugs rather than (as he does every weekend with his dad) enjoying bike rides on nature trails? What will happen after we are dead? Who will seek out Charlie's favorite bagels and sit with him through bouts of anxiety-fueled insomnia?"

Chew ended her piece with this ominous comment:

"As I walk behind Charlie (he's almost six feet tall with a stride to match), I know I can't imagine life without him. I regret none of the choices I've made. But given the state of services for adults like Charlie, I can only fear. Faced with the results of a prenatal test about their unborn child, we must still have the right to choose what to do."

This was very disconcerting for a number of reasons.  First of all, the not-too-subtle message here is that kids are born autistic.  When we have perfected genetic testing, it may be possible to detect which children will develop autism while they are still in the womb.  This is a complete surrender to autism.  Autistic children happen; there's nothing we can do to prevent it.

No longer are we blaming cold, unaffectionate refrigerator moms for autism. Now we have our sites on the parents with defective genes that produce autistic babies.  There's no mention of kids who are fine and who meet every developmental milestone but who suddenly regress into autism. Even asking the question makes no sense.  How can a disorder that no one ever heard about just 25 years ago now be something babies are born with? 

After reading the article, I posted my own comment, which was published. Here it is:

The essence of Ms Chew's article is that autism is a genetic disorder that is inevitable.

There is no evidence that children are born with autism. My son wasn't. He didn't stop talking, stop looking at me and start showing all the signs of autism until he was vaccinated into his disability. Thousands upon thousands of parents say the same thing: theirs was a child that was born healthy and was developing normally until they received certain routine vaccinations.

This piece asks a question that isn't relevant because no official can tell us the cause of autism. The scary fact is that a once rare disorder is now so common we all know someone with an autistic child and we are being brainwashed into autism acceptance. This makes no sense.

Autism is an epidemic and there's never been a genetic epidemic in human history. Something is affecting the normal development of a generation of children and we have to stop covering up the truth.Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

To my surprise, the Guardian removed my comment after a couple of hours.  My photo was still there along with the explanation that what I said "didn't abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted." 
 I looked at the standards at the Guardian and they warned that comments that were "personal attacks, extremely offensive, or threatening are not tolerated." 
Likewise, opinions that involved sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech are not allowed.  Spam is also not permitted. 
I looked over my comment.  I didn't attack Chew personally.  I used no term that could be considered offensive or vulgar.  I merely pointed out the increased prevalence of autism and all the parents who say that their child was fine until they were vaccinated.  I explained that autism is now an epidemic---something that couldn't be caused solely by genetics.
The Guardian doesn't allow free speech.  Pure and simple.  I've posted endless comments on literally thousands of stories over the last 15 years, challenging the opinions of doctors, health officials, and reporters.  I've been attacked by lots of people who disagree with me.  This is a very heated issue.  For the Guardian to delete my comment because it brought up the controversy that isn't tolerated in Britain today, is nothing less than censorship. 
It seems the free exchange of ideas can't happen in Britain when the subject touches on vaccines and autism.  The First Amendment we take for granted allows anyone to voice an opinion, but it has no place at the Guardian in the UK.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Thats a wonderfull essay..And that the Guardian did not post it I find so inhuman..Discovered your comment true a google search about "guardian comment guidelines" which has baffled me too..

Yours showed that the Guardians "free comment" is not about "language of abuse" as also in my case but about blocking free speech due to protecting certain people who benefits from taking care of among other our less "unfortunate individuals"..Apparently the Guardian-not even to mention other newspapers in the UK-are run in their "moderating" department by government officals and not inhouse employees? this is what I learned researching the issue..

Hope your son will do great in the future..Autists are among our biggest assets we just need to know how "to cash in" if you get my drift for both them and us and give them a the quality of life they deserve..Wonderfull comment..And shame on you Guardian..Again..

White Rose

Come on Alain , "age of vaccines" , "age of autism" , same thing for me .

As I said to you before , if you are so sure I am wrong , then vaccinate yourself to oblivion (and your family) , you'll soon enough find out I'm an honest man , and the people you consider to be the trustworthy ones , are in fact complete and total liars .

Vaccines are the cause of autism , and vaccine reputation is in tatters , it is a failed technology and is being used for criminal purposes in my opinion .


"Well, imagine how powerful the study would have been if it also simultaneously addressed the 'too many too soon' adjuvants meme. On this note, the Orac group criticizes us for 'shifting the goalposts' when we ask for other vaccine components to be investigated."


In T. Colin Campbell's new book, _Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition_, he calls this flawed perspective "reductionism". From the introduction:

"Part II looks at the reason it's so hard for so many not to just accept, but even notice, the health implications of this research: the mental prison, or paradigm, in which Western science and medicine operate, which makes it impossible to see the obvious facts that lie outside it. For many reasons, we now operate under a paradigm that looks for truth only in the smallest details, while entirely ignoring the big picture. The popular expression 'can't see the forest for the trees' makes the point well, except that there's much more at stake here than just trees and forests. Modern science is so detail obsessed that we can't see the forest for the vascular cambium and secondary phloem and so on. There's nothing wrong with looking at details (I spent most of my research career doing just that); the trouble occurs when we start denying that there is a big picture, and stubbornly insist that the narrow reality we see, heavily laden with our own biases and experiences, is all there is.

The fancy word for this obsession with minutiae is reductionism. And reductionism comes with its own seductive logic, so that people laboring under its spell can't even see that there's another way to look at the world. To reductionists, all other worldviews are unscientific, superstitious, sloppy, and not worthy of attention. All evidence gathered by non-reductionist means - presuming that research can get funding in the first place - is ignored or suppressed."


At times he was spacey - yes.
And his mother after she took her flu shots faithfully for a decade had dementia and heart arthymias.

What my two nephews had, what my daughter at two years old- , what my son had, what my husband had --and now a grand nephew has (after his vaccines)- ALL had-- for lack of a better name was Vasculitis. But there were lots of other names too along the way too - like mitochondria myopathy, oxidation Phosphorylation -Kawasakis, bronchitis, asthma, febrile seizures, lupus, mythensis gravis, tourettes, PDD-NOS, bipolar, depression, - I am sure I am leaving out a bunch.

but back to vasculitis -
Who among us seems to be the most prone to ischemia that comes with vasculitis- answer would be infants and the elderly. And Autism to me only describing a certain kind of brain injury that is affecting the part of the brain that involves language and social- if you are darn lucky that is all it does.
And by the way that injury must involve the pituitary for it sure is linked in with hormones and seems to linger in those areas.

Meanwhile Alain: the skies will turn a strange green shade, the hail comes, the wind sounds like a train and the house swirls up into the air. I say it was a tornado, but the guys from the Univerisity that studies meterology tells me it was probably straight line winds and it will be a while before they can determine which it was; a tornado, or straight line winds. But I know what happen to my house. I would like to somehow save others - Of course we have no control over the weather unlike vaccine combos and frequent boosters.


You seem to be incorrect in your assumption here.
Direct quote from the preamble to the autism criteria in the DSM IV TR
"The condition is sometimes observed in association with a neurological or other general medical condition (e.g. fragile x syndrome and tuberous sclerosis).
( pg 72 in my copy of the fourth edition)
It would seem that unless there is a change which excludes medical conditions, then vaccine injury can certainly result in autism, assuming the criteria for an autism diagnosis are met..
As you know, one of the major requirements for an autism diagnosis is impaired speech.
It seems that if a child develops speech and then loses it ( after seizures or vaccines, for example) then a part of the brain that previously had been working is now damaged.

With regard to a previous comment, kids I have known born with neurological damage/ or differences ( for example ACC) don't normally meet all normal developmental milestones, particularly with speech.

I'd be interested in knowing where you get your figures about these children meeting normal milestones? I do understand that with tuberous sclerosis evidence shows that the kids can progress normally until seizures cause brain damage.)
On a happier note, congratulations on being published.
All the best,



Autism is a diagnostic of exclusion; it is made after we exhaust everything else and when there's no iatrogenic causes and that is despite all your attempt to blame vaccines because there is no cause for which there is a large consensus of doctors agree on said cause. We'll see a cause when the DSM and ICD agree on a cause.

In the case of vaccines injury, there is a cause so it in this case, the cause is vaccine injury with or without autism like features (did you husband turn autistic after his vaccine?)



Her son does not have autism?
You do know there are different types of it don't ya?
PDD-NOS, Aspergers and classic.

Nope, you are right -- at the time my was starring off into space, he was looking out of the corners of his eyes, and not speaking -- they did not use the word autism.

We were sitting round perplexed.
They were saying things like --- these kids damaged by the DPT shots are showing autism like symptoms.

Oh so it is not autism just autism like symptoms.

My neighbor asked me if I knew what autism was -- I said Yeap, I watched the movie "Rainman" in which she gave a sigh and patted me on the back.

When we finally got into school they said oh, he is pervassive developmental delayed not other wise specified.

Oh then - thank God he does not have autism.
But by the 6 grade I wonder if he has absentee seizures - pretty sure of it .

But really high big fancy child devlopment cost an arm and a leg said -- he has tourettes.

Well what about the school's PDD-NOS and what is that anyway.

You mean that kind of Barbara's son don't have autism. Nor mine?

all righty then - glad we got that straighten out.

Alain are you sure you have not had your nose in a book some where so long that you have not seen the real world?

Hmmmm; my son is sort of like that with his video games.


"Barbara Lou Fisher never had no ultra sound done on her."

Spare me BLF, his son is not autistic. BTW, is this the Age of Autism or the Age of Vaccines Injury non-specific to autism here? I was specifically speaking about autism.



Alain - Lonnnnnggggg sigh here.
Barbara Lou Fisher never had no ultra sound done on her.
I never had no ultra sound done on me.
My sister-in-law with twins and autism never had no ultra sound done on her.

What we all did have though were 105 temps right after a vaccine.

How about the rest of you guys?

And when I was 20 years old sitting in a class listening to my microbiolgy professor (unknown to me at the time was also moon lighting as head of the SmithKlineBeecham labs) he was claiming that these parents were all mistaken - and a little nurse that had returned to school but was out there in the fray - dared tell him it was not so. All this was in 1976 - way before the ultra sound.

And freezer failures with brains -- quote from the "Heart of Darkness"

"Oh, the Horror!"


My mentor's not at all from Yale and I don't know where this is coming from because the freezer issue happened at McLean's hospital in Boston:

He's a neuropathologist who designed a brain bank for the NIH after doing a neuropathology fellowship at at John Hopkins. He oversee all protocols and security condition for a brain bank and most of his rule were not followed during the incident at McLean.

see his blog:

and his take on the source of autism (I'm not sure I agree 100% with him but I'd need lab studies with animals to believe it):


White Rose

Barry - I have heard it said by a famous toxicologist in the autism world , that mercury free vaccines are still testing positive for mercury ... Govts have allowed them to describe a vaccine free of mercury if its below a certain specific level .

And Alain , I also second Barry's question , what exactly went wrong with the freezers at Havard ?

Just talking from a domestic point of view , which you would imagine was much more prone to failure , but we have not have had a fridge or freezer fail on us at home here , in over 40 years .How could it have possibly occurred at an establishment run by the finest brains oops\ minds in the world ?

I agree with you Alain and your colleagues for being a little pished about losing those specimens , but nevermind I can , with a high degree of certainty , tell you what you would have found , denuded brain cell sheaths with both mercury and aluminium acting in tandem in each of the examples .

And I suspect like the rest of the informed parents of vaccine damaged children , that this freezer failure that sets back autism research 10 years , was , shall we say , a rather fortuitous accident for the guilty parties in this holocaust .


Bandetta and CiaParker, I am in agreement with you guys that aluminum and adjuvants may be the true culprits with autism. I find the latest study supposedly 'debunking' the vaccine-autism connection a little puzzling in this regard. In the study they showed how the autistic and control groups compared on antigens but failed to say how they compared on adjuvants. I spent some time discussing this with my 'friends' at Orac's site and the conceded that it would have been easy to get the adjuvant yields from the vaccine dose amounts. It's a straight comparison. Why then they did not provide the figure of how the two groups compared on adjuvants is a mystery. The Orac people explained that the study was intended to address our meme of 'too many antigens too soon'. Well, imagine how powerful the study would have been if it also simultaneously addressed the 'too many too soon' adjuvants meme.

On this note, the Orac group criticizes us for 'shifting the goalposts' when we ask for other vaccine components to be investigated. How I get exhausted with this cop-out reasoning. Imagine that scientists would get so frustrated and exhausted when they are asked to study vaccines. NASA scientists for instance will spend millions sending rockets into space on the merest suspicion that it may harbour life, but with vaccine science things are to be treated with not so much zeal. In truth, I they were true scientists whenever we request that a vaccine component be studied they would respond with an enthusiastic --'yes Mr and Mrs anti-vaxers, we will do just that. Anything else you want us to study?'


I think the aluminium in the vaccines are very much part of this puzzle.

If the autism rates go down after taking out he mercury

I will still think of what happens when you combine metals like Al and Hg.

And are we really finished -- if the Al stays in -- are we reducing autism but raising the incidence of other endocrine problems.


You're probably right Benedetta, but the sad truth is that we have no way of knowing what is or isn't in the vaccines we receive.

They can claim all they want that the mercury has been removed, but remember... these are the same people who tried to convince us that the mercury really wasn't a threat anyway. That claim is preposterous, and should make people question ANYTHING that these lying bastards tell us

For all we know, when they said they had removed the mercury, they actually doubled it instead . Knowing full well that it would produce a continued increase in the incidence of autism, which they could spin later on as "scientific proof" which exonerates mercury for its causal role in the autism epidemic.


I think the aluminium in the vaccines are very much part of this puzzle.

If the autism rates go down after taking out he mercury

I will still think of what happens when you combine metals like Al and Hg.

And are we really finished -- if the Al stays in -- are we reducing autism but raising the incidence of other endocrine problems.


Robyn - just wondering if you've ever had yourself/your child's father tested? Were you or your parents exposed to mercury through vaccines or medications or eating lots of fish contaminated w/mercury or being exposed to old mercury fungicides or mercury filling or laboratory supplies? Could there have been mercury in your parents or yourself which predisposed your child to falling victim to the toxins you mention? For example, it is now known that the negative epigentic effects of BPA cross to the third generation. And hasn't it been shown that grandchildren of survivors of mercury exposure have a higher risk for autism? I'm not trying to be confrontational, I'm just wondering how you can be so confident vaccines or mercury had nothing to do w/it, even if your child was not vaccinated him/herself.


Denise and "For Captain",

Thank you very much for the links. It is refreshing that you are reviewing the published peer reviewed literature as a foundation for your opinions. I'm sure you appreciate the quality of published medical research is highly variable. Until she (?he) puts forth a citation, I'm still going to acuse CIAParker of either egregious exageration, or of outright fabrication as the figures she/he sites are nowhere to be found in the links you provided.

I hope that the 2008 McDonald study is not the sole basis for your opinion on the DPT vaccine. If so, my retort is:

Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2010 Mar;21(2 Pt 1):301-6.
"Childhood immunization and atopic disease into middle-age--a prospective cohort study." Matheson MC, et al

Centre for MEGA Epidemiology, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Vic, Australia. [email protected]


The association between childhood immunizations and risk of atopic diseases is unclear. No study has examined possible associations between childhood immunizations and such diseases in middle age. The Tasmanian Longitudinal Health Study (TAHS) is a population based cohort study of respiratory disease. The TAHS participants were followed from 7 to 44 yrs of age. Immunizations during childhood were examined for any association with asthma and atopic disease at age 44 yrs. Multivariable regression models were used to estimate relative risks while adjusting for confounders. Cox regression was used to estimate the association between childhood immunizations and asthma developing after the age of 7 yrs. We found no association between any childhood immunization (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Smallpox) and asthma (ORs ranged from 0.87 to 1.17 p > 0.05), eczema (ORs ranged from 0.99 to 1.07 p > 0.05), food allergy (ORs ranged from 0.97 to 1.11 p > 0.05), or hay fever (ORs ranged from 1.02 to 1.05 p > 0.05) at age 44. Nor did we find any association between childhood immunizations and an increased risk of incident asthma after the age of 7 yrs (Diphtheria HR = 1.06, 95% CI 0.82, 1.36; Tetanus HR = 1.13, 95% CI 0.88, 1.44; Pertussis HR = 1.03, 95% CI 0.81, 1.30; Polio HR = 1.15, 95% CI 0.86, 1.54; Smallpox HR = 1.21, 95% CI 0.99, 1.48; DTP HR = 1.05, 95% CI 0.85, 1.30). Our analysis does not support any association between common childhood immunizations and risk of asthma and atopic disease in middle-age. Our findings should provide reassurance that in terms of life time risk of asthma and atopic disease, childhood immunization is safe.
PMID: 20003161 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The concept that vaccinations may be a contributing factor to the rise in allergic disease is not a new idea and has been the subject of extensive scientific inquiry. The 2008 McDonald study you cite actually discusses the research in regards to DPT vaccine. From the introduction:

"The epidemiologic evidence linking diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT) immunization to childhood asthma or atopy is mixed, with studies showing an increased (citations 4-9), or decreased risk (10-12), or no association (13-19)"

As for the Hurwitz study, the design of this study (a survey based on parental recall of vaccination status and asthma diagnoses)is extremely prone to bias, and severely limits conclusions that can be drawn. In fact the authors are forthcoming in qualifying thier conclusions:

"Although it is unlikely that these results are entirely because of any sources of bias, the small number of unvaccinated subjects and the study design limit our ability to make firm causal inferences about the true magnitude of effect."

To claim that DPT vaccine is capable of increasing the risk of asthma is supported by only a small fraction of the published epidemioligic literature. The paper you site is only one piece of the evidence, and mearly claims an association, not causation.

Individuals like CIA Parker are not interested in synthesizing the literature and coming to conclusions (including concluding that we simply dont know enough to be confident one way or the other), they are simply looking for cherry picked liturature, with no regard for the quality of the reseach, that supports their firmly held and often idiologic opinions about the evils of vaccination.

It was nice visiting.



My daughter has high aluminum, lead, cadmium, zirconium and uranium. All things manufactured where we live. Mercury was not a problem for us. I'm sure it is for some, as there is no safe level of mercury. I think aluminum is highly toxic, and also very much associated with autism.

Bob Moffitt

@ Alain

I apologize for not following the numerous comments (67) on this particlular column by Anne. However, your last comment captured my attention:

"Yes, my mentor was rightfully pissed off and it was at Harvard that this accident happened"

My friend .. perhaps you can ask your "mentor at Yale" .. what he thinks may have happened at "Harvard"?

I sure would love to know what "pissed him off" at Yale?



I think we all understand your main point. It may well be counterproductive to any argument to overwhelm a comments section with posts. But one has to ask the question, are any of these comments sections really a true source of argument or debate? I think not.

Anne knows this well and I understand her need to try to get as much INFORMATION out there as is possible in a short space of both time and space. If the press in the UK were not so repressive and censorious about vaccine injury and if both sides of the argument were given equal attention, it would not be so necessary for her to 'paper the pages' with the other side of the issue.

What the Guardian did in deleting her post was absolutely outrageous and she is right to bring it out in the open for people, both here in the UK and elsewhere, to fully comprehend what is happening here now in terms of press censorship.


That is not true, on all the threads on which Anne comments, there are always dozens more comments by people on both sides. Everyone realizes that they can comment too, and it would have to be a very wimpy commenter who was discouraged by the presence in the queue of some of Anne's comments. It is obvious what we want to gain, we want to increase people's awareness of very common and very serious vaccine damage in many of those around them, to try to offset the inaccurate propaganda sponsored by the well-heeled pharma industry. What are you trying to gain?


Why do you think 300 people post when it comes to autism and vaccines and the noise drowns out all others?

While you are examining brains let me help you out - rub your nose in it so to speak:
The Pituitary and hypothalmus

You are welcome.

Birgit Calhoun

Since MMR vaccine is a combination of three live disease-causing agents, it's difficult to assess what exactly the result of the vaccination may be. Each component independently causes the diseases measles, mumps and rubella. The manufacturer attenuates them so the individual diseases coming from the vaccination supposedly are not as severe as they would be if they came from the non-attenuated strains. I suppose "unavoidably unsafe" means the manufacturer cannot control the outcome.

It seems to me that there can be quite a bit of difference between one batch and another. The lab workers can't possibly count all the little critters (viruses) individually. So what is the exact dose by which even attenuated measles, mumps or rubella become simultaneous full-blown diseases?

Christine Thompson


We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

The Secret Sits
Robert Frost


Alain, lots of posts in the comments section might be a lot of noise at times but only sometimes does a thread get "de-railed." I think it refelcts a real feeling from people that what gets in the papers is typically only the stuff that pharma sponsors want to get out. It's the only way that people can react to that kind of censorship. For ex. the Hewitson study didn't get much attention (typical) by major media (including tv 'news'). I was just so happy that a recent Canadian paper had an article on autism that really talked about environmental causes and used a child with severe autism as their example. We've been hearing way too much from people on the milder end of the spectrum (not that I don't realize they have their struggles, too!). There are a lot of kids out there who cannot toilet themselves, bolt, don't eat unless helped and can't speak/communicate - even with devices. Some of them seem to even be in pain. It's really sad for these kids.


"It also proves I am not smart so thus can be dismissed."

Not exactly, you would be surprised how many people misspell my first name and I usually don't mind, either letting it goes (when correcting the person about it is futile) or by using a joke around it. It was much more about the shouting.

1. The refrigerator failure at Yale of the 100 frozen autistic brains .....what must they think at the frozen food store Iceland ?

Yes, my mentor was rightfully pissed off and it was at Harvard that this accident happened. BTW, thanks for the invitation and regarding vaccine, I'll, for sure, examine the autistic brains about it when I go work for my mentor.

Ciaparker, usually, when Anne Dachel show up in a comment section about autism, there ensue a mass of comment from peoples on your side and people on my side and it derail the thread with a number (usually in the hundred comments range) of offtopic comments. I have to question what exactly are you trying to gain? the average commenter won't be commenting and will decide there is too much noise (I know, I do it when I see a thread of 300+ comments with Dachelbot and friends going around and there is an exchange with the SBM crew) and so, the message is lost.



The tinyurl chart I posted a link to said that asthma incidence had doubled between 1980 and the late 1990s. Hmmm, just in the years when the number of vaccine doses more than doubled?


Map with asthma rates by state:

It notes that rates increased dramatically between 1980 and the 1990s (sort of like autism?)


Yes, Captain, I am. Are you not scientific enough to understand that if you don't get the pertussis vaccine, you're very unlikely to get asthma? If you don't get asthma, then you cán't have asthma attacks which may prove fatal, especially if you are getting measles pneumonia. This is cause and effect. Are you seriously questioning whether the pertussis vaccine causes asthma? OK, read it and weep:

"Delay in DPT Vaccination is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Childhood Asthma," McDonald KL et al, J Allergy Clin Immunol 2008 Mar; 121(3)(626-31. Famous Manitoba study, proving that giving DPT vaccine starting at 2 months more than doubles child's risk of asthma at seven, compared to starting series later.

1994 J of AMA August 24/31, 1994:592-3. Odent et al, "Pertussis vaccine and asthma: is there a risk?" Children with asthma five times as likely to have had pertussis vaccine.

1997 Epidemiology 1997; 8(678-80), Kemp et al, "Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood allergy or asthma?" the answer was that 20% of children vaccinated for pertussis had asthma five to ten years later, while none of the unvaccinated ones did.

1998 Thorax Farooqi 1998: 53 : 927-52. "Early childhood infection and atopic disorder." Children who get pertussis vaccine have 1.4-fold increased risk of asthma.

2000 Hurwitz J of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 23 (1-10). "Effects of DPT vaccination on allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adults in the US" Children who got DPT or tetanus vaccines significantly more likely to develop history of asthma than those not vaccinated.

2008 Ped Allergy and Immunology Bernsen et al, 19(1):626-31. "Reported pertussis infection and risk of atopy in 8- to 12- year old vaccinated and unvaccinated children," pertussis vaccinated babies more than twice as likely to develop asthma, hay fever, or food allergies as unvaccinated children.

From website
"Several studies have shown a connection between vaccinations and a higher risk of developing asthma, particularly vaccines administered in the first few months of life. In a study in Manitoba published in 2008, researchers found that children who delayed the DPT vaccine by 2 months developed asthma by age 7 at a rate of 6 per 100, versus 14 per 100 for children who vaccinated with DPT per the schedule DPT is the vaccine diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (pertussis is also known as “whooping cough”). In other words, about 8 of every 100 children could have vaccine-induced asthma. See Earlier Vaccination Causes Asthma for a more detailed description. Applied to the USA, this indicates that the DTaP vaccine in the USA carries a greater than 1 in 13 risk of vaccine-induced asthma:(table that didn't copy)

The CDC’s Asthma-Vaccine study found that the Hib and Hepatitis B vaccines (both given in the first 6 months of life) increase the risk of developing asthma by 18 and 20 percent respectively. See CDC Asthma-Vaccine Study. To apply the Manitoba study’s numbers to vaccine-induced asthma risk in the USA, some factors need to be considered. The Manitoba study addressed children born in 1995 who received the DPT vaccine, which has since been replaced by the DTaP (diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis) vaccine because of the higher risk of brain encephalopathy from the DPT vaccine. Although the DTaP vaccine may be safer than the DPT vaccine regarding brain encephalopathy, the asthma rates in Canada and the USA have not materially changed since the transition from DPT to DTaP which indicates that the asthma risk is similar for both vaccines. The vaccine-induced asthma risk, when extrapolated to the USA, resulted in the same risk as in Canada since the USA asthma prevalence of 13.8% in 2009 matches the 13.8% Canadian asthma prevalence. Although not explicitly stated, the children in this study likely received the Hib vaccine at the same time as the DPT vaccine (the Hepatitis B vaccine was not and still is not on the Canadian schedule, but is on the USA schedule). Since the CDC study shows that Hepatitis B increases asthma risk by 20%, it is possible that the percentage of USA asthma cases that are vaccine-induced is higher than in Canada. But to be conservative, the % of vaccine-induced asthma cases is considered the same in this analysis."


I thought Anne's comment was relevant. In my own comment, I made clear that since it's obvious that autism was not present in the womb, it's frivolous to argue about it as though it meant anything, and that the real question is how we're going to pay for the tremendous number of permanently damaged autistic people who are already here.


You were wise not to vaccinate, it would have just thrown gasoline onto the fire. Of course children regress at ages older than the usual one that coincides with the MMR vaccine. Only pharma trolls say differently. I have a friend whose daughter regressed when she was a little over two, on getting the H1N1 flu vaccine demanded by her preschool. The book The Age of Autism has a really interesting chapter on the damage caused by the mercury fumes in Great Britain in the Industrial Age two hundred years ago, a couple of cases of what appears to be autism, and rates of insanity of different sorts multiplying many times, eventually blowing the top off the graph. That, of course, was way before the current exposures to myriad different toxins, and I'm waiting to find out how aluminum affects autism levels. But I think mercury exposure is the greatest cause of autism, but just the reaction of the immune system to the attack on it by vaccines causes a lot of encephalopathy, thence autism.


Joy B,
I don't think it reflects racial prejudice to say that children of African background in Minnesota or Germany are more susceptible to vaccine damage, likely because of vitamin-D deficiency. The melanin in their skin both protects them from sun damage in tropical countries but also prevents them from synthesizing the same amount of vitamin D from the sun as light-skinned people who evolved in countries with little sun, so developed biological mechanisms to make necessary vitamin D from very little sun. If both groups of African immigrant children have two hundred times more autism than other groups of children, it has to be from factors caused by their genetic makeup, and the vitamin D factor would seem to be the most likely one. Of course overvaccination is a problem, but all immigrant children are likely to have repeated vaccines forced on them, I talked to a Romanian woman last month who complained about having had to get repeat vaccines to come to the US. The Age of Autism writer Mr. Abdulkadir Khalif wrote in moving articles about his little son regressing into autism after the MMR in Minneapolis, and he had not been overvaccinated. It is not fair to brand as racist an attempt to tease out the reasons that might be responsible for causing two hundred times more autism in one population than in another. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, among others, has done a lot of work suggesting that a vitamin-D deficiency contributes to susceptibility to vaccine damage, and that it can also be used to treat autism.


White Rose,
I'm looking for the reference, so far I've only found this one:, one of the two commenters said that Ugandan children in northern Germany as well as Somali children in Minnesota had autism rates 200 times the country's norm. I'm trying to remember where I read it, I think it was in one of Hilary Butler's books, which are truly excellent. I think you can get Just a Little Prick on Amazon, but I had to get From One Prick to Another from her foundation in New Zealand. From website beyondconformity.

Alain, your remark was very strange. Is that not what the comments column is for, to let everyone express their opinion? I really doesn't matter if you have not had vaccine damage in your family and so don't believe in it, the important thing is that Anne (and I and hundreds of thousands of others) have and so desire to express our opinion on the subject. Why do you think that censoring Anne's comment was what she deserved? And why would you put your comment here, a site on which nearly everyone has personal experience of vaccine damage, supported by those who believe our accounts and are appalled by this money-driven vaccine debacle. Of course you have the right, but don't you feel kind of foolish?


Exactly! You got it right! The reptialian rubish has nothing to do with vaccine injuries and that is what is happening here-- as you start quoting and bringing it up.

Thank you for pointing out my misspelling in the heat of my anger. That really is part of the argument ain't it.

It also proves I am not smart so thus can be dismissed.

Except us hicks are interviewed all the time on television, when the hick is standing in the middle of devastation - describing how the tornadoes came down and picked up that there trailer and took it on off the hill."

Shouting - you got that right - shouting on deaf ears, I be.

Bob Moffitt got your number down perfect.


I got this comment posted on the article, and I saw that it and two other comments, the last before comments were closed, all said that autism was not present at birth.

"An old boyfriend asked me if I would have aborted my autistic daughter if I had known ahead of time that she was going to have autism, and I told him that she was not born with it, but reacted to the hep-B vaccine given her without my permission at midnight her first day of life caused an encephalitic reaction, causing her to scream constantly day and night for four days. The brain damage caused by the vaccine is what caused her autism. So the question is not whether or not you can find out if a child is fated to have autism while still in the womb. At most they might pinpoint the genes that make you more susceptible to reacting to vaccines, but the baby is born typical, and it is the vaccines that push him into autism. Avoid the vaccines, and your child will remain healthy. My baby was brain-damaged by the criminal hep-B vaccine, but had started saying two words, uh for up and uff for dog, by 18 months, delayed, but developing. She had gotten the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, caught pertussis anyway at 8 months at a La Leche League meeting because the vax just isn't very effective, coughed alarmingly for over a month, gave it to me, and then recovered uneventfully. She got the DTaP booster at 18 months, and it erased her two words forever, and she didn't say another word until 34 months old, but had been diagnosed with autism at 20 months. Again, not born with it.
I reacted to a DPT booster with both arms becoming paralyzed the same day for several days, brachial plexus neuropathy, and went on to develop MS. Our lives are very hard, and I fear for my daughter's future. With skyrocketing rates of autism on a scale previously undreamt-of, with legislatures everywhere cutting back or refusing to fund services for affected children, it seems callous to debate whether or not they have a right to life on this earth. If society is going to refuse to support them, and the money required to support for a lifetime the present one in fifty with autism will be billions every year, then discussions of whether or not to abort them if a test is ever developed that pinpoints autism (which is not present in the womb) is the modern-day equivalent to passionately discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin."

White Rose

Alain , you may be the scientist and we are thoroughly honoured to welcome you here @ AoA, particularly as you might learn something (I think you'll be surprised how busy all us parents have been , reading everything we can and learning , after being dropped into this deep chasm they call autism - that we call vaccine poisoning).

Vaccines cause Autism , there is no doubt for me whatsoever . The real question in my mind is , is whether this is the authorities desired effect , is this what the powers want to occur because I just cannot make any sense of the fact that hardly anyone in any position of control is willing to listen to us . After I lost my child to Autism the mainstream medicine entirely turned its back on me , and tried to sweep my family under the carpet .
I have evidence of Govt blocking new treatments for autism , I have evidence of authority trying to put doctors out of business who try to help the vaccine damaged families .I have even heard of people in power trying to take recovered children away from their families .
Yes Alain - they are recovering children , how can you explain that one away , I've seen them .
Can genetic disorders be treated through detoxification ?

We can let you see photographic proof of the neurological damage vaccines can do - before and after if you want ?

Now what I dont want you to do , is to test out whether I'm right or not . Do not take the Hg-flu jab yourself annually , I think it may be harmful , I've heard this rumour about mercury .And if you have a young family , take my word on it , HepB is not a real risk for a new born (arent drug users , sex workers and medics the high risk groups ?), and yes I'm inclined to say boycott the lot of them , sorry .
Vaccines are science alright , we all believe in science , we really do , but they are science gone bad . And possibly used to achieve goals that are clearly not on your radar - prepare yourself for a shock on that one.

There is a very good book available , one of the best , "children with starving brains" , I've often seen people steal that title and change it to "Scientists with starving brains" . Makes me think of you .
Clear your lungs Alain , take a deep breath , and allow the new knowledge to flood in . Open your mind to new ideas , we are right , vaccines are the cause of autism . sorry .

White Rose

Barry like the analogy about the aircrash investigator , ridicule is a great weapon in our arsenal that we dont use often enough .

Here is some good news for everyone . The Guardian is unlikely to be with us very much longer anyway , if these circulation figures are to be believed...hurrah & good riddance

Title 2013 2012 2011 2010
The Guardian 204,440 215,988 279,308 302,285

Title 2013

The Sun 2,409,811
Daily Mail 1,863,151
Daily Mirror 1,058,488
Evening Standard 695,645
Daily Telegraph 555,817
Daily Star 535,957
Daily Express 529,648
The Times 399,339
i 293,946
Financial Times 275,375
Daily Record 251,535
The Guardian 204,440
The Independent 76,802


"... About the propaganda, cut it down because you're moderating each and every comments and some of my comments were moderated away. Furthermore, I did research in autism so you can't say I have been misinformed, matter of fact, I will have an internship again in a few years where I'll get to examine closely some post-mortem autistic brains as part of my research work and I am currently doing the needed lecture to be able to do research on it...."
Thank you Alain, for this "behind the scenes" perspective on how the scientific community defines "autism research". It's little wonder that you arrogant, overeducated buffoons have wasted so much time ... and have yet to accomplish anything!

What you 'scientists' are doing, is roughly the equivalent of an air crash investigator completing autopsies on all the plane crash victims... to try and figure out what caused them all to die!

These vaccine injured children that you prefer to call autistic, have on big thing in common. The all have severely dysfunctional immune system, which most cases are relentlessly attacking their own bodies.

Hmmmm... severely disabled immune systems, that have suddenly become rampant in the most vaccinated generation in the history of mankind.

Is it really that hard for you "scientists" to connect the dots on this?????

White Rose

Alain , here are some ideas to help you with your precious up and coming research ? who is funding you by the way ?

This is a list of the ideas the mainstream media has offered over the last 2 years (particularly the joke factory being run by the BBC).

Possible explanations or the current scientific theories on the Autism epidemic :

1. Older Fathers
2. Older Grandfathers
3. Watching too much TV
4. Near major Road traffic
5. Mother was abused as a child
6. Because we saw the film Rainman when we were young , Uta Frith (a scientist with 40 years experience in the autism field)I did send a question to dear Uta to which she has never replied , which was , I also saw the film the Exorcist , and did she think that might have had any bearing on my childs outcome .
7. Sunlight levels
8. Genetic heritable condition
9. Obese Mothers
10. Using Facebook & the internet

Can you add to my list perhaps ?

And then dont forget the comedy at one of the greatest Universities in the world , who cant manage to keep a Freezer operating :

1. The refrigerator failure at Yale of the 100 frozen autistic brains .....what must they think at the frozen food store Iceland ?

Good luck Alain

John Stone


You came on with a short statement that Anne's comment should have been deleted, and when you were asked to amplify came up with regulation about relevance - that's not "quote mining" it is simply pointing out where all this started.

Now were are into counting antigens, like Paul Offit and the recent bogus CDC study. I feel entitled to point out another CDC led study which admitted that MMR caused high fever of 39.5C or higher in 6% of case (no follow up after a week):

I never quite understand why people who insist on the profound protective effects of vaccines also maintain that they can't equally do significant harm (for instance that supersticious belief that if they do, it can only be to a small number of infants).

Denise Ferraro

For Captain,
Here's another link for you. Hope this encourages you to do some of your own investigations, especially since you are treating children with asthma.

Donna K

Thank you for your efforts to try to keep the media stories from framing autism as purely genetic and prenatal condition. Regressive autism just can't be allowed to exist and we know why. Despite Chew's declaration of love, acceptance and self-sacrifice for her son, the way her article is written comes off as disingenuous to me and actually seems to be trying to convince the reader that abortion would be the more prudent choice.

If you want to remain relevant in the dialogue on autism, you need to keep up with the research.

Seeing as how the significant increase in autism is the result of an epigenetic effect (environmental influence on genes as per Francis Collins, Director of the NIH), coupled with the more recent twin research that points to methylation disturbances that result in various genes being turned on or off in autism,

Methylomic analysis of monozygotic twins discordant for autism spectrum disorder and related behavioural traits

this might help you frame your approach to research during your future internship. By the way Alain, in the context of epigenetic methylation disturbances turning genes on and off and your comment "Just imagine the case where a faulty gene in the spine who result in the foetus having to make a conscious effort to breath;" makes me wonder about possible epigenetic influences whereby a post-natal methylation disturbance of a gene in the spine that regulates breathing in a sleeping baby results in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Something to consider.


You seem to have abandoned your strategy of suggesting Anne was off topic and gone on to something else.

Why do you believe that there is only small chance that vaccines could cause the damage. Is that because it is what you have been told?

I reply to the comments stemming from mines in no particular order. About Anne Dachel, it's not a strategie, I said what I had to say.

Alain how absurd and clock faced "a virus can wreck havock " but your saying vaccines cant that have seemingly the same virus they are meant to be protecting us from..yes?

A vaccine only use some of the proteins of the cell wall of the virus and a virus has at least 1000 times the number of antigen as the vaccine. Furthermore, you can read this studies who count the total number of antigen in the vaccine program:

Now I'll try to find the number of antigen in those virus you keep mentioning.

You made my point: I am absolutely convinced that the CDC and the NIH are the marketing departments of big pharma... Thanks for corroborating

Big failure!!!!! hint: we don't use any funding from CDC or the NIH because we cannot apply for them as we are not US citizen. Try again.

You post over at Joe's Kawasakis?

Never posted there. Who is Joe Kawasaki?


Do I look like an alien? Btw, what's in my comment that hurt so much that you shout at me?

Tell me how the reptilian brain thingy fits for my 35 year old husband that received a DPT (tetanus) at work and barely made it home before he began seizing in the hall way on his way to bed.

The reptilian brain has absolutely nothing to do with your husband vaccine injury or anything to do with vaccine for that matter. epilepsy can happen in any part of the cerebral cortex, not just the reptilian brain. Matter of fact, it can happen in the heart too or anywhere there is a nervous system.



Anne, keep telling it as it is.

For Captain


Early childhood immunizations have been viewed as promoters of asthma development by stimulating a T(H)2-type immune response or decreasing microbial pressure, which shifts the balance between T(H)1 and T(H)2 immunity.

Differing time schedules for childhood immunizations may explain the discrepant findings of an association with asthma reported in observational studies. This research was undertaken to determine whether timing of diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT) immunization has an effect on the development of childhood asthma by age 7 years.

This was a retrospective longitudinal study of a cohort of children born in Manitoba in 1995. The complete immunization and health care records of cohort children from birth until age 7 years were available for analysis. The adjusted odds ratio for asthma at age 7 years according to timing of DPT immunization was computed from multivariable logistic regression.

Among 11, 531 children who received at least 4 doses of DPT, the risk of asthma was reduced to (1/2) in children whose first dose of DPT was delayed by more than 2 months. The likelihood of asthma in children with delays in all 3 doses was 0.39 (95% CI, 0.18-0.86).

We found a negative association between delay in administration of the first dose of whole-cell DPT immunization in childhood and the development of asthma; the association was greater with delays in all of the first 3 doses. The mechanism for this phenomenon requires further research.

April 14, 2008 — Childhood asthma is reduced by half when the first dose of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (DPT) is delayed by more than 2 months vs given during the recommended period, according to the results of a retrospective longitudinal study reported in the March issue of the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology.


I still am not finished.
Tell me how the reptilian brain thingy fits for my 35 year old husband that received a DPT (tetanus) at work and barely made it home before he began seizing in the hall way on his way to bed.


My son lost the ability to walk at the day before he turn 10 months.
Now what is the reptilian time table on that one?

My daughter fits the two year thingey oh smart one -- for two years old she developed Kawasakis. She came out of that a more moody little one.

You are into research brains with autism.

How much have you learned that has helped in the last 40 years??

Yeah, tell me what you have found about the puzzle piecies.


You post over at Joe's Kawasakis?
Are you the one that claimed your baby had Kawasakis at 6 weeks old, and never been vaccined so thus that was not it?
Are you the one I had to inform - they give HepB on day one?????

Oh, and if you are cutting up autism brains think about each one had a life to live and it was taken from them.

Look at the pituitary for cushings and addison.

And Alain (TINY) I did it three times with the DPT shot on my son and I got the proof --
Is just a word - used freely by faith based medical community.


You made my point: I am absolutely convinced that the CDC and the NIH are the marketing departments of big pharma... Thanks for corroborating


CIAParker: You wrote: "One in nine children vaccinated for pertussis has asthma, while only one in fifty to a hundred unvaccinated children does"

I am a physician specializing in asthma care and this is news to me. Forgive me for not taking your word for it, but CITATION desperatley needed. You wouldn't want to appear like a ranting internet chatboard loonie just making up statistics, would you?

And are you really laying the blame for a measels pneumonia death at the feet of the DPT vaccine? Can you run through the logic of that for me again, because I dont quite follow. I'm sure its me. Please be patient and explain it again.


Angus Files

Alain also says he is not pharma well he aint our side either ..

goodnight great postings Anne early start in the morning



Angus Files

Alain how absurd and clock faced "a virus can wreck havock " but your saying vaccines cant that have seemingly the same virus they are meant to be protecting us from..yes?

for example

To simplify this very complicated topic, this abnormal immune response to hepatitis B vaccination could ultimately result in your child developing permanent brain and immune system dysfunction.

According to Blaylock:

"The human being has an unusual brain development in that there is a prolonged period of maturation and neuroanatomical pathway development occurring years after birth.

The most rapid brain development occurs during the last trimester of intrauterine life and two years after birth – what is referred to as the brain growth spurt. It is the areas regulating higher brain functions, such as emotions, emotional control, thinking, complex memory and language function that is last to develop.

What this means is, during the first two years of life, your child's brain is undergoing rapid and very critical development, and the more advanced cognitive portions of the brain continue their development even later – much later."

Add to this the potentially damaging effects of hepatitis B vaccine ingredients, including aluminum adjuvant, yeast protein, formaldehyde and other chemicals, and you have a noxious cocktail that could have permanent negative effects on your child's health and development.

A syndrome that has recently been linked with hepatitis B and tetanus vaccines is called "macrophagic myofasciitis"—a reaction to the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines. Victims of this syndrome suffer severe muscle and joint pain and weakness.

It is known that aluminum accumulates in your brain and results in neurodegeneration, leading to diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. But aluminum also activates microglia, which can result in brain inflammation.

According to Blaylock, these neurologically damaging processes may also be contributing heavily to today's exploding autism rates.


John Stone


You seem to have abandoned your strategy of suggesting Anne was off topic and gone on to something else.

Why do you believe that there is only small chance that vaccines could cause the damage. Is that because it is what you have been told?


My daughter was hitting milestones perfectly until at 4 months she got RSV (a bad virus) and her awful pediatrician (who can quote prOffit) decided to give her 4 vaccines regardless.

And in what way does that invalidate my statement? The spine and midbrain form the reptilian brain and the genes that form it are highly conserved. Just imagine the case where a faulty gene in the spine who result in the foetus having to make a conscious effort to breath; such a foetus would have a spontaneous abortion and it would be selected out of the gene pool. Emotions are also highly conserved too and they are part of the midbrain (that's the brain center responsible for the goo-goo and gahgah of children, their smile or frown and their crying).

I never said that all children in the world would meet developmental milestones (up to 2yo) but it's incredibly rare that a children does not do so and of course, a virus can wreak havoc in the developmental milestone. With that said, you can believe that vaccines harmed your children and there is some chances (no vaccines is perfect) but the chances are really tiny.

Now if some of you think I'm a pharma shill, here's the link to my publication and affiliation:

Please do your detective work and prove that I'm a pharma shill.



My daughter has regressive autism not caused by vaccines. She has been poisoned by our environment, showing high levels of many toxic metals, bacteria and other toxins. She regressed at 2 1/2 yrs. Its a discussion that is worth talking about, whether people in media disagree or not, its my story. I have no doubt that vaccines also contribute to autism, its unnatural, toxic and not universally safe for all children. I'm glad we didn't vaccinate. The bottom line is that we know many factors contribute to autism, and passing it off as merely genetic is not helping anything. I have read many articles by Ms.Chew, and I don't believe she is doing any good for autism, she's spreading blatant misinformation and opinions under the guise of fact. Many readers don't realize its her opinion, they don't know about autism like we do. Its biased, one sided and irresponsible. She obviously has issues which run deep regarding her son, and her level of responsibility. I don't even think its worth refuting her anymore, because its not worth the energy. When I see an article written by Kristina Chew I just roll my eyes and click to the next page, you can't get those minutes of your life back. She's not worth it.

John Stone


Clearly Anne was passing comment on Kristina Chew's preconceptions, and not remotely was that off topic. Okay, we can argue about the facts - what's fact, what's opinion: I suppose that is almost the basis of any sensible discourse about almost anything. By now there is a huge amount of evidence that there are no autism genes: only at best gene combinations which might have a minor statistical significance for autism susceptibility. Having stated this, I agree it might be open for discussion but it certainly seems relevant.

It is probably "science fantasy" that autism will ever be diagnosed from the gene profiles of embryos: in fact four years ago we had a row on these pages with Prof Baron-Cohen who conceded that twin studies did not indicate that autism was genetic, since when even more evidence has come to light against it. So, actually, it probably is rather a redundant speculation. Investigating what might be damaging our children is altogether more practical.

Angus Files

IF you stubb your toe in the UK IT`S SIMILAR TO MEASLES..and it`s all because of Andy...

Strain of measles possible cause of dolphin death



I don't think you know too much (or maybe you are from a pharmaceutical company and you have selective memory)... My daughter was hitting milestones perfectly until at 4 months she got RSV (a bad virus) and her awful pediatrician (who can quote prOffit) decided to give her 4 vaccines regardless. After a stay at the hospital she lost all of her milestones and regressed since then. But I guess that you are going to tell me that the "reptilian brain's genetics has remained stable for a gazillion number of years and so, 99.999999999999% of newborn child in the world will meet developmental milestones anyway and regardless of diagnostic status" and that works at different ages depending the child... You are definitely a pharma troll and a willful ignorant... and very disrespectful! Just pray that you never end up with an autistic child yourself...



You are frighteningly misinformed for someone who claims to be a scientist.
Anne had a valid point posting on the thread about autism being environmental or pointing out here that removing her post in the Guardian was censorship.
Maybe you should read the Stanford study that concluded that autism is less than 40 % genetic. I hope Stanford is good enough for you.


Oh, and to answer every comments that said your (son|daughter) met every milestones then hit a developmental wall at age 2, that's because the reptilian brain's genetics has remained stable for a gazillion number of years and so, 99.999999999999% of newborn child in the world will meet developmental milestones anyway and regardless of diagnostic status. It's only at 1~2 years old that the cortex start to form.

Perhaps cracking open a developmental neurobiology textbook will help regardless if it speak about disability or not.


Joy B

This is all very interesting. I'm not sure how familiar this crowd is with The Guardian's CIF(Comment Is Free) section, but I know for a fact that the comments sections are usually moderated at the piece's author's discretion. For instance, Glenn Greenwald doesn't censor or delete anything unless it's really repetitively obscene or obvious bot-spam.

So what we have here is a columnist who has chosen to be published in a public forum that encourages comments, censoring those who disagree with their piece. It's almost like they are trolling for 'pro-vaccers', to prove some point. Or maybe it is exactly that.



rule 8 from the Guardian's community standard apply here:

8. Keep it relevant. We know that some conversations can be wide-ranging, but if you post something which is unrelated to the original topic ("off-topic") then it may be removed, in order to keep the thread on track. This also applies to queries or comments about moderation, which should not be posted as comments.

Given the original post of Dr. Chew was about abortion and genetics (yes of autism but also other genetics variability which result in disability), your comment was offtopic to the discussion which is all about abortion or not.

About the propaganda, cut it down because you're moderating each and every comments and some of my comments were moderated away. Furthermore, I did research in autism so you can't say I have been misinformed, matter of fact, I will have an internship again in a few years where I'll get to examine closely some post-mortem autistic brains as part of my research work and I am currently doing the needed lecture to be able to do research on it.


Joy B

Ah, yes, 'Alain'. There are no such things as facts anymore, I keep forgetting this! It's all what you choose to 'believe'. How utterly banal.

Joy B

On African emigre children - they are being given god knows what type of Thimerosal-laden crap just to leave their home countries and then when they reach the destination country, given the full+ range of US/EU vaccines for 'good measure' or whatever. I don't buy this BS about Africans being 'different'.

no vac

The only answer to this totalitarian censorship is a boycott of these media. We should starve them!

Not an MD

Hi, Anne! Well, at least you tried to post an important comment.

On a similar note, you may enjoy an old, BBC five hour drama called "The Last Enemy." The story is based in England, and --well, just get it at Amazon and watch it. It gives everyone a good hard look at what is likely to come both in England and in the USA (considering CISPA) even though it is a work of fiction. This well-made, riveting, five hour series even touches upon vaccines. It seems there is just no escaping that topic.


Alain, as far as I can see, what Anne said would have broken no policies in terms of appropriateness of content or form. There was no good reason for its removal from comments. The latest, largest twin study (Hallmeyer et. al) shows that autism is not mostly due to genetics. The science to support genetic causes VS environmental are simply not strong enough. All you have is a bunch of poorly done, biased epidemiological studies, no physiological safety studies with respect to the safety of certain environmental factors such as immunisations. No wonder parents are rightfully concerned!

Victor Pavlovic

For those of us that have witnessed our children regress after vaccination, it is even more insulting and hurtful when a person such as Dr.Chew suggests abortion as an option for something that is not genetic, and yet she is a doctor misleading the public that autism is genetic when in-fact it is mostly environmental, there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic, she must have missed class that day and never caught up, and while she has the right to her opinion, her opinion is not ethical when she doesn't have the facts to back it and therefore shouldn't try to mislead the public about her "opinion"!

Anne Dachel


"It's not even a matter of evidence as every human being choose whichever evidence they believe in. If Dr. Chew believe in genetics to be responsible for autism, she is entitled to it."

What you're advocating is propaganda. That's where you only hear one viewpoint and comments in support of it. That's not being well-informed. In the age of the Internet, reasonably intelligent adults can research any issue and decide for themselves what is valid based on the evidence that's presented. That's the free exchange of ideas and it's what democracy is all about.

Kristina Chew is entitled to express her views and so am I. The Guardian doesn't allow for that and it's frightening.

Anne Dachel, Media



Thank you again for finding all of these news items.

Comments that provide the truth tend to not blend well with the mainstream media and their advertisers.


I have just been given a copy of today's 24th April UK Times newspaper, (available online only by subscription.)

The Bold Type headline announces -

'MMR jabs stockpiled as measles threat rises'.

I quote from Sarah Wollaston a former General Practitioner, now a Conservative Member of Parliament. '...many people do not realise that the MMR jabs fail to provide instant immunisation and so it is crucial they are vaccinated before an outbreak...people often don't appreciate that if you protect your child, you're also protecting the most vulnerable individuals in your community...' to push home her point she added concern about young babies and those suffering from leukaemia, who are particularly at risk of measles...

Well now we have it...if you don't behave you are going to put all those vulnerable babies at risk, but if you are a good citizen you are going to protect the weakest in your community...
Is this not yet another clear cut case of highly charged emotional blackmail speaking directly to the community, only now we have the insiduous moralising aimed at the irresponsible individual within.
This kind of PR headline seeking diatribe is, I suspect just a taste of what is to come in the forthcoming government Nationwide Campaign to vaccinate.

They have the big guns at the ready folks and they have been hard at work on their strategy planning for some time. Q. How does the ordinary man or woman in the street cope with this kind of moral coercian?


Dachel, you got what you deserve. You are free to think that vaccine is the cause of autism but don't impose your view on parents who believe otherwise. It's not even a matter of evidence as every human being choose whichever evidence they believe in. If Dr. Chew believe in genetics to be responsible for autism, she is entitled to it.




I think you are right. This is moving toward eugenics. I was asked by Boston Childrens Hospital to participate in the Autism Genome Project. They wanted blood samples from myself, my husband and my son which would undergo genetic testing. I was told they would not share the results nor could they guarantee how the information would be used or who would have accept to it. This troubled me dearly. Theoretically my families genetic information would be in a permanent database that anyone could access for "research" I started to think more about it. My families genetic information could be used for pre-natal screening and to abort any baby who carried same genetic profile as my son regardless of whether the child actually developed autism. Furthermore genetic tests could be developed for autism from which the biotech industries could make a huge profit.

I declined to participate. I think parents should think through how their genetic information could be used before agreeing to donate. There are a lot of ethical considerations as presented in the video below.

Interesting video I came across, well worth watching:

"Designer Babies - Comments by Princeton professor Lee Silver"


I believe publications and stories of this kind are trying to normalize and condition the masses for an in utero test and the ending of pregnancies that "may" produce a child that may descend into Autism.


What is disturbing is -in a democracy we all allowed to express ourselves.
IF we are not be mean, trolling, saying dirty works, potty mouths.

So now here we are - suppression of ideas.

I don't know what to do about it.
But I do know what suppression of such things lead too, eventually.

It is all revolution, war, protest, clashes, civil unrest.


I remember that population control was a hot topic when I was a young adult. Now it's rarely if ever mentioned. I guess they've got that handled.


Your comment was indeed "threatening" - to govt officials and pharma companies. Telling your story and expressing your opinions is more threatening than sticks and stones. Great comment BTW, too bad it was deleted. Wonder if it was deleted by the Guardian or by Dr. Chew herself.

White Rose


Please tell me more about the Ugandans in Germany statistics please ? This is news to me and yet another nail in the coffin of what was "vaccine reputation" .

Louis Conte

This is censorship.

Censorship is the enemy of democracy.


Incredibly disappointed in the Guardian. But bravo to you, Anne, for pointing out the hogwash of the "genetic epidemic".

It seems from reading most of the comments that the argument became more about abortion than autism, and whether or not a parent would choose to abort a child with a known disability. Abortion debate aside, some of the comments reminded me once again why, the moment my child was diagnosed, other parents who had been friends for years went running in the other direction- because our child's autism interfered with their imagined perfect lifestyles.

One comment, in particular, though, reminded me that there are still people out there who see children as children, disabled or not:

"People who can only love "perfect" children shouldn't become parents. All kids will in some way turn out differently than you want or expect. It's not about what you want or can handle; it's about giving unconditional love to care for someone else. If you can't do that, don't become a parent. Because even perfect kids can get sick, ill, or disabled. Life is like that."

It was nice to know some people do still "get it".


I would be demanding what part of their "community standards" you broke! Their censorship in this case speaks volumes. I don't read the Telegraph, now I'm not sorry. No wonder people have stopped liking papers; they know there is too much controlled information. Do they not know how many people are affected by autism? That's a lot of readership. If any children suffer anaphylaxis from the recent campaign, I suppose papers like the Telegraph will be culpable in not helping to warn people to take measures to deal with that possibility.


White Rose,
Link to Anne Dachel post from last summer:

Minneapolis television station reported one in eight Somali children had autism. In 2008, David Kirby reported that it was one in twenty-eight in that population. Skyrocketing rates for everyone everywhere. I think the highest rate is among Ugandan children in Germany, possibly because a vitamin-D deficiency among Africans in dark, cold climates increases susceptibility to vaccine damage.


During the polio epidemics of the late '40s and early '50s, vaccination with DPT was routinely delayed, because depression of the immune system by the DPT vax greatly increases the risk of contracting polio. Dr. Sandler in North Carolina gave lectures in which he promoted avoiding sugar to prevent polio, upon which sugar consumption there decreased by 90%, and the polio incidence decreased by 90% as well.

Gareth Colfer-Williams had asthma, which it is very unlikely that he would have had had he not gotten the DPT. One in nine children vaccinated for pertussis has asthma, while only one in fifty to a hundred unvaccinated children does. He was in the hospital for four days before he died, but was released. His girlfriend Cairo found him dead in his apartment. It seems likely that he had measles pneumonia, and then had an asthma attack brought on by the stress of his illness, and that this combination caused him to asphyxiate. His death is tragic, and he leaves behind a grieving family and a four-year old daughter. But the lesson to be learned from his death is not that everyone should get their MMR jab, but that Mr. Williams died probably as a result of vaccine-induced asthma and of having been deprived of the opportunity to get measles as a child, when it is least dangerous.


The UK has been desperately trying to keep this genie in it's bottle for ages. With the internet it has become an impossible task but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Ethics and morality be damned. I still can't believe how they managed to suppress the dramatization of Andrew Wakefield's story until this year :

as well as the two Judge John Deed shows that wrestled with vaccine induced SIDS and Pharma corruption being banned and quietly removed from the box sets. The sneaky lengths they are willing to go to speaks volumes.

Vicki Hill

Barry, the polio outbreak was real. Asking someone who was a teen at the time isn't going to ferret that out. Ask someone - there are still a few around - who was a parent at the time. My mom is age 95; she had 3 kids at home during the 1950's. She personally knew several people who had a family member contract polio. She still remembers their names and the relatively primitive treatments available (iron lungs, anyone?)

On the other hand, she also knows that measles and chicken pox were benign illnesses of childhood. The only measles risk was to pregnant mothers who had not had the disease as children. So parents intentionally exposed their kids to these diseases so they would develop lifelong immunity. Even I exposed one of my sons to chicken pox on purpose...and I was glad that he had it months before the vaccine came out. Today's hysteria over a measles outbreak is baffling to people of my generation and older.

Maurine Meleck

The government machine is well oiled. We are seeing more and more infringements on our personal freedoms every day both in the US and Britain. Scary times demand a firmer resolve. This will never stop Anne or any of us.

White Rose

A couple of points off piste if I may :

Is anyone on AoA able to confirm or deny if the rumoured Autism rate amongst the Somalian population of Minneapolis is now running at 1 in 8 ? is this true ?
Perhaps the great Jake Crosby would know if there is any truth to this ?

Second point is to Angus Files (great pseudonym by the way although dont know what it means . joking . i know its your real name)
You made comments the other day about your personal situation and they brought a tear to my eye . My hat off to you sir , and all the others on here , UNITE and FIGHT .

 Michelle B.

But Anne, it's right there, in black and white:


Your ideas are threatening to the status quo. I've had comments deleted too, I know how frustrating it can be.

And your comment was--as always--spot on!

White Rose

We are all getting censored at every turn .
And if you were performing a mass poisoning of children , state censorship of the media (or blogs) would be the least the least of your concerns .

Salisbury\Offit\Godlee - how do you sleep at night ?

Seems the man in Swansea who died of measles, may not have died of measles at all , but its just another part of the BBC British Brainwash Corporations mis-information campaign.


"_______ Awareness" months , are really nothing more than medias concocted guises, designed to justify a month long barrage of crafted propaganda.

There is no science which PROVES that vaccines are safe or effective, there never has been. Yet we as a society have been lining up since 50's, to willingly receive our poisonous injections. There's also no science to show that autism is a genetic order, or that a "genetic epidemic" is even possible.... yet the majority of our population has somehow been convinced that autism is a genetic disorder. And many of those people will vigorously defend these completely unsupported notions.

I have a relative who was in his late teens during the 50's polio epidemic. I asked him about that recently, and he described what sounded like a very scary experience. Since has was living in a fairly populated area, I asked him how many people had died in his town before the polio vaccine arrived. He couldn't think of a single person. I then asked how many people he knew who had contracted, and then recovered form the disease. Once again, he could not think of a single person. So finally I asked him how he could have known that a polio epidemic was actually happening.... to which he answered " We'll it wasn't exactly hard to hard to figure that out , it was all over the media!" .

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The attached link offers a pretty good ( .. and somewhat creepy) summary of how the media is being used to control how we perceive the world


Anne you have outed the problem perfectly. Since when has discussing your experience or an alternative view become cause for censorship. This wales news story is showing up a lot of this activity. Just about a week back the Independent pulled its comments on a Wales measles/wakefield article. If there is no problem what are they so scared of ????

The UK press is becoming a laughing stock in terms of free speech.

From a BBC new story today the mother of the chap who died in Wales says her son had underlying health issues and despite being seen by a doctor hours before he died had not been diagnosed with measles. He was apparently diagnosed upon his death??

Also the BBC wales folk were active in notifying the Welsh heard board about the private clinic who set up a temp clinic to sell single measles vaccines. Apparently the BBC and the Welsh health board seem to want folk to only get the MMR...........And my question is, are we saying its not about protecting kids from measles its just about getting folk to take the MMR ?

BBC and Guardian shame on you both !

Mark Struthers

The Guardian calls it "comment is free". What a laugh! Except that it's no joke and censorship like this is not funny at all. Shame on the Guardian!

John Stone


The rubric of the Guardian blog 'Comment is free...but facts are sacred' comes from an essay by the newspaper's distinguished editor CP Scott written in 1921 to celebrate its centenary. I have to admit that when the blog was instituted in 2006 they were mostly doing their best to stick to the spirit, but in the last seven years it has become eroded to the point where some Orwellian doublespeak parody would be more appropriate - not to mention the fact that they often allow hate speak against you if you do not hold their politically correct views (which are often to the detriment of fact, as here).

I note also that the Scott Trust (which lies behind the newspaper) is involved with the shadowy organisations Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off:

who are trying to control media reporting through bureaucratic committees, while the newspaper is also in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A further feature of the modern newspaper is that its revenue is highly dependent on its traditional role of advertising public appointments, and the government could pull the plug on them if they ever step too far out of line.

What would CP Scott think about all this? I don't know, but I would hope he'd be horrified.


Bob Moffitt

Anne .. it is misleading for the Guardian to suggest a "moderator" deleted your comments .. the more apt description would be "censor".

In other words .. I suspect your comments were not deleted because they violated the Guardian's standard policy of not tolerating "personal attacks, extremely offensive, or threats". I suspect your comments were "CENSORED" because the Guardian fears their readers will recognize the "common sense" they exhibit.

Things must be getting desperate in the editorial room of the Guardian when they have to resort to "censoring" comments for no other reason than disagreeing with them.

Angus Files

Spot on Anne they have probably blocked your account through your ISP number .Far easier for me to list the ones that take fair autism comment on one hand than the ones who dont...

My son also was born nomal made all his milestones bfore his peers....then MMR aged 15 with the mental school assesed age around two years at best on a good day...genetics my arse!


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