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Dachel Media Update: Wales Measles

Online newsNEWS VIDEOS FROM WALES---Coverage on the measles outbreaks.

ITV made an attempt at covering both sides of the MMR controversy, although it's clearly NOT BALANCED. Here a mother, seen with her severely autistic son, refuses to vaccinate her youngest child because of the vaccine damage she witnessed in her son, Eddie.

Mother's autism fears despite debunked MMR theory - ITV News

Up against what the mother said is everything else from ITV.

Endless reports from the press in Wales have one strong message: measles has reached an epidemic level because parents didn't vaccinate over fears about side effects.

There's been a month ofcoverage with the non-stop theme: PARENTS MUST VACCINATE IN ORDER TO STOP THE EPIDEMIC. What a perfect way to silence anything about dangerous side effects. That one editor made it clear that the press must not say anything negative about the vaccine.

See stories:

A contrite editor explained that they were just trying to be balanced when they covered the MMR
controversy back in the 1990s and they wouldn't do that now because "this research has long since been discredited."

"We're leading the way getting the message out there to parents that they absolutely need to get
their children vaccinated."


"The editor of the South Wales Evening Post says it is easy to look back and criticise the paper's
coverage of the MMR vaccine concerns in the 1990s.

"Jonathan Roberts says that the paper has received 'some negativity' from readers about their
reporting during the time of the MMR vaccine scare."


"We're in the middle of a major measles epidemic."

"Parents as well as children wanting to be protected against measles." Video shows a mother being vaccinated. Wouldn't it be nice if the public were being informed about the epidemic of autism like this?

Where are the doctorsand health officials wanting to stop more children from losing skills and
regressing into autism?

After all this, no parent will dare to refuse the vaccine. They would be putting everyone else's
child at risk.  The message to the media is clear: nothing should be said about side effects.

April 17, 2013,
Sacramento Bee: Autism awareness day comes to California Capitol

April 13, 2013, Northern
Star (Australia): Not having your kids immunised is 'a form of child abuse.

Sacramento Bee

"Things kick off with an 11 a.m. press conference on the Capitol's west steps featuring autism
and special needs advocates alongside Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana and Sen. Curren Price, D-Los Angeles."

As they "kick off" Autism Awareness Day, I wonder if Darrell Steinberg is more worried
than he was back in 2009 at that press conference when they established the CA
Senate Select Committee on Autism.

The numbers were horrific back four years ago. Last year they reached 72,000, according to the
Sacramento Bee, which is just inconceivable.

The Sacramento Bee 2012: "Statewide, the number of autistic students rose by 6,000, or 9 percent,
to almost 72,000."

I posted comments.

Northern Star

"Then there are parents who try to draw some link between autism, sudden infant death syndrome
and other conditions that they claim are caused by immunisation.

"Wrong, wrong wrong.

"There has been extensive research carried out that has dismissed any link between immunisation
and other health conditions."

Of course this only works if you ignore all the children with autism that no official can reasonably explain.



Well Patricia, I suppose that those parents will be keeping a close eye on any possible side-effects.


What I despise most about the way the UK NHS has coerced these good people of Wales to finally give way and vaccinate their children after resolutely refusing to follow the herd until a week ago, is firstly the media onslaught they poured upon them, plus the advance upon their schools but worst of all, the obvious way in which they have undoubtedly played upon the closeness of the communities in these towns of south wales, that I happen to know well from growing up there. The community is everything here. Individuals are pressurised from within to conform, if conformity becomes the norm. And fear is at the very heart of the onslaught. Generate fear and yet more fear and you WILL ultimately make people in such close communities conform. It was a tactic that finally paid off. How does one fight against such a pressure? To whom could these people have turned for an alternative route and support? There is none. And there should be.


"Up to two million schoolchildren could be at risk of measles due to the MMR vaccine scare, doctors have warned."

Too bad there is no science left in the UK "health officialdom". I suspect if you tested all those who are not "MMR vaccinated" what you may find is that MOST have anti-bodies to the wild measles. This indicates they have been infected with the wild measles, which exists in most children's gut, have fought it off mostly asymptomatically and now are IMMUNE to wild measles infection for life.

But since their "vaccination" card indicates they have not been poisoned with the MMR, getting their poison MMR is all that matters.

Jenny Allan

The 25 year old man found dead in Wales is now confirmed to have been infected with measles virus. A spokesperson on the ITV news seemed to be playing this down, emphasising the cause of death was still to be established. No one is saying whether or not this person had been vaccinated against measles, but I suspect the health authorities are anxious not to arouse any suspicions about the measles/MMR vaccine long term efficacy.


Jenny, John (25 y/o death)

My colleague read the initial headline on BBC News online which was initially something like First Measles Death, She sent in an extremely strong complaint shortly after which the headline changed to 'Swansea death man, 25, had measles" I dont honestly know if the two things were connected but what is clear is that the BBC are very happy to speculate on anything around this topic.
We nor the BBC had any idea at that point why the man was dead but that did not stop the BBC from drawing all kinds of conclusions.

The Media spin on this is an utter disgrace.
We just happened to see the ITV coverage of the parent of a autistic son who had refused and continues to refuse the MMR.
I was truly delighted to see even just one person on TV fighting the fight. It was a small triumph that one got through the disgusting Media/Government censorship net.

Bryn Hind

The uk government have done a superb hatchet job on Wakefield. Discredited, huh? Surely should have been made a lord or something for pointing out how big pharma have screwed the brains of our children for big profit. Understand that you can get 400k on the basis of a vaccine patent these days and don't have to worry about clinicle trials as you can just make the data up, and ignore ethics committees cos it's all about money and not about caring for children.

John Stone


By my calculation, if the unfortunate young man was 25 then he would have been born in 1987-88 which would have made him likely to be in the first wave of MMR vaccinees, and of course ten years before AW voiced any concerns.



I am so sick at heart to keep on reading and hearing in the UK media and on TV the word 'discredited' referring to Andrew. So dismissive , it sickens me. The ONLY way that Andy will ever regain credibility and the respect that is due to him is if he overturns the GMC decision and I now fear his lawyers will try to dissuade him from attempting to do this, for lack of support from almost every direction in the UK now.
My God the UK Government has done a real hatchet job on this man, and done it well. We need a miracle please.

Jenny Allan

Re 25 year old man found dead in Wales:-
This man will not have received MMR vaccine in the UK, introduced in 1988. He may have received a single measles vaccination, in use in the UK, for 20 years prior to the introduction of MMR vaccine.

The Welsh health authorities are 'clutching at straws' here. If this man was not measles vaccinated, so what? This predated both MMR vaccine and the Wakefield et al Lancet article. If he was measles vaccinated, and his death was due to a measles infection, then this vindicates Dr Wakefield's recent assertion that these vaccines could be losing efficacy during adulthood.


There is also a big push for HPV vaccine going on just now.


The news that a possible adult death from measles in Wales of a 25 year old man although no confirmation yet.He would been vaccinated long before Dr Wakefield even looked at the first children but that will escape the media frenzy about him.

Jenny Allan

Sorry, my Telegraph link got split. Here's the correct link:-

Jenny Allan

In the UK, Government health officials are doing everything in their power to blame Dr Wakefield for the measles outbreak in Wales. UK MMR child vaccination rates soon recovered to 90-95%, after Dr Wakefield publicly pleaded for single measles vaccinations in 1998, whilst MMR vaccine safety was further researched in the UK, and then Prime Minister Tony Blair's refusal to tell us if his son Leo had MMR or single vaccines,(which caused another 'dip'). Government sources claim 'teenagers' are the ones mostly infected and responsible for spreading the virus Every day press releases and media interviews are promoting this stance, warning of terrible disabilities and deaths from measles if this outbreak spreads to the rest of the UK.

Huge amounts of public money are now to be spent on an emergency 'catch up' programme in UK secondary schools to vaccinate all these 'teenagers' with MMR vaccine. Yesterday was the first day of the much vaunted £10million school MMR vaccination programme in Wales. Unfortunately for the Welsh health authorities these older school children seem to have their own ideas about diseases and vaccinations.

From todays Telegraph:-
Two million children at risk of measles

Up to two million schoolchildren could be at risk of measles due to the MMR vaccine scare, doctors have warned.
Many children did not receive jabs a decade ago after Andrew Wakefield’s published research in The Lancet, suggesting a link between the vaccination and autism, claims now entirely discredited.
Most of the 59 teenagers surveyed called diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and tetanus “historical diseases” and did not see them as possible threats.

The study published in the journal Vaccine found almost half of the teenagers believed vaccinations could not protect populations against disease, and most of them were scared of needles and injections, calling them “dagger-like” and “painful”.

Apart from the testimony of Dr Wakefield, these childrens' comments are the first sensible comments I have heard regarding vaccinations against illnesses, never mind mass MMR vaccinations!!

My own youngest grandson, (sibling of our own 'Wakefield babe'), and already protected against measles, mumps and rubella with private jabs, is vehemently against any more vaccinations administered to him during any school programme! Lets hear it from the children.


....When I'm living day-to-day.....with Autism...I choose my children getting the measles.....

I love that quote because:-

My two children contracted chicken pox, my son started to recover after 3 days and my daughter took at least two weeks to recover.

My son was not vaccinated against chicken pox but my daughter was!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jeannette Bishop

Vaccine proponents often claim vaccines are "victims of their own success." I wish I could also get them understand that those of us with a vaccine outcome that makes questioning the rose-colored vision of vaccine dogma something that becomes rather unavoidable (there are also some of us just smart enough to avoid learning by experience--that's not me), we are constantly faced not just at home, but just about every time we manage to get out in the world with possible vaccine injury everywhere.

I don't know how to calculate overall disease risk, death or disability, for an unvaccinated population with today's nutrition, access to care, etc., but we do know that something is causing "neurological sequelae" or disability at a rate around 10 percent in our vaccinated children, autism at 2 percent with an increased mortality risk for autism between 2 to 10 percent. We have unexplained infant deaths (SIDS) at a rate around 1 in 500. We also have increasing auto-immune and allergy risks, increasing rates of neurological diseases with ongoing suffering and sometimes devastating outcomes. And every time I turn around it seems like I'm learning that another prevalent condition, like heart disease, possibly involves immune related injury. We have nothing effectual being done to explain or prevent these, and often are not even able to accurately track prevalence.

Then, reading the prevaccine era risks for measles at about 1 in 5000 mortality for cases of infection (not every exposure results in infection, and on the other hand perhaps not every case gets reported), 1 in 4000? resulting in lasting disability, and yes, much of the injury in the above paragraph may not be attributable to vaccination and there are other diseases with adverse outcomes that hopefully we are preventing through vaccination to add to vaccine benefits. I'm not sure anyone can calculate confidently the risks and benefits with the data we have, but the chronic illnesses, most of them likely manmade, need to be given more attention aimed at prevention, and honesty regarding infectious disease risks and all contributing factors is needed as well.

Donna L.

Wonderful quote by the mother: “When I'm living day-to-day with what I'm seeing as an adverse reaction to MMR, if I had to choose I can honestly say that between one of my children getting the measles and one of them getting autism - I would go for measles any day of the week."

This is the crux of the problem, the part they never seem to get. How much louder do we have to scream until doctors, public health officials, the media and unaffected families finally realize that autism is SO much worse than any disease they could vaccinate our children against?

Angus Files

Well like many on here our story is the same .We have our oldest son he had every vaccine under the sun (stopped talking after MMR for 4 weeks ,Talking well before MMR) we never thought anything about ….AS YOU DO !.His younger brother had the same but now after vaccines he is ageded15 years old with the mental age of 20 months (school assessed).On the back of this our two youngest aged 7 years girl and 9 years boy ,have had no vaccines nor had the mother prior to birth despite the strep B scare that they try to riddle you with…The non-vaccinated kids have never been to the doctors ever they have no medical files whereas my other two have medical files one to fill a six by six foot room and the other going on two inches…make your own minds up no excuse’s with the internet now


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