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Dachel Media Update: Holly Robinson Peete Speaks

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

April 2, 2013, on Fox News, Holly Robinson Peete was introduced as "a board member of Autism Speaks." She described autism as a "global health crisis." She called for awareness.

FOX NEWS: Holly Robinson Peete raises autism awareness

Today, Ms. Peete ran a poignant HuffPo piece Autism Meet Adolescence about her son, now a handsome young man of 15, and the new fears puberty brings, especially for a male of color with autism.  We should also be aware that Holly has publicly talked about her son R.J.'s regression into autism following vaccination as a toddler.

2008 Huffington: Holly Robinson Peete:

"In 1999, I brought my typically developing toddler into my pediatrician's office and asked the doctor to consider postponing or perhaps breaking up the controversial MMR shot he was scheduled to have that day. Because my little guy just came off a round of antibiotics after an ear infection and I suspected his immune system was weakened, I worried that he wouldn't be able to assimilate this heavy viral load. (MMR shot contains no thimerasol or mercury but a cocktail of 3 potent live viruses). The doctor ignored my fears and belittled me for even questioning him. I felt humiliated and powerless. Despite my "inner mommy danger meter" on full tilt, I allowed my boy to be inoculated. Ms. Pipes, unless you have watched your son get this shot, have heard him cry and scream "no mommy!" (words I didn't hear again by the way until years later), held him through the night while he battled fevers for days afterwards, and then disappear into autism you could not begin to understand my position.

"I don't however, as you condescendingly suggested, use my suffering and testimony as an excuse for my convictions but as evidence of harm."

Her husband, Rodney Peete wrote the book, Not My Boy!: A Father, A Son, and One Family's Journey with Autism (2010)

In the second chapter of the book, "The Wake-up Call--The Diagnosis," Rodney described what happened to his son when he was given the MMR, along with the HepB and the polio vaccines--all on the same day. (This followed a course of antibiotics for an ear infection.)

"At home that night, R.J. had a terrible fever and started shaking violently, just short of a seizure."

Rodney went on to describe the response from the pediatrician who merely recommended they give R.J. Tylenol. He ended up in the ER that night. (p.25)

Rodney stated, "Holly and I, and many other parents of children with autism, believe that the scientists who have concluded that there is no connection between vaccines and autism should have designed their studies differently. ..." (p. 26)

"That day of the vaccination marked a major turning point for R.J.  Within a week of the shots, he stopped responding to his name....Shortly after the shots, R.J. withdrew.  He stopped making eye contact and he didn't laugh much.  Often he'd just lie curled up in a ball staring at his hand or the wooden slats of the crib, lost in a world of his own." (p. 27)

On World Autism Awareness Day, we all need to be aware that one of the board members of the leading autism advocacy organization in the world believes her son has autism because of the vaccines he received.


Joy B

Whoa! I've read several articles about HRP and her son in the past few months and though they all contained quotes from actual interviews with her, never ever were vaccines mentioned, the angle wasn't even touched on, her husband's book not mentioned...obviously Ms. Peete was used for propaganda, initially. I'm sooo soooooo happy she's clarified the issue and wish her all the power.

What ever happened with that Anthrax guitarist? He mentioned in a local news interview that his son regressed after vaccines, and even has written angst-filled music about it(autism, not vaccines).

It will be harder to smear these two, they aren't Playboy Bunnies.

Tim Kasemodel

This is such great news.

This way when a few years go by, and Ms. Peete is not able to singlehandedly change the minds of all the members of Autism Speaks who represent the views of the CDC, NIH and the pharmacuetical companies, change the research agenda to bio-med, and get them to finally fund a large scale vax vs non-vax study, some members of our community can have a new target to point to, accuse her of doing nothing and ask that she be replaced with a more vocal member of the biomedical austism community.

Sarcasm intended.

Seriously though I hope that Ms. Peete holds to her original beliefs about what caused her son's autism and shares it with loud passion. I hope that she can speak her mind openly about what she believed in 2008 and at least be a small but vocal representative of those of us who know what is really driving the high and rising rates. However, since the parents and grandparents of the child the organization was founded upon have no effect on them, I suspect she has a hard road ahead.


Ok, its almost the end of Autism Awareness Day in my neck of the woods and after scanning CNN's site, to be quite frank, I am having a WTF moment. There is absolutely no lead stories about Autism Awareness. Nothing! Relegated to their lesser 'Health' section are two stories -- one about the bogus vaccines don't cause autism study, and another about a high functioning autistic young man who, I quote, "drive a car, use a credit card and have a 3.6 grade point average at my community college. I have been accepted at five four-year universities and am looking forward to a future of great possibilities'. Folks, this is the best they can do about a disability that is devastating a generation of kids! If anyone wants further proof of a cover-up, they should look no further.

L Land

I hope that she has not and will not be been assimilated into the Borg.


They should not ever be allowed to even give that many in one go! Is that safety studied? Never mind, I know the answer! I know a lot of parents who are not happy they've added chicken pox to the MMR- MMRV.

Victor Pavlovic

I have to believe that Holly Robinson Peete, will have to stand up for what she believes in, after all no matter what kind of brainwashing the CDC, Autism Speaks are attempting to perpetuate, it still doesn't change the fact what many parents including the Peete's have witnessed regarding regressive autism after vaccination.

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