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A Vaccine to Treat Vaccine Damage

Dachel Media Update: Drugs and Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

April 24, 2013, KARE-TV Minneapolis MN: Raising autism awareness in Minnesota

April 23, 2013, Chicago Tribune: Epilepsy drug valproate may lead to autism in infant

April 23, 2013, Fox 6 TV (Waukesha, WI): Students at Horning Middle School "go blue" for autism awareness

April 23, 2013, (MA) Commonwealth: Doctor: Possible Links Between Antidepressants, Pregnancy And Autism


"April is dedicated to raising awareness about a disorder that affects about one in every 50 children.
"It's Autism Awareness month and an annual conference begins Wednesday, April 24 in the Twin Cities to help enhance the lives of those touched by autism.

"Jonah Weinberg is the executive director of the Autism Society of Minnesota and Jason Backes is an autism specialist.

"They visited KARE 11 Sunrise to talk about the conference, and how technology is playing a role in working with ASD. "


Jonah Weinberg: "Years ago, we only identified those people who had very severe cases. If you think back to the movie, Rain Man, which brought autism to the forefront...."

All's is well for autism in Minnesota. No one is worried and all we need are awareness and computer programs. The head of the Autism Society of MN said that "Rain Man" is the reason people started noticing autism. That movie came out in 1988. It's like blaming the vaccine controversy on a Lancet article published back in 1998.

I posted comments.
Chicago Tribune
"Women who take the epilepsy drug valproate during pregnancy are three times more likely to have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, suggests new research based on close to 700,000 babies born in Denmark.

"Previous studies have found more birth defects and lower intelligence among children of mothers who took valproate, but the new work represents the 'strongest evidence to date' of a link between the drug and autism, according to an editorial published with the study on Tuesday....
"About one in 88 children has an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those conditions range from autism itself to less disabling ones such as Asperger's syndrome."

Women who take the epilepsy drug valproate during pregnancy are three times more likely to have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, suggests new research based on close to 700,000 babies born in Denmark.

TWO BIG STORIES---anti-depressants linked to autism...and anti-seizure meds linked to autism are out right now. To the public it's proof that experts are finding answers.

Neither story is new. They do however muddy the waters. It's clear that all the studies linking autism to BAD MOMS AND DADS---too old, too fat, big drinking, living too close to a freeway, having babies too close together----prove that autism has LOTS OF CAUSES (but they don't include vaccines). I posted comments.
Fox 6 TV

"Kids at Horning Middle School in Waukesha added some blue to their hair in an attempt to raise awareness of autism.

"April is Autism Awareness Month, and the slogan is "Light it up blue."

"The public charity "Good Friends" is encouraging kids in Waukesha to wear blue highlights in their hair for autism.

"'Good Friends' teaches kids how to accept and show empathy to those with autism."
I'm all for accepting children who have autism.  What I fear most of all is all the acceptance of autism---no questions asked.
(MA) Commonwealth

"On Friday, a new study was released in the British Medical Journal showing that antidepressant use during pregnancy is associated with autism in the exposed children. This is now the second study within the last two years showing this link and it adds to the accumulating evidence of potential harm associated with the use of antidepressants during pregnancy."
 I'm sure this "old news" is going to get plenty of play again. No one mandates antidepressants like they do vaccines. Blaming bad drugs will definitely be popular. I left a few comments-links are working.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism



Tim I am looking forward to see the graphs.

I looked up my old professor in college this tonight. I wondered what happened to the guy that stood up infront of the class - day after day and ranted that vaccines were not linked to --well did not call it autism in those days -- just called it injury or brain damage.

I did not find him, but did find some information out about hiem. He has a 250,000 dollar scholarship named after him. There wasa a paragraph that told about the things he was involved it. While he was a professor at Eastern Kentucky university -- he was also the director of the labs run by SmithKline Beecham. how about that. That was 1977, did not know I was listening to the lectures of an employee of the vaccine manufacturer -- just thought he was a professor. .

Tim Kasemodel

The autism specialist Jason Backes who is interviewed in the KARE 11 Minneapolis segment is the specialist who works with my son Thomas. While he is a great guy and has done wonderful things for my son, we do probably disagree on the the rate of autism in the adult population. We had a discussion a few years ago where he indicated he suspected the undiagnosed adult population would be comparable to the rate in children.

Jason also tried an I-Pad with Thomas and he loved it, actually did very well with it. Unfortunatley the teachers were under the impression it would be a good thing to give to Thomas on a bad gut issue day to "calm him down, redirect him". The only thing that got redirected was the I-Pad against the wall and now he is not allowed to have one.

We just ran the new numbers for Minnesota and while the rate of children born before 2004 is still increasing, the rate of kids born after 2004 has been dropping a little each year.

I hope to be able to share more on that later when we can finalize some graphs.

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