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Autism Linked to Increased Genetic Change in Regions of Genome Instability

Dachel Media Update: Dare to be Aware!

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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April 4, 2013, Yahoo Business: New Thinking Moms’ Revolution Book Offers Parent’s Perspectives on Autism

April 4, 2013, Boston Globe: It's Autism Awareness Month: how aware are you?

April 3, 2013, HLNtv.com: Holly Robinson Peete: Autism awareness matters

April 3, 2013, The Oregonian: More Oregon students have attention deficits, autism and developmental delays

April 3, 2013, (USA Today)  N.J. elementary recognizes World Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2013, AZFamily.com: Study: Autism risk not increased by 'too many vaccines too soon'

April 2, 2013, KFSM-TV Fort Smith AR

Yahoo Business 

"Toxic Overload, Failure of Medical Establishment Driving Autism Crisis, According to Parent-Authors of Insightful Book."

"The staggering rise of Autism and the troubling lack of urgency by the medical establishment to address this crisis, has led parents to find new approaches to heal their children. With perseverance, new medical treatments, and a worldwide network of support, improvement and ultimately recovery from Autism is possible, according to the authors of a new book, The Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Beyond the Spectrum, (Skyhorse Publishing.)"

This is a fascinating book. It's the story of what autism does to kids and to their families.  It's the truth about the epidemic that you never see covered in the mainstream press.

Boston Globe

"April is Autism Awareness Month. As a pediatrician with many patients with autism, I'm glad that we have this month--because each and every child with autism deserves the best we can offer them, and everything we do begins with awareness."

Pediatrician Claire McCarthy believes the best we can offer kids is nothing---except another round of "studies show no link" between vaccines and autism. She's admits that there is no cure.  Sorry parents. ABA is all we can do.


"It's the diagnosis parents fear - autism. And today it's getting world-wide attention. April is Autism Awareness Month, and we're dedicated to understanding this disorder that impacts one-in-50 kids. HLN's Christi Paul spoke with actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney about their son with autism and their efforts to bring attention to it."

Why is it "the diagnosis parents fear"? Why are more and more kids ending up with autism? No one asks during this interview.

Both Rodney and Holly have publicly written about their son's regression following vaccination, yet it wasn't included here.

I posted one comment.

The Oregonian 

"Oregon schools are serving slightly more special education students than ever before, the Oregon Department of Education reported Wednesday.

"The number of special education students rose by about 400 students, or one-half of 1 percent, to 74,829, during 2011-12, it said. Including preschoolers, Oregon educators served 84,683 students with disabilities."

"The number of student with autism continued to rise, this time by nearly 300 students, or 3 percent. In all, nearly 9,000 Oregon students got special education services due to autism, the state said."

This is so scary. How can we accept things like this? We're talking about changes in a single year. What if that continues over 10 and 20 years? This should have lots of people very worried. Have the numbers been increasing like this every year? I posted one comment.

USA Today 

Video shows sign at Kingston Elementary School: "World Autism Day--Bubble Blowing at 1:15"

Smiling happy kids all lined up for "World Autism Day."  So why are the kids here? What does this have to do with an epidemic that seems unstoppable?


 VIDEO: "A new study adds to years of research showing that childhood vaccines do not cause autism, despite worries among a growing number of parents that their young children receive 'too many vaccines.'"

Video shows autistic boy (10) flapping his hands.

Dad says he regressed after vaccination at age 3.

Christopher Smith, vice president of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, says it's a coincidence. Vaccines don't cause autism. All the kids with autism are just better diagnosing

Smith: "By and large the most important thing is to vaccinate your child." All my links are live.

KFSM-TV Fort Smith AR

"A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics on March 29 confirms that there is no association between autism and receiving many vaccines at an early age."

More of APRIL--Vaccines don't cause autism month.  I posted 2 comments.


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