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Dachel Media Update: Beef Candles and Abuse

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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April 11, 2013, Australian TV: Sarah Wilson's apparent support of the 'anti-vax' movement irresponsible, writes Caroline Marcus

April 10, 2013, Parade: How My Kids' Asperger's Diagnoses Turned Me Into an Autism Activist

April 10, 2013, New York Daily News: White Castle candles return for National Autism Awareness Month

April 10, 2013, Baltimore Sun: 'Autism is not disability'

April 10, 2013, Autistic man beaten by caregiver highlights increasing safety issues 

Australian TV

Listen to these three women discuss non-vaccinating parents. The middle one brings up concerns but she's drowned out by the other two.

"A lot of the studies done are done by the drug companies themselves."

"Speak to any credible doctor and they'll tell you that it's disgustingly, horrifically irresponsible not to vaccinate your children."

"Anti-vaccination organizations should be banned because what they're doing is putting children's lives at risk."

There's no worry expressed. Autism doesn't even come up.

Parade: How My Kids' Asperger's Diagnoses Turned Me Into an Autism Activist

"What motivates me to keep lobbying.
"My biggest frustration is seeing the number of children with autism spectrum disorders who are not getting the services they need. I smile every day watching my own kids grow and blossom, and the more they progress, the stronger an advocate I become for those who don't have a voice. I have two children with autism. But there are 18,000-plus other children in the state of Utah with autism. How many children are not diagnosed? They deserve someone to speak on their behalf."

Someone needs to ask why there are 18,000 plus children in Utah with autism.

New York Daily News

"The candles are said to capture the burger-and-onion smell, or 'scent,' of the famous Sliders. The aroma was captured by Nest Fragrances’ founder and CEO Laura Slatkin, who is known as the 'queen of home fragrance.'

"Make your palace smell like a castle (White Castle, that is) with a Slider-scented candle. Proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks."

 I thought about putting a comment here........something about autism being a national tragedy affecting one in every 50 children, but this is too crazy. I’m having a hard time imaging a candle that smells like a burger with onions. ...Why would I want one??????

This is how seriously America takes the autism epidemic.

"Autism parents often worry about how teachers, counselors, and other caregivers treat their children when mom or dad isn't around. This is especially true for parents of nonverbal kids, who are unable to advocate for themselves in many situations. The nightmare of abuse at the hands of caregivers was realized by one family this week. NBC 7 news in San Diego reported on April 8, that a man accused of abusing an autistic patient began his trial for the alleged crimes."

Abuse, bullying, neglect, seclusion, and restraint--these are issues affecting more and more autistic students in our schools. One in every 50 children in the U.S. now has an autism diagnosis. Mainstream medicine and health officials remain clueless and the commonly used symbol for autism is a puzzle piece. The disorder that has no official cause, prevention or cure is changing the face of childhood in America. Stories are out on a daily basis depicting autistic students being harmed at school. When will we recognize the epidemic and demand answers for what's happening to our children?

Baltimore Sun 

"April is National Autism Awareness Month, which naturally raises the question: awareness of what?

"As a parent of a 19-year old son with autism, if you had asked me that question years ago, I would have said things like, "Be aware that kids with autism can experience sensory overload" or "Be aware that creating teaching opportunities around an autistic child's interests can help him learn." Or, if I was meeting one of my son's teachers: "Be aware that if you leave that scented candle on your desk, it's going to have a perfect bite taken out of it within two minutes."...

"When Jamie says 'autism is not disability,' he's saying that autism does not diminish a person as a human being. Autism awareness can't stop with a list of things that make people with autism different. Because what is essential is the constant awareness of what makes us the same...."

How many parents of autistic children would agree that autism isn't a disability? This plays into every lie and it makes no sense. It clearly tells us to merely accommodate and accept---and never ask questions.  I posted comments bur the comment section has been removed.



Hamburger candles? I could vomit. Gross. Promoting fast food for autism, when the state of the food in the world is part of the problem. Ironic.


Does anybody know how to respond to Caroline Marcus's article? Does she have an email address? She makes an assumption that whooping cough and measles are on the rise because vaccination rates have gone down. If she wants to be a reporter, she needs to investigate and not propagate. She should stop being guided by her emotions and start fact checking.


From the Australian TV article:

"There are ways to voice the thrust of the anti-vaxers while at the same time, discredit them. Wilson did not do this."

Poor Ms. Wilson, her days at that job are probably numbered. She didn't follow the script, which was to "discredit" the "anti-vaxers". I think she would have revealed more of the truth if the others would have allowed. Good for her.

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