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Dachel Media Update: April Continues

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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April 17, 2013, East
Central IL News Gazette: Learning to 'embrace the challenge' of autism

April 16, 2013, CBS
Pittsburgh: New Study Focuses On Environment & Autism

April 15, 2013, American
Medical News: Study debunks a common autism worry about vaccines


East Central IL News Gazette

"'The Kings have embraced this diagnosis and have shared their talents and leadership qualities to encourage us to unite as a community and support families on their journey with autism,' she said.

"The kids in the community will also get involved Friday by visiting The Scoop for special blue ice cream cones throughout the school day. Hannah King has organized field trips for the elementary students as a character building activity to demonstrate ways to support others and the community.

"'I think it's great that the kids are learning about it too, so they know we aren't all the same and that's okay,' Gunter said. 'It's definitely heightened awareness in this community.'"

We all better learn to 'embrace the challenge' of autism. We have a country of disabled children and
we're doing nothing to recognize how serious this is or to stop it. Look at the language. ' families on their journey with autism' and 'we aren't all the same and that's okay." That's surrender. That's failing to care WHY children have autism.

Cute photo of smiling child---autism's not so bad.

Blue ice cream cones for autism awareness? Sorry if your child is one of the affected ones, but we have a nice glow stick for you. I posted comments---but I have no idea why. I'm sure the parents of this 2 year old recently diagnosed with autism won't be happy about the light of truth I added to the nice, gee-we-care-about-autism story.

CBS Pittsburgh

"Can where you live have an effect on if you have a child born with autism?

"The Centers for Disease Control says that one out of 88 kids are affected with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), which is why the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health and Dr. Evelyn Talbot are performing a study to find out if the environment and people's surroundings is a precursor to autism.

"They are looking at western Pennsylvania because there is a lot of industry, and we have ozone and air pollution issues."

Notice the first line, "Born with autism."  The comments weren't working or I would have left a few.

American Medical News

"Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the consumer-led National Vaccine Information Center, said the new CDC study 'does nothing to reassure parents' that administering a large number of vaccines is safe and unrelated to the increase in autism. She said the study lacked a control group of unvaccinated children and ignored how genetic variation and biological differences between children can affect individual susceptibility to vaccines.

"'There is an urgent need for a well-designed, prospective long-term study that includes vaccinated and unvaccinated infants and children conducted by nonindustry, nongovernmental investigators to evaluate not only all morbidity and mortality outcomes, but also to measure pathological changes in the brain and immune function over time in both groups,' Fisher said."

Surprising balance in this AMA report lauding the CDC study of two groups of vaccinated children as proof that vaccines don't cause autism.

Barbara Loe Fisher is allowed to criticize the research and call for an independent
vaccinated/unvaccinated study.





Congress and health officials don't care what color light shines in front of your house for a day, for a month, or forever. Constituents have to confront them demanding appropriate action. They want you to busy yourself with shining lights to make you think you're accomplishing something, as long as the lights aren't shined on them.


I am shining my blue light in my front porch light for the month of April. One day is not enough...What if everyone touched by autism shone a blue light on their front porch for the month of April. This might make more of an impact of how many of us their are. Please promote this for next year. I think Home Depot and Lowe's and other stores would be happy to sell the blue bulbs. I asked my local store to put up a table with blue bulbs and a sign to shine a blue light for autism...not just awareness, but for independent research for the cause.


Proud of my local newspaper, the News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina: "April is Autism Awareness Month, the "Parent to Parent" column by Betsy Flagler starts. But the headline reads, "With autism, try to focus on what's fixable." The whole column is about Martha Herbert's "The Autism Revolution:Whole Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be." And the column includes a bullet point saying "Overall health: Don't dismiss your child's physical, nonbehavioral symptoms such as diarrhea, sleeplessness, seizures or frequent ear infections." Somebody is trying to get us into mainstream media! Berta


...Surprising balance in this AMA report lauding the CDC study of ...two groups of vaccinated children... as proof that vaccines don't cause autism.

Simply more classic "AMA Tobacco Science" comparing lung cancer rates between three-pack and four-pack a day smokers... finding the rates to be about the same and then making a statement ...supported by the AMA... that everything is fine, light up...


Thanks Anne,

See this link-an article from a journalist who has no children and no idea!

Elizabeth Gillespie

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