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Dachel Media Update: Climbing Numbers, Enough Awareness

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

April 15, 2013, U.S. News: Parents Who Veto Vaccinations Often Seek Like-Minded Opinions

April 15, 2013, TIME: How Social Networks Influence Parents' Decision to Vaccinate
April 14, 2013, WAFF-TV Huntsville AL: 'Walk for Autism' raises awareness for disorder

April 14, 2013, Connecticut Post: Schools' autism programs increase along with numbers of cases

April 14, 2013, Concord (NH) Monitor: Autism Book Offers Holistic Strategies

April 13, 2013, KFDA-TV--Amarillo (TX) News: Thousands raise awareness during 'Autism in Action' 5K and walk
April 13, 2013, Chippewa Herald (Chippewa Falls, WI): CDC: Autism affects 1 in 88 children

April 13, 2013, Columbus (OH) Dispatch: Autism a disorder begging to be understood

April 12, 2013, Saturday's Autism Resource Fair a godsend for Staten Island families struggling to cope

April 12, 2013, UK Independent: Editorial--Andrew Wakefield's baleful legacy

U.S. News: Parents Who Veto Vaccinations Often Seek Like-Minded Opinions
"Friends and family may be key in parents' decisions on whether to vaccinate their young children, a small study suggests.

"The study, of about 200 parents, found that those who had opted not to follow the standard vaccine schedule often sought advice from anti-vaccine friends and family."

I'm sure this STUDY will be covered everywhere----Gee, so why don't parents want to vaccinate? I posted comments....all links live!

"The researchers surveyed 196 parents of children 18 months or younger in King County - Haight's stomping ground - which has a vaccination rate that's typically below the national average and has been gripped by a pertussis epidemic, along with areas in Vermont, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Among the parents in the study, 126 followed the nationally recommended childhood-vaccination schedule from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The 70 other parents forged their own paths: 28 delayed vaccines, 37 partially vaccinated and five didn't vaccinate at all."
A study on why parents don't want to vaccinate?  Look around.  Parents are scared.  Our children are sick and mainstream medicine hasn't even noticed.  I posted lots of links---all live.


I'm tired of these stories. There are dozens just like it. Local walk. The numbers are epidemic. It's always about children. They talk openly about the disaster that we've just come to accept.

News anchor: "Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the country."
"A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control said nearly twice as many children have Autism than previously believed."
Autism mom: "The CDC just came out with new numbers that one in fifty children are affected by Autism in our country. And it is at an epidemic level now."
Shouldn't we do something?
Connecticut Post

"At the Beardsley School, regular and special education teachers work together in a "co-teaching" autism program. While at the Johnson School there is a full continuum of services for those on the spectrum, from self-contained classes that offer intensive instruction, to regular classes where autistic students work with mainstream students but are provided extra support....

"The variety of Bridgeport school programs serving students on the autism spectrum has increased over the last decade as the district has sought to educate more students in its own schools instead of expensive outside programs. In all there are 31 classrooms in 12 schools serving some 269 students on the autism spectrum or with certain other special needs, and that's not counting 81 students with autism in pre-kindergarten classes, and 53 who attend school out of district.

"Ten years ago there were 106 students in nine classes."

And read about the costs. 

Let's see....269 ASD students...that's not counting the 81 in the pre-K classes or the 53 students who are schooled out of the district. That makes a total of 403 students today vs 106 students ten years ago. Something is really wrong, but you'd never know it from the tone of this story. So in another 10 years will it be 1,600 student with autism?
Concord Monitor: Autism Book Offers Holistic Strategies

"Often, parents of autistic children are told that the disorder is genetically hard-wired, destined to remain fixed forever. A new book offers parents hope for a different outcome....
"Herbert shares real-life success stories of children and adults on the autism spectrum who, as she describes them, 'didn't follow the textbooks.' They followed recommendations to optimize nutrition, strengthen immunity and reduce stress and environmental toxins. They 'got better - some dramatically so,' writes Herbert."
Martha Herbert believes environmental toxins play a role in autism and she claims kids can get better. This should get lots of people's attention---especially those saying there's no known cause or cure. I bet it won't. No one wants to focus on how these children have been poisoned.
KFDA-TV--Amarillo (TX) News
"One in 88 children are now being identified on the Autism Spectrum, what some are calling an 'autism epidemic.' That's why proceeds from Saturday morning's walk will benefit the Amarillo Area Autism in Action, a group that promotes education and research for children with autism, in addition to kids with other disabilities in the Amarillo area. ...

"Day also said when they started this event three years ago, about 250 people were involved, but it's grown to the more than 1,000 people that turned out Saturday, the largest turnout they've had so far."

In the face of an epidemic, all we seem to do is hold walks. What does the increase from 250 attendees to over 1000 three years later tell us?  I posted comments.

Chippewa Herald

"The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder causing developmental disabilities."
This is my hometown paper, so I had to post a comment.  Notice that so many stories still have the one in 88 rate. Obviously the one in 50 number didn't have any real impact.
Columbus (OH) Dispatch

"I don't want people just to be aware of autism. I think we've accomplished that. Virtually everyone, at least peripherally, knows about the disorder, and the statistics are no secret: 1 in 88 children, 1 in 54 boys.
"All of us know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who has a child with an autism spectrum disorder: a child who is unable to speak or lacks social skills, a child who seems to retreat into a private world.

"Being unaware of autism at this point would be fairly difficult.

"The time has come, I think, to move past awareness to acceptance."

We're all so aware because there's so much autism everywhere.

Sure, we all know someone with an autistic child. ...Why aren't we asking why? Acceptance? It's more like surrender.

I imagine parking lots with "AUTISM PARENT" spots next to the store.

Children with autism now not only have their own classrooms in our schools, but they also have their own swimming classes, story time at the library, special movie showings, "Sensitive Santas" at Christmas, autism-friendly plays on Broadway, and summer camps for ASD. That's a lot of acceptance. Autism is now a fact-of-life for two percent of our children and no one seems interested in why it happens.  I posted comments.

"But while those nationwide figures climb, the agencies that help autistic children and adults with day, recreational, educational and residential services are seeing their funding drop. With less money to help more people, Ms. Long and others said many people seeking services are winding up on waiting lists. ..."

Is anyone scared yet? I am. These local stories are out everywhere. They're in sharp contrast to the denials and pretend science we get from mainstream medicine and health officials. How can we call this "better diagnosing"? If all the autism is simply the renaming of a disorder that's always been around, why are there waiting lists? Why is everyone so afraid about the coming adults with autism?

I pity the families of the toddlers being diagnosed right now. They'll have to fight even harder for a share in the limited services available.

UK Independent

"His research has been discredited; he has lost his job; his reputation is in tatters and his licence to practise medicine has been withdrawn. Efforts to confirm his findings have failed. His latest outburst, on the Age of Autism website, the "daily web newspaper of the autism epidemic", suggests a siege mentality. He lashes out at all those who do not share his view. He occupies a parallel universe in which his arguments appear internally consistent, but conflict with reality."

I posted comments to challenge everything this person wrote.  I've given up on reporters/editors who are lazy, ignorant, disinterested in the suffering of children, and minions of corporate greed and corruption.



The nastiness extends to cyberstalking and bullying (lilady providing many examples- even a member of he own community has complained about this), hate campaigns, poll-crashing, faked letters (probably the one sent to Peter Hitchens) etc. AoA moderators do let them comment and usually they don't stay long.


I understand where you're coming from. You are right in wanting an honest flow of ideas and debate. But I really believe that, unfortunately, those people are dishonest and intentionally obstructive and inflammatory. Only knowing how to fling mud, they aren't worth engaging. I am not a moderator of course, but it is my humble opinion that their nastiness has no place here.


Thanks again Anne for your wonderful update. On another unrelated matter I am involved in a lengthy comment thread at Orac's site. After incurring a few below the belt insults for my anti-vaxx position, I reminded them that they would not get similar treatment for their views at AoA. They responded that this is not true and they have suffered worse abuse. They also added that things have reached the point that AoA moderators are censoring their comments and not posting them. Regardless of one's position on the autism-vaccine debate, I believe it's important for the free exchange of opinions, including dissenting ones. It is my hope that AoA staff agree with this principle. Does AoA engages in a policy of barring dissenting views? If so, why?


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