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Autism Public Service Announcement by Natalie Palumbo Featured in Los Angeles Screening

Movie filmManaging Editor's Note: Natalie Palumbo provides more awareness in her public service announcement than lighting the seven wonders of the world neon blue. Thank you and congratulations, Natalie.

By Natalie Palumbo

I am 18, a senior in High School, and the younger sibling of a 22 year old brother with low verbal autism.  I am busy preparing for graduation, and have good news to share.  I was accepted into the Motion Design major at Ringling College of Art and Design, which is my first choice for college.  I am currently taking a media arts class at a neighboring high school, and it has been an amazing experience. 

The Public Service Announcement that I made for class called “Age Of Autism” was submitted into the Notre Dame High School National Film competition by my teacher Ms. Esposito.  I received word last week that my PSA will be among the films being screened in Los Angeles this April.  Only runner ups and winners are screened.  Ironically, it is the same day as accepted students’ day at Ringling College.  Due to the cross country distance, they are sending me my award certificate in the mail.  I am thrilled and very grateful to be part of the screening, and am very excited to see if it won.  The support I’ve received for my PSA has been wonderful, and I’ve received many lovely notes and letters from families that told me they finally felt represented.  I worry about my future, and work very hard to do well.  I know my brother will need me, and I want us to have a good life together. 

For competition purposes, the music for my PSA had to be changed.  The winning version has been posted to YouTube, and can be found here: 

Thank you all for supporting my PSA Age of Autism.  I created it for all of us. 

Natalie Palumbo is a senior in high school and  younger sister to Anthony, who has autism. 


Kirsten Williams

Natalie, you are a wonderful friend and an inspiration. Getting to know you an your family has change my life forever. Because I am so close to you, I understand autism better and have the courage to stand up for the autistic community. I love you and Anthony as if you were my siblings and will always consider BOTH of you my siblings. You're doing wonderful and I'm happy that all your dreams are coming true. If you ever need anything. Tell me :) I'm always here for you. No strings attached and you're no burden. I love you Natalie and Anthony!


Natalie, We could use a PSA that paints a picture of future impact of autism -- a sports team without a pitcher, a fire dept without a firetruck driver, a classroom without a teacher, an airplane without a pilot, a hospital operating room without a surgeon .. We should show people future impacts of autism and what 1 in 50 (and climbing) really means. This is our country's future!!


Natalie-God Bless you! You are the voice for all of us! I hope your PSA is seen by millions as we spread the word that autism can no longer be ignored! My son is also the 1 in 50!


Beautifully done - makes me cry!


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thank you! I would love your PSA to get national attention somehow.


As someone who works with kids and can see that so many children with autism are suffering, I love your message. It needs to be heard. Congratulations, Natalie, I know you will do well!

Natalie Palumbo

To Sarah,

I would be honored. ♥


I have an idea for a screen play Natalie. It involves corrupt, greedy, predatory pharmaceutical companies, a government in denial, a medical community who turns their backs on our families, media propaganderist who pander to industry and a lost generation of children. The heroes are the parents and siblings who support eachother, a doctor who put his reputation on the line and a few intrepid reporters whose mission is to tell the truth. Heck, this is OUR story. If I ever get beyond the idea stage for a screen play, I'd be honored if you would direct it and tell our story. You tell it like it is Natalie. Tell the world the TRUTH!


This is fabulous! It is the antidote to the "early intervention is the ticket and look how wonderfully so many kids with autism are doing." campaign. Autism awareness also needs to be about being aware of how big this problem is. Thank you Natalie!

Jonathan Rose

Absolutely brilliant. No one can watch it without being moved. My only suggested change is that it's now 1 in 50, isn't it.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Natalie. Your PSA is very compelling and well-done, I think very deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!

Maurine Meleck

Congratulations, Natalie. Your PSA is terrific and a wonderful tribute to your brother. Thank you.
Maurine-grandmother to 1 in 31


I predict Natalie will go very far in life regardless of what her career path turns out to be. How fortunate that, at this stage in her journey, she has chosen to fight against injustice and apathy with respect to those with autism. Thank you for posting this remarkable video.

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