Autism and Vaccine Injury: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib World
Dads Unite at Autism One

Autism One Spotlight: Congressional Panel, RFK Jr. and More

Robert F Kennedy Jr 3Visit the Autism One website to register and learn about the array of presentations coming in May.

Friday, May 24  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will present the keynote speech.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has long been a stout defender of our environment, our democracy, and our American values. Mr. Kennedy serves as Vice Chair and Chief Prosecuting Attorney for Riverkeeper and Chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at a Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic, Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, and earlier in his career he served as Assistant District Attorney in New York City.

In the area of vaccines Mr. Kenney was instrumental in the publication of Unanswered Questions, a peer-reviewed investigation of compensated cases of vaccine-induced brain injury. He is the author of the article Deadly Immunity, which documented the government’s efforts to conceal alarming data about the dangers of vaccines.    

Mr. Kennedy is a graduate of Harvard University. He studied at the London School of Economics and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Following graduation he attended Pace University School of Law, where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Environmental Law. 


Congressman Dan Burton, Congressman Dave Weldon, MD, and Congressman Bill Posey are presenting Friday, May 24th.

The Congressional Panel will present beginning at 10:00 am for an hour followed by Q&A for 30 minutes. Stay tuned. More details coming soon.

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Just viewed the AutismOne video - absolutely heartbreaking, but great at the same time. Keep a tissue box handy...this just rips my heart out.


I was at the "Green Our Vaccines" rally in DC when Robert F. Kennedy spoke....he is one of my heroes along with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.....also, Dan Burton spoke at the rally. Mr. Burton has been a longstanding proponent of really looking at the harm vaccinations are doing. These guys are awesome and well worth the time to go see. I wish I lived closer.


The clip at Autism One with Dan Burton is great.

You cannot beat video of Congress asking simple questions to vaccine bozos who are clueless with any kind of answer to questions they are supposed to be the "experts" on...

Angus Files

Need guys like him to get elected


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