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Autism and April: Embrace This

Go Talk NOBy Cathy Jameson

Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.

It’s that time of year.  We’ve flipped a calendar page to a new month:  the month of April.  The month when autism groups, who make money off of our kids’ diagnoses, go into full-fledge fundraising mode.  From walking around in circles promoting awareness to slapping a puzzle piece on every-day household products, this type of fundraising saddens me.  While our children’s needs are used for another’s gain, these money-making tactics suck the life out of me. 

April used to be my favorite month.  It ushers in springtime weather and the awakening of new life.  It also happens to be my birthday month.  Now, when I think about April and how blue it makes me feel, it’s the worst time of year.   Long before the month starts, I’m done with April and the autism ‘awareness’ and ‘celebration’ it brings. 

Not only has autism awareness been pushed so much that I’m blue in the face because of it, I recently saw a new campaigns are asking us to embrace it.  Embrace autism.  Really?  I’ll embrace a lot of things, but I will never embrace autism.  Before anyone jumps down my back saying I don’t love the person behind the autism label, rest assured I do love that person.  I love Ronan to the moon and back (well, farther than that really because many of you know I will do everything I can for him).  HE is who I love.  HE is my inspiration.  HE is the reason I work so hard.  But, to ask me to embrace WHAT grips him from the inside out, what limits his abilities and his potential, and what he struggles with almost every minute of every day?  Never. 

Autism, celebrate it.  Autism, advertise it.  Autism, wear it.  Autism, it’s not so bad.  Embrace it. 

I don’t think so.  

How about we embrace the 1 in 50 (and quickly rising) autism rate?  Embrace the need to open more people’s eyes.  Why?  Because they obviously missed the memo on the autism epidemic and how it happened.  Before it hits, let’s embrace what’s coming next.  Embrace the fact that young adults on the spectrum will soon be spilling out of their school-age services and into their communities with limited or no supports.  Those are cold, hard facts that are worthy of being embraced and what needs to be acted upon now. 

To embrace a life-long, debilitating disorder that can hamper growth, delay development and reduce independence is downright wrong.  People try to play down Ronan’s diagnosis and the devastation he and so many others suffer.  Making light of a grave situation that is affecting him and a generation of children is the opposite of what our society needs to have happen.  

When I see whimsical messages and posts about how wonderful autism is, it hurts. It hurts to know that Ronan’s story hasn’t made a difference.  It hurts to know that someone took my son’s plight and wants to make a buck off of it.  It hurts to realize that Ronan’s struggles aren’t understood, and it’s ridiculous to think that they should be celebrated.  How on earth could I ever embrace that?

To the people who are cashing in our kids, shame on you.  To the people and the groups I know who are working tirelessly to help reduce our fears, our worries and our struggles so that we can have the positive energy we need to care for our children affected by autism, thank you. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our families.  Your words, your efforts and your actions make a difference.

Today marks the first day of a month that I no longer love.  It’s dreadful because it wasn’t too long ago that the month of April gave me great joy.  Despite the sadness I feel because of the greed of others, nothing will stop me from showering Ronan with all the love and the respect he so deserves.  I embrace him.  I embrace the chance to be his Mom.  I embrace being able to give him the tools, the time and the hope he needs for the future.  Ronan is my life and my joy.  No one can take away the awesomeness that he brings to my life.  No one.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.





Yes and "vaccines" ALSO cause all the diseases of "vaccination". We have a good handle on many of these diseases, ADD and ADHD for example but there are MANY others such as all the autoimmune diseases that may have a serious root in the barbaric practice of "vaccination". Is lowered IQ a disease? Before it is all over IMO this too will be recognized as one of the diseases of "vaccination".

"Vaccination" is all about trust. I doubt there would be very little "vaccination" if the CDC said "Vaccination" may cause autism.

How do these people sleep at night?

How can we trust those who have so egregiously lied to us so often?

David H. Payne


It is actually quite appropriate that April is the Autism month. The most significant day of April is of course April first or "April Fool's Day". Most people understand “April Fool’s Day“ to be an event or a statement that everyone believes for just a few moments and perhaps even a lifetime that is eventually revealed as a fraud or prank or trickery. The only gain involved is the gag relief of fooling the other person.

For example my wife text all of her friends that she was pregnant again and was scared to death of telling me because she knows how much I would like another child and I know how much she does not want another child because of the pain of autism. She must have gotten a hundred phone calls in about two minutes and we all had a good laugh. Of course my heart is secretly quite broken that she wants nothing to do with more children I want a son or another daughter as I derive true joy from my wife and children but I love her so I do not impose my selfish will upon her.

Therefore it is quite appropriate to have Autism celebrated in April as some of the biggest liars in the world are people who deny the vaccine autism relationship and this is truly their month too because they actually started it all and we must give them their do.

Let’s consider shall we some of the April fools of Autism and we might as well take them in order of appearance. If you like you can add some of your best recollections of Autism APRIL FOOLS!!

1)Vaccines are safe- APRIL FOOLS!!
2)Vaccines are efficacious- APRIL FOOLS!!
3)Vaccines protect against disease- APRIL FOOLS!!
4)Vaccines are well studied- APRIL FOOLS!!
5)Hep B vaccines really should be given to your children because they have a chance of getting it from 0-10 as an STD(SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE)- APRIL FOOLS!!
6)Hep A is a common virus that your children should be vaccinated against- APRIL FOOLS!!
7)The pertusis vaccine actually works - APRIL FOOLS!!
8)Vaccines do not cause chronic diseases- APRIL FOOLS!!
9)HPV causes cancer so your 9 year old girl should be vaccinated- APRIL FOOLS!!
10)The polio vaccine worked well- APRIL FOOLS!!
11)The polio vaccine saved the country- APRIL FOOLS!!
12)Vaccines work by heard immunity- APRIL FOOLS!!
13)People who do not get vaccinated put the entire community at risk even if they are vaccinated!!- APRIL FOOLS!!
14)Your 9 year old son should also be vaccinated with HPV as he may get anal warts by sitting on a toilette seat- APRIL FOOLS!!
15)50,000 people die of the FLU every year!!- APRIL FOOLS!!
16)Autism is a purely genetic disorder and there is a reliable inheritance pattern- APRIL FOOLS!!
17)Autism is a partially genetic disorder and there is a reliable inheritance pattern- APRIL FOOLS!!
18)Seth Mnookin has a medical doctor degree- APRIL FOOLS!!
19)Seth Mnookin has an advance degree in microbiology immunology, embryology and developmental physiobiology - APRIL FOOLS!!
20)Seth Mnookin high or sober is a good reliable resource for vaccine information - APRIL FOOLS!!
21)Paul Offitt is a very trusted name in vaccine information and your child really could take 10,000 vaccines all at once with no adverse reactions or sequelae- APRIL FOOLS!!
22)Pediatricians – vaccinate their children too- APRIL FOOLS!!
23)There is nothing you can do about autism- APRIL FOOLS!!
24)Diet change has no effect on Autism - APRIL FOOLS!!
25)Chelation has no effect on Autism APRIL FOOLS!!
26)Injectable Methyl B12 does not improve sensitivity behavior and cognition in autistic children and neither does Cod liver oil with Vitamin A- APRIL FOOLS!!
27)Hyperbaric oxygen has no effect on Autism- APRIL FOOLS!!
28)There is no increase in the incidence of autism - APRIL FOOLS!!
29)There just appears to be more autistic children through better diagnosis- APRIL FOOLS!!
30)Anti-virals like Enhansa have no effect on autism- APRIL FOOLS!!
31)Mercury poisoning with thimerosal has no effect on the immune system and neither do all of the heavy metals and adjuvants like aluminum and tin- APRIL FOOLS!!
32)The autistic children have always been here - APRIL FOOLS!!
33)Vaccines are administered by people – pediatricians that are well informed and actually care about your children- APRIL FOOLS!!
34)There is academic integrity in the evaluation and indication for giving vaccines - APRIL FOOLS!!
35)Brian Deer is an ethical journalist who did not go rummaging through patient charts without permission and did not misrepresent himself to the public- APRIL FOOLS!!
36)There are NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST on any level of government, industry, clinical or didactic education - APRIL FOOLS!!
37)There are no paid bloggers on line working for the pharmaceutical industry- APRIL FOOLS!!
38)ORAC –knows exactly what he is talking about- APRIL FOOLS!!
39)Jake Crosby is a LIAR!!- APRIL FOOLS!!
40)WILLIE is a short white guy with blond hair about 20 years old- APRIL FOOLS!!
41)We always get along over here at AOA just like any family- APRIL FOOLS!!
43)There is no politics and there are no conspiracies when it comes to vaccines autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses APRIL FOOLS!!
44)Pediatricians and Psychiatrist are the correct physicians to diagnose autism and treat it- APRIL FOOLS!!
45)Refrigerator moms really are the cause of Autism- APRIL FOOLS!!
46)Pediatricians and psychiatrist really are smart and well respected in the medical field - APRIL FOOLS!!
47) Pediatricians will not abandon you after giving your child autism -APRIL FOOLS!!
48)There is no increased incidence or relationship between GI disturbance and vaccines- APRIL FOOLS!!
49)Andrew Wakefield LIED!!!- APRIL FOOLS!!
50)MMR does not cause autism!!- APRIL FOOLS!!
51)We will never prove that VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM and make our children better!! APRIL FOOLS!!
52)The people who have done this will get away with it and never be held accountable- APRIL FOOLS!!
53)God does not see this- VERY BIG APRIL FOOLS!!

Well it is about 3:00 AM and I am going to retire in favor of the rest of you giving me your best Autism APRIL FOOLS!! I think we need to remind each other and everyone else every April of all of the APRIL FOOLS of autism every year.



April frustrates me because the fundraising efforts of these groups, that could care less about my kids, give the illusion that the money raised is helping families. No one, even my kids own grandparents, help with anything because they believe that we get money from all these other places. If I had a dime for every time some ass has said to me "yeah but the government pays for all that" I could afford all the treatment my kids need!!!These groups give the illusion that something is being done when it is not, and they are robbing families of potential charity that could be directed towards effective treatment. I once told a lady, who was attempting to donate to some random autism thing at a toys r us, that if she knew a family with a diagnosis to please just mail them the twenty dollars. It will go a lot further.

Jeannette Bishop

I also loved, still love, the month of April, though it's more unhappy now, but I guess every month of the year is. This particularly hasn't been a good week, I think. With recent PR research releases, I wonder if much more is to come, or if this is the best they can do, before they try to normalize more the epidemics.

Also adding to the week's irritation, I recently made the mistake of pledging a small donation over the phone to a "veteran's charity" only to learn online afterward that 87% percent of this charity's funds are spent on fundraising alone, then there are the "executives" salaries and operating costs and then some leftover amount goes to programs to "aid" veterans.

I was pretty upset, but then I started looking into this "light it up blue" thing, apparently started in 2010, and Autism Speaks is declaring it an annual event--says something about their perspective, I think--two or three years later. And from a brief, rather random internet surf, I get some more perspective on the choice of blue: Blue is in the center of the passive colors spectrum, it's associated with both serenity and sadness, it is also believed to inspire a sense of security and trust, is a widely favorite color, and the corporate world tends to use blue a lot.

I'm not sure which is worse, a charity that seems to pay a lot of telemarketers to generate their salaries and buy a few phone cards for veterans or a group a little more market savvy, partnering with various pharmaceutical companies to market awareness, feign environmental research intent, and mostly try to find "evidence based" pharmaceuticals to sell as life-time "treatments," co-opting and detoothing local legislative reforms, filling "public" seats in government, sucking up funds in local communities from those who want to multiply their small ability to help by partnering with a professional looking organization, putting most (more than most?) of those funds back into such fundraising "walks," and relying mainly on large donations from unknown persons (but if actions indicate donor priorities I would hazard those are corporate "persons").

Light it up meds

Lori-- you seem to be on the ball about it and a lot of people who "light it up blue" are well-intended. It may even be an attempt to steal the "blue" symbolism away from AS. But I doubt it will work: for now "blue for autism" has been branded by a drug-industry front group. It's a bit like Coca Cola funding an astroturf group and running an obesity awareness campaign urging people to "light it up Coca-Cola red," or, for an exact parallel, wearing NAMI t-shirts for mental illness awareness when the drug front group is directly part of the machinery supporting the most abusive treatments for mental disability and driving the massive rise in drug induced mental illness.

The front campaigns and their brand symbols are a way of coopting people's good intentions to support something which is actually creating the problem. The perception that AS is acceptable rakes in mega bucks, celeb support and crowds out local charities which are directly robbed of support. I would urge people to take back the month from the corporate agenda which is driving the epidemic and use their own local org logos and symbols.

Lori Smith

I look at it a bit differently I suppose. No, I am crazy about autism as I am sure most all parents aren't. Things would be so much different for my family if we didn't have autism in it. I would have a lot more time for one. More time to do the things that would be a lot more enjoyable than going to a 2 hour doctor appointment with my son, or taking him to a blood draw once per month, or going to another advocacy class so that I make sure he is getting services he is entitled to.

I would have a lot more money, that's a fact! special diets and supplements, therapy none of which are cheap.

So, yes, I wear my autism awareness T-shirt and I light it up blue on April 2nd. Why? because I think autism acceptance is important. People need to understand what autism is. How it effects others. Before my son was diagnosed 7 yrs ago I had no idea what autism was. If I can inform a few people about autism and help educate them of what autism is, then I feel that it is a good thing. If someone would have told me that 1-50 kids would have autism when I was pregnant, maybe I would have educated myself on vaccines, toxins etc. But I didn't. Would it have made a difference? I will never know.

So when I wear my autism awareness T-shirt I am NOT saying look at me, I love autism. It's more look at me, I deal with many challenges everyday. Learn the facts and educate yourself and others to make the best choices that may help prevent autism. I didn't know about autism, I was not educated on the topic, but now everyone should be and I want to help make that happen.


Gilded Thinker

What is it about autism? People would be outraged and the groups lynched if their campaigns were preaching "embracing" diabetes, "celebrating" cancer,loving HIV as just "part of who he/she is, or pushing just making a few accommodations for schizophrenia. Yet these are the tired, regurgitated suggestions for a disability that is indeed life-threatening, comes with a myriad of debilitating, co-morbid conditions, and affects more kids than cancer, diabetes and HIV.

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