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SaneVax: How Gardasil Changed My Life


David Brown M.D.

I trust no comments made and submitted regarding one’s ideas and thinking are not censored by the author.

David Brown

Confessions...of another medical heretic....

This all..... page by page.... post after post... a real eye opener.....to me..an MD...

WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!....THANK YOU...to all singularly standing tall and upright...and exposing the TRUTH....so clean and so refreshing...our lengthy medical school training...at the seminary...despite some hard work.. was nothing but a sham...totally..... all in blindness..

NOW... for the good time...with the dispelled so called truths by which mankind marches...evaporating like the early morning mist of a new day... and now the sun is shining... the truth sets us free.... from the bondage man kind is saturated in...in virtually all things..... what is forward actually is backward.... and backward is actually forward...

The layout in the complex stream of these hundreds and ? thousands of these interlinked online narratives shines too..of brilliance.

Join the truth movement !

David Brown M.D.
Church of Allopathy (Queens University Medical School )
Kingston Ontario , Canada


A new video was also posted yesterday May 3rd by Andy on the mumps vaccine. This is excellent stuff and the AutisMediaChannel is the way to get his very strong messages across without censorship by the mainstreammedia in the UK.

John Stone

My challenge today to Prof David Salisbury, in BMJ Rapid Responses (and other letters):


Mark Struthers

Kudos to Andrew Wakefield for his courage in standing up to a powerful 'untouchable'.


I do hope Andy's lawyers will allow him to release his 200 page report on MMR vaccine safety. And I would be particularly interested to read Salisbury's statement to the GMC, where he stated that the MMR had an "exemplary safety record".

"No doctor should be untouchable", not even Professor (Sir) David Salisbury CB FRCP FRCPCH FFPH.

Mark Struthers

Like Jimmy Savile, I suspect Professor (Sir) David Salisbury CB FRCP FRCPCH FFPH is one of the 'untouchables'.


Emery Max

The combined shot is drastically more reactive than the single vaccines, according to the CDC Vaccine Safety Data link slides here, pages 4 through 14.


Public Health Canada sets the Serious Adverse Event following vaccination at 1/100k.


This reminds me of the old west movies.
The good guy in the white hat (white shirt) calls out the evil guy.

Hey Salisbury - I think you got a long yellow streak up your back.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you Dr. Wakefield!

Is anyone here familiar with how much medical training regarding anaphylaxis is standard--my spell checker certainly doesn't know the word so I hope I spelled that right? Some things I've read/heard make me wonder if it is not uncommon to have little to none in medical school, particularly any highlighting that injection/vaccination can initiate such a sensitization. Though I would think at least through training in treating bites/stings, etc. there is likely to be at least some principal understanding?

Is there any other route of sensitization known to set up an anaphylactic reaction other than injection? Possibly puncture wounds or other broken skin exposures?

Angus Files

Salisbury hardcore tells it all how it isn`t..



Good for Dr. Wakefield. This is about as far from 'backing down' as one can get!


The medical people love to spout off the well the benefits out weighs the risk.

50 From measles ( I don't want that and hope we learn why and stop that)

15,000 from a reaction. (which many including my own mother don't seem to count).

Gee which is the lesser risk?


Yesterday it was reported that a girl received a large judgment for suffering toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) after taking a children's anti-inflammatory. This particular medication is one I give my own kid and I take the adult version occasionally so I started looking for more information about this horrific condition. I was somewhat surprised to find that TEN and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) have been reported as rare consequences of vaccination (including vaccination with MMR) for decades. This isn't even controversial, it appears, though the number of cases attributable to vaccination has been minimized. (And you won't find vaccination mentioned on the wikipedia page.)

Heather Fraser

Thank you for speaking out about anaphylaxis and the clear, historic relationship between it and injection.


So... we are all worried about a supposed measles outbreak , because "the media" is telling us that one is underway.

The same media that keeps telling us 1 in 50 is "no big deal", and who keeps parroting the old confusing message that the autism epidemic, which isn't really happening....couldn't possibly have anything to do with vaccines.

I no longer believe in the safety and/or efficacy of ANY vaccine. And I longer accept stories of so called outbreaks of benign diseases, especially when my only source for THAT information is a media who couldn't tell the truth if it tried.


This is explosive stuff. How could Salisbury possibly have gotten away without giving fair warnings of possible anaphylactic shock reaction to the MMR? And no facilities for recovery treatment made available?! I had no idea of this. Surely this is criminal?

We all know WHY he didn't give either warnings or treatment available.

I want to know HOW he got away with it?!

And WHY isn't it publicly known about?

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