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And Nothing Happened

To-do-list-nothingBy Julie Obradovic

I’ve long thought about the coincidences of autism. In fact, my very first editorial to my local newspaper back in 2005 was entitled just that, “An Unfortunate Coincidence”.

I called it that because that is how Harvey Fineberg, then president of the IOM, referred to it when he met with David Kirby on Meet the Press that year. Per his perspective, vaccines were nothing more than “unfortunate coincidence” when it came to autism.

I went through all of those coincidences in detail.

It was an “unfortunate coincidence” that autism settled in shortly after vaccination.

It was an “unfortunate coincidence” that parents noticed it at that time and not earlier.

It was an “unfortunate coincidence” that the symptoms of mercury poisoning and autism were identical.

It was an “unfortunate coincidence” that autism affects four times as many boys as girls knowing that mercury and testosterone are synergistic.

The rise in numbers. Simpsonwood. The IOM report. The Lily Rider. The improvement of symptoms when treated medically. The eyewitness testimony of parents. Leo Kanner. Donald Triplett. The list went on.

All of it.

Absolutely all of it was an “unfortunate coincidence”.

But there’s one thing I didn’t mention at that time that has stuck with me since as perhaps the greatest coincidence of them all.

That nothing happened.

If all of the above “unfortunate coincidences” are true, then so must be the following.

That scientists at the University of Chicago synthesized mercury, the second most lethal element known to man, into a new form of mercury to which mankind had never been exposed, and then put that mercury, having never tested it for safety, into a vial and injected it into human beings, mostly infants and children.

They then continued to do so for the next sixty years, until twenty years ago when the amount tripled and the timing of exposure moved up to within hours of birth, an even more vulnerable time of development for humans than before, still never having been tested for safety…

And nothing happened.

And nothing has happened.



To anyone.


The most lethal toxin most humans will ever come in contact with, synthesized, combined with viruses, bacteria, and other metals, and injected into babies throughout the world without ever being tested for safety.

And nothing happened.

The greatest, most unbelievable coincidence I think I have ever heard.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



"It was an “unfortunate coincidence” that autism settled in shortly after vaccination."

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that pediatricians receive a bonus for "vaccinating" to 90% of schedule.

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that children contra-indicated for a "vaccine" are not excluded from receiving it.

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that Autism was unknown before the invention of thimerosal

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that as mercury is pulled out of some "vaccines" aluminum is being ADDED.

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that aluminum can increase the toxicity of mercury by a factor of 100

o It is an “unfortunate coincidence” that 25 mcg of mercury is added to most doses of the "flu vaccine"

o It is most of all an “unfortunate coincidence” that the people we have TRUSTED about "vaccine" matters, HHS, CDC, FDA, AMA, AAP et al are TOTALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY.

Jim Thompson

The IOM and the CDC seem to ask the wrong questions to get the answers that protect vaccine manufacturers.

In terms of the right questions--the failure rate of human neurons, cultured in a lab and exposed to Thimerosal resulting in a 2,000 nano-molar mercury concentration for six hours, is two out of ten, as reported by Baskin et al (2003).
"...using the fluorescent microscope, revealed that active caspase-3 was expressed in 20% of the cells at 2-μM thimerosal,"See http://toxsci.oxfordjournals.org/content/74/2/361.long

What is the failure rate of neurons in a child, and in a newborn, and in an expecting mother's fetus after injecting them with Thimerosal preserved vaccines?

If the answer is "we do not know" then why isn't mercury banned from all vaccines?


I read this outloud to my husband. Found myself reading it faster and faster and faster. My hair standing on end.


Seen on FaceBook today:

The difference between America and Mainland China?

In Mainland China, they KNOW their government is lying to them.


Yes, indeed -- nothing happened. The silence is quite telling. One sad disconnect is how people at the CDC position themselves as the go-to answer folks, yet questions about ethylmercury and vaccines are deflected or ignored.

But the emails between Verstraeten, DeStefano, Boyle, Chen, Miller and others tell the tale. They found the incriminating vaccine/autism statistics and decided to follow their CYA protocol. They have the cooperation of corporate media, industry and medical trade organizations, not to mention a largely gullible consumer public.

That is unethical, unjust, and pathologically cruel.

Birgit Calhoun

In 1972 a number of newborn babies died because Merthiolate was dabbed on the babies’ navels. Shortly thereafter Merthiolate and Mercurochrome were taken off drugstore shelves. And if I remember correctly, Ely Lilly also sold the rights to this substance. Merthiolate is Thimerosal. So the question has to be added: Was all that activity coincidence as well?

Unfortunately people who are callous enough to wait for babies to die, move quickly without notifying the public to remove a really poisonous substance from drugstore shelves and they cover their tracks pretty well.

Another example is acrodynia (pink disease) caused by mercury. Was it coincidence that the public was kept uninformed? It happened all through the centuries with all kinds of mercury preparations, one of them being dental amalgams. In the days of Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter it was also just coincidence that people who worked in that industry turned into mental cases.

It's still hard to believe that the powers that be can keep hiding behind their ignorance. On the other hand maybe it was not ignorance; they just did not want to be found out. After all already in old Spain it was prisoners who were made to work in mercury mines because the life-expectancy of those miners was about two years. So they knew and it was not just coincidence.

Angus Files

" Spock: "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."

probably another coincidence...

Jeannette Bishop

I suppose we are also supposed to think it's coincidence that they won't study all their favorite "coincidences" with a control group.


What can't be easily explained, what is no coincidence, what is so damning, is how the medical community is completely nonchalant in the face of thousands of reports.

Angus Files

COINCIDENCE they are re-wireing the application of coincidence in life..


BRAVO, Son in Recovery! But remember McCarthy/Carrey? Those with the largest microphones are the most likely targets, should they dare SPEAK. (The pharma industry isn't completely moronic, just profiteering....which is why we find ourselves marginalized.)

Son in Recovery

I had an opportunity to ask Tom Insel a question when he appeared on NPR The Diane Rehm Show last fall... my question was in a nut shell was if the NIH has confirmed that autism is linked to the environment - why are we not studying the toxic environment that our kids are exposed to? He poo pooed my question... I should have asked him "HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WE ARE??" Can't wait for his next appearance... hoping to dial in and sound like a crazy parent. (But I'm not crazy - I just want a Pepsi)


I'm sad to say that my guess as to "why they don't just come right out and call a spade a spade" is that it will take a substantial number of high-profile parents suddenly finding themselves in the state of "coincidence" described, to come forward and raise hell, before public sentiment is won over. Maybe the good news is that at least some of those very famous people will have the resources to investigate good therapies and publicize the results. It's unforgivable that it has to come to that, but I'm pretty sure that is how it will happen.

Bob Moffitt

Speaking of "coincidences" ..

If it were only a few thousand parents reporting the same experience .. their child's reaction within hours and days following vaccinations .. extraordinarily high temperatures, inconsolable crying tantrums, seizures, chronic diarrhea, stimming, head banging, etc .. losing already developed skills such as communications, eventually being diagnosed autistic .. it MAY BE CONICIDENTAL.

However, when tens of thousands of parents report sharing the exact same experience following vaccinations, the likelihood that vaccines are merely coincidental becomes absurd.


Diane W Farr

It's no coincidence that nothing is happening. It's so obvious that the government knows that vaccines cause autism. The cover-up has to be exhausting. Why don't they just come right out and call a spade a spade. They are using our children as human sacrifices to protect the religion of vaccines.

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