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Update on The Greater Good Movie

Cartoon-courtroomBy Anne Dachel

I had a chance to speak with writer/producer Leslie Manookian of the phenomenal movie, The Greater Good, and she was thrilled to share that they have begun collaborations with thousands of chiropractors across the nation who will show the film in their offices and communities and have a live chat with the filmmakers. They are planning similar collaborations with other practitioner groups such as naturopaths and integrative medicine specialists. Also exciting are plans to work with Montessori, Waldorf and Homeschooling communities to show the film in their schools and communities.

Leslie reported on the legislative success in Idaho where lawmakers were educated about the dangers of vaccine registries, their intrusion into private medical decisions, and the potential to abuse this information. The bills to extend vaccine registries to all Idahoans and make it very difficult to remove one's information from them was defeated.

In this her most recent piece, Leslie addresses the push in a number of states to end vaccine exemptions and to monitor residents' vaccine records.  

Vaccine Exemptions and Vaccine Registries – Is there a connection?

In recent years, vaccine exemption laws have been under attack in a variety of states while vaccine registries have been on the rise. Vaccine exemptions have been restricted in California, Washington, and Vermont and attempts to restrict them have been seen in other states like Colorado, Texas, Oregon, and New Mexico.
Over the same period, there has been legislation introduced in many of these states to extend vaccine registries from just children to all individuals in a state or to make it more difficult to stay out of the registry if so desired. At first blush, this type of information gathering might seem relatively benign, but is it so in practice? Is there not genuine potential for abuse and what are the ramifications if we allow this type of information gathering? It is not clear what is driving all this legislative activity or what might have spurred a rethink of existing state laws especially as these vaccine exemption laws have been on the books for many, many years, if not decades. It is noteworthy that all these states have something in common: they either lead the nation in rates of vaccine exemptions or they lead the nation for having experienced the largest increase in rates of vaccine exemptions in recent years.  CON'T.



This movie is terrific. I applaud the attempt to get it out there in any way possible. I am wondering if there might be a chance to have showing near or on college campuses? And also perhaps to see if any organizations of midwives or doulas are interested. Anyway, this film was great work. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

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