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The Thinking Moms' Revolution Book Is Here! Win a Copy.

Tmr bookThinking Moms’ Revolution - Autism Beyond the Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue their Children

How do 23 moms and 1 dad give birth to the same baby?  Just ask the Thinking Moms!

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is pleased to announce the arrival of their book Autism Beyond the Spectrum:  Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue their Children.  We have two copies of the book to give away.  Please leave a comment below to be entered to win. 

Autism Beyond the Spectrum is a compilation of over twenty stories of healing and hope collected by Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes.  Each chapter describes how parents are fighting to recover their children from autism and related disorders. Beginning with how they met and where they are today, the twenty-four Thinking Moms share why the support of close friends, who are also parenting kids with special needs, is so important. From their individual experiences to what they’ve learned during their journeys, read how TMR’s determination and friendships have become daily motivation for parents worldwide.

Pre-ordering of the book is still available on the Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Amazon and The Book Depository websites.

Congratulations to the Thinking Moms, and good luck to our AofA readers who enter the contest!


Ann Fee

I love the Thinking Mom's Blog and would really love the book too!


Wonderful, can't wait to ge a copy!

Cyndie DiMaria

I'm a mom of 4 beautiful kiddos..3 teenagers on the severe end of the spectrum, 2 non-verbal and one with slowly emerging language (2 boys & 1 girl) and our oldest (typical)daughter is in college. I would love to win this book for her. She is studying Psychology and Autism, obviously, is her passion due to her life with her 3 vaccine injured sibs. She has been battling professors right and left re: Do Vaccines cause Autism? All of them INSISTING they do NOT and she INSISTING they do. She cites "Vaccine Epidemic" (excellent book)and has even donated copies to the library @ CSUSM to help others learn the real truth. She is doing a speech on this topic after Spring Break and is dyinggg to get her hands on this book to read and use as a reference. We spend so much $$ on her books for college but this one is the only one WORTH IT! ;)
=Warrior Familes Unite!=

Karen G

I would love to read this book!

Candyce Estave

Can't wait to get my autographed copy!!

Cynthia Moore

I could have never made it through my dark days without the unconditional love, support and dope slapping of the sisterhood of thinking mom's out there. Thank you for bringing forth our stories to the world!

Amy Yacullo

So exciting!

Mary Thomas

Can't wait for the book to come out! You guys rock!


This is a book my daughter in law needs to read. She has fully vaccinated her 4 year old son, who has insomnia and always seems unhappy. He ex is "forcing her" to get the shot even though he disowned the child. 18 months ago she married my 3rd son now they just had a baby girl. They refused the Hep B and are delaying the rest of the schedule, I want them to know the truth about all vaccines. Thanks for considering. Thanks for keeping us updated.


"Long live the Thinking Mom's revolution."

Thinking Moms.

Thinking Dads.

Thinking kids.

Babies who are able to think and express themselves.

A public who understands the battle ongoing.

This spells the end of "vaccination".


Would love to have a copy. Thank you.! I would enjoy reading and learning.

Barbara Bucknam

Thanks for giving me a chance to win what sounds like a great book!

Marcy Mullins

I am SO excited for this book to be coming out - I DEFINITELY WANT and NEED ONE!!!!! Thanks!!


Moms and Dads have a voice and a power to publish their story.
I will get this book.

Madonna Ritz

This needs to be the new "what to expect" book for parents of all ages of children! With the new watered down statistics of 1 in 50 children now diagnosed on the spectrum, this is what they can expect if they do not heed these knowledgeable warnings!
The Great Multitude in White Robes
After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language Revelation 7:9

Viva LA Revolution!!


YAY!!! Can;t wait... what a wonderful way to connect and share stories adn the struggle....I would love an extra copy for work to share!!!!

Claudia Lin

Eternal gratitude to TMR for all you do for our community. I will be sharing this book with everyone I know!


Would love to have a free copy of this book! But regardless, this thinking mother will get her own copy one way or another. Huzzah for all the courageous parents seeking daily to rescue their own children, and giving light to others struggling along this path!

Wendy Marrero

Would love to win this book. Glad I even found you ladies. I live in Chg and CPS just had my 9 yr old high functioning Aspergers son hauled away in a wagon by the police t a mental hospital.they believe he needs to be committed to see what's really wrong with him. We are involved with Easter seals , Have Dreams. And Dr. Paterno.clinical Psychologist . My son was diagnosed by a Dr. at Little Friends and a Neuropsychologist at Alexian Brothers. But CPS knows better.

Trina Aurin

From one thinking mom to the other 100's plus thinking mom I would like to win!


I am very thankful for the Thinking Moms and all who have gone before me in this journey. Can't wait to read this!

Holly Dapore

Looking forward to reading it. TMR rocks.

Jackie Polvado

Can not wait to read this book!!! Love the Thinking MOMS! America needs more thinkers !

Evelyn Delgado

I would love to win this for my birthday on April 2, I need a new autism book to read!

sarah stangota

I would love a copy of this! Thank you!

Shannon Ruhe

I'm a thinking mom too! We've never met and I bet we are thinking the same stuff! Persistance and Belief helped me to uncover what my children needed! Can't wait to read my book....umm your book....OUR book!

Jennifer Walsh

Finally a book that will have the truth in it for all of us trying to rescue and recover our children.Think maybe someone should send copies to the head of CDC,FDA and the President.Thank you TMR for helping my journey to get my daughter back and for giving me the strength to keep fighting.

Lori Culbertson

I am so anxious to read this book! It would be wonderful to win a copy as I hold periodic support meetings in my area and already loan out books that I have either purchased myself or been given, to parents of newly diagnosed kiddos or those looki g for answers.
Please enter me in the giveaway! I would love to add this title to my library list!
Thank you!

Dancer Mom

Love TMR! Thanks for all you do, and for the chance to win the book!

Valerie Ragucci

Would love a copy. Thanks!

sommer slosson

TMR forever!

Sara Ramsey

Thanks for the chance to win!!


Long live the Thinking Mom's revolution. Thanks for all your service, inspiring others and fighting to win the ASD battle.

Michelle Masciulli-Zuniga

I'd love to win this to give to my next mentee, or close friend with a new diagnosis. It's unfortunate that there will be more children, but it's inevitable. I'm ready to change some thinking around here!

Elisa F

I would love to win this book, thank you for the chance and for all that you do to spread awareness.


Please enter me as I would love to read this fascinating book! Thanks.

Michelle Heath

Could use this as I homeschool and am just "Winging it."

Jennifer Margulis

I've already pre-ordered a copy from Amazon but I know so many people who would like to read this book.

Laura Kozlowski

Looks like a great book, would love a copy

Rodrigo Marques

I already follow the blog! Would love a copy of the book...


Would love a copy...

Elizabeth McInerney

I'd love to read it!


Would love a copy!!


Would love to win this!


Already have a place on my bookshelf for it, for when i win it or buy it.


I would love to win a book but if I don't, I'm definitely buying a book!! Can't wait to read the stories and cry with you guys.

Jennifer BW

You guys are heroes. Looking forward to reading....

Becky Howell-Adams

Win it, buy it, share a copy with a friend who needs to read. Count me in!

tara mcmillan

Is it too late to try to win a copy?

I am trying now!

Thanks for this!

Looking forward to some inspiration- everyday is a new day to kick autism to the curb- to reach my son. to get him back....


kathy white

I would love to win this book. I sure could use the help!


I would love to put my hands on this book... I´m thinking on writing my own story so reading other parent´s stories would be really helpful... and I love the Thinking Mom thingie...

Beth Katten

I would love to win a copy of this book! I enjoy reading Age of Autism.

Naomi long

Please I want and need a book!!


Enter me!

Lin Wessels

Would love to have a copy! Thanks for the chance to win one!

Wendy Huffman

I would like to win a copy to help with my 10 year old Son that autism has.

Carter's Daddy

Consider this my entry.

Linda Follis

I am entering to win the book. I have a grandson diagnosed with HFA - I have run the gamut of emotion and thoughts; from thinking they made a mistake with the diagnosis and there is nothing wrong; to wondering if he will ever live any kind of normal life! Thanks for the contest!

Jackie Sebell

Looking forward to reading the book!

Cynthia Cournoyer

Congrats on the book!

Sue Morgan

I would love to add this book to my autism library!

Storm Tentler

I already pre-ordered my own copy BUT i would love to have another to give to my sons teacher, who, every day that goes by and she witnesses Hudson's recovery she THINKS more and more ;)

Liz P

I love my fellow Thinkers - proud to call you my friends and cohort :) Success and blessings to each and every one!


Every Mom (and Dad) should be a Thinker.

Helen Conroy

Wow...reading these comments and we are so humbled. Thank you A of A for supporting our efforts. Lucky for me, yours was one of the first sites I found when Harry was diagnosed and I read it word for word every day. Thank you for what you do every day!

Michelle Wandrack

Would love a copy. Thank you for the opportunity.

Jeff Belloni

please enter me ....thanks gals you are all awesome


Stagmom for Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly, while we can not be swayed by pithy comments, "Pretty please with stevia on top" made me laugh out loud. I use a masterful system of adding the date and the month and dividing by how many times I have yelled at my kids the last hour and then count comments. It's not quite Price Waterhouse but it IS random. Good luck and thanks for the smile. KIM


I have already pre ordered the book, but no someone who could use a copy as well.

Lisa Kelly

"Pretty please with stevia on top" :)

Would love to be the proud owner of this awesome book. My families would love to thumb through it (and then run out and buy a copy) ;)


This is what we have been waiting for and this is what we need, not just one story of hope, improvement, and success, but 24 all together. No one can say anymore that it was just luck or a fluke. Together these stories can not be dismissed. I'd be happy and honored to receive this book so I can learn what other stones I need to overturn for my son in his journey to health. The TMR Blog is what every parent thinks to themselves, but doesn't always dare to say to the outside world. Thanks to you all.

Lesa Walsh

So far, I've been pretty impressed by the info I've read since finding TMR! We've been in the "Land of Autism" since '96. Our son is not cured, but he's seriously recovered ~ it's been a 14 year trek since '98 from "institutionalize that kid" (there's no hope) to choosing an institution in '12: FSCJ is the college institution where he's currently a Freshman! It would be interesting for us to read about the journeys other families have been on! Fingers crossed and "best wishes" to whomever gets selected! :)


I would love to win a copy of the book. Thanks for the chance!


Would love a copy!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

Rita gingras

Love you guys and I would love to win this book!

Kathleen Pierson

Count me in-


I could give it to my wife, she is a thinking mom 24/7.


Would love this book! So glad ya'll are speaking up for the truth!! Have you read any of Karen DeFelice's stuff on enzymes and how they cured her two sons of autism?

Joanne Clarke

I would love to win a copy of this book:-) Please please please!! Love TMR & reading your blogs.

Chris-thinking Grandma!!

I'm excited to get the 2 pre-ordered books soon. Unfortunately, I know quite a few that could also benefit from the book, so Praying I win one! thanks for all you all do!!

Caroline Chin

I just found this blog several months ago and it rocks. So true about TMR. We need to ACT. We are beyond awareness and talking. BTW - my 29 year old son is not autistic but one day he will become a father. Autism effects ALL of us.

Mitzi Evans

I was so struck by the blog, "I gave my son, autism," that I read last week. As an adult, I have struggled with seeking to overcome health issues all my adult life due to the same things that cause autism. Your blog has given me a much greater understanding of what autism is and I am so thankful for the doctors like Dr. Kirk Woeller, Great Plains Labs, Dr. Rodney Soto, www.holisticalabama.com, Dr. Katherine Henry, Texas institute of Integrative Medicine and others who are finding the answers and treating the heavy metal loads, healing the gut, identifying nutritional deficiencies and helping restore health. So thankful for you website and would love to win the book!

Margaret Moore

I'm the grandmother of a 20 year-old grandson with Aspergers. I would like to win a copy for my daughter-in-law for the valient fight she's had over the years. If most have pre-ordered a copy, like I have, it should be a runaway bestseller upon release.


TMR are amazing!

Kathy W

I would love to win a copy of this book and I look forward to seeing some thinking moms at the A1 conference. Thanks so much for keeping us posted on Alex and helping him get released.

Cynthia Scmidt

I love TMR trying like heck to recover my 5 year old with ASD and protect my 2 year old. Would absolutely love a copy! Keep up the great work, TMR and AOA, for keeping us all informed.
:) Cindy (:


I would love to win a copy!!! I am so excited to read it for my whole family's sake!!!! Much Love!!!


going to buy for sure!

Vanessa Surprise

I'm so excited for this book thanks Thinking Moms

Aimee Heck

I love what the Thinking Moms do!! I would really like to read this book!

Linda Wynne

I would love to read this book and share with others who work with my boys. Love the Thinking Mom's Revolution.

Lisa Singer

Would love a copy of this book..I am in the midst of recovering my son and could use all the help I can get for my beautiful boy...<3

Andrea (Dia) Hunt

Would love to get a book ! My plan is to give it to a neighbor whose child has autism ! Actually If I could afford to I would give as many away to families that have disabled children or are planning on having kids ..


Everyday the world needs to be reminded that 2% of our children are being seriously injured by vaccines. Stop the crazy vaccine schedule and take out the toxins for Gods sake.

Courtney Parmigiani

Love the work TMR does and the message the send! SOOO excited to read the book!

Ellen Stanley

Literally can't wait to read and share this book. A copy will definitely be going in my office !

Em Walker

I would love to get a copy of this, I'm definitely in for the chance!

shelly meier

I am planning to order a few extra so I can loan them out to let people read what is really happening to 1 in 50 kids! Can't wait to read it, I know it will be great!


Of course I have already pre-orderd but, if I win, this one goes directly to our local parent resource center

tess b.

i can't wait to read this!

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